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I got to speak with several engineers and an equivalent amount of clinical people. There were nine candidates I felt would be suitable for current positions in our firm and I will pass those along to the hiring manager and/or recruiter. Plus, there are about 20 candidates which would be strong candidates if there were suitable openings. Rob H.
Advanced Bionics
The career fair was effective for us. We made contact with several candidates and are making offers to a couple of high profile engineers. Mike D.
Cameron Health
You guys did a fantastic job and you will definitely be seeing Biophase in the future! Chris T.
BioPhase Solutions
I was impressed by the number of companies and the information I received. I am glad I took the opportunity to go to the career fair. I have been to other career fairs, and this by far was the best. Nathan H.
The Career Fair had lots of great companies and I got a few interviews from my attendance. Jesse B.