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I am thoroughly pleased with your Career Fairs as they are a worthwhile use of my time to find contacts at local companies. Apparently this is due to your screening process for attendees. I always have an opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the participating companies that interest me. I look forward to attending future fairs if I am still seeking employment of some type! Beth G.
It was very refreshing to see the quality, talent and professionalism in the candidates that Biospace attracted. Nick R.
Olympus America Inc.
I found it to be very helpful. I was able to speak directly to personnel from interesting companies and easily able to circulate my resume. I was also able to gain more knowledge about which companies I would be a good fit in. Keith D.
We just hired a candidate into our DC office that we met at the job fair in Philly (and we brought 4 others in for interviews!). Betsy
Sarnoff Corp.