BioSpace Career Fairs - FAQ Recruiters

    How early can I ship materials to the event site?
    Schedule shipped materials to arrive no more than 3 business days prior to the event.

    How do I ship materials out after the Career Fair?
    Be sure to bring completed shipping labels with you to the event. At the conclusion of the event, pack up materials that need to be shipped, close/tape all packages, and apply the shipping label to each package. Once shipment is ready to be sent, you can leave it in front of your booth. BioSpace staff will collect the items that need to be shipped and arrange carrier pick-up with hosting venue.

    How early should we arrive to set-up our booth?
    We recommend that exhibitors arrive an hour before the event to ensure enough time for booth set-up. The exhibit space will be set 2 hours prior to the start of the Career Fair. If you require more time for set-up, you are welcome to arrive 2 hours early.

    When will we receive access to the pre-registered candidate resumes?
    A username and password will be sent out to the main contact of each exhibiting company 5-business days prior to the event.

    What happens to the resumes that you collect at the Career Fair?
    All hard-copies of resumes collected from candidates at the career fair will be scanned into the same resume database as the pre-registered resumes. This process usually takes 3-4 business days. At that point, when you log-in to search the Career Fair resume database, you will have access to ALL resumes from the event – both pre-registered and collected resumes.

    What information should I include in our company ad?
    The company ads are included in a Directory that is distributed to candidates as they enter the event. You will want to include a brief company description and areas you are interviewing for that day. The goal of this ad is to direct the right candidates to your booth.

    How many representatives from each company are allowed to attend?
    Each exhibitor is welcome to bring as many representatives as needed. The only requirement is that all reps must fit inside the booth and may not spread out into the aisles. We recommend bringing at least 2 reps in order to allow for breaks during the day.

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