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As per usual, the Bio Capital Career Fair is by far one of the best job fairs GenVec attends. Candidates have appropriate skills, education levels, and experience for what we look for in applicants. The fair always has the appropriate amount of candidates, not too few and not too many. Timeframes for starting and ending are perfect, as is the breakfast, lunch, and happy hour refreshment time periods. Additionally, the staff of BioSpace do an excellent job managing the facility and amenities. I would highly recommend this career fair to other Biotech colleagues. Charlene S.
The Biospace Career Fair was great! I made so many excellent contacts and I have a couple of interviews coming up. Great job and thank you! Melissa B.
New York
The Biospace Job Fair was a great way to start my job search. I was able to access resources and contacts to jump start my search into a new career. Thank you! CiVonnia H.
On behalf of the Nakamoto Group, I want to express our gratitude for inviting us to attend the past BioSpace BioCapital Job Fair at the Bethesda Marriott. We experienced a great level of satisfaction with the positive results we obtained by attending this event , and we want to highlight the excellent flow of job seekers that constantly were stopping by our booth. We were able to collect about 200 resumes and personal contact forms from potential candidates for our FDA Recruitment Project. Definitely, this event is one of the best in the area as far the biotech field concerns. We look forward to attending future BioSpace events. Boris P.
The Nakamoto Group
The job fair was an excellent way to connect with local biotech companies. Arthur W.