BioSpace Career Fairs - FAQ Job Seekers

    What should I bring to the Career Fair?
    Bring several copies of your resume. You will need to submit one for registration, and you will want to have a hard copy for each company you plan to speak with inside.

    Can anyone attend the Career Fair?
    No, minimum requirements of a 4-year life science degree (or equivalent experience) AND 2 years experience in the industry is required.

    What companies will be at the Career Fair?
    Visit our specific event pages for a list of exhibiting companies at upcoming BioSpace Career Fairs.

    What should I do to prepare for the event?
    We recommend that you take the time to research companies you may be interested in speaking with at the Career Fair. You will want to determine what the company does, what positions are open, and locations of exhibitors before you speak with them.

    What should I wear to the event?
    We recommend either business casual attire or a suit. You will be speaking directly to staff members of the exhibiting companies, so it is important to make a good first impression.

    Is pre-registration required?
    No, it is not required but it is strongly recommended. Exhibiting companies are able to search the resumes of pre-registered candidates prior to the Career Fair. Each exhibitor has the option to pre-set interviews with candidates who have pre-registered with a resume that matches their needs. It is to your advantage to have your resume in this database as early as possible.

    Is there a fee to attend the Career Fair?
    No, there is no charge for a job seeker to attend a BioSpace Career Fair.

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