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Services - Animal
Services - Analytical Chemistry
Services - Biochemistry
Services - Bioprocess Contract
Services - Biorepository
Services - Cell Biology
Services - Cell Culture
Services - Chemistry
Services - Clinical Research Organizations
Services - Clinical Trial Data Collection
Services - Construction
Services - Consulting
Services - Consulting and Contract
Services - Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Services - Contract Pharmaceutical Organizations
Services - Contract Research Organization (CRO)
Services - Executive Placement and Recruitment
Services - Genomics
Services - Healthcare
Services - Immunology
Services - Information
Services - Laboratory
Services - Laboratory Instrument, Calibration, and Repair
Services - Laboratory Waste Management
Services - Manufacturing
Services - Microarray
Services - Microbiology
Services - Miscellaneous
Services - Molecular Biology
Services - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Services - Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Services - Packaging
Services - Product Commercialization
Services - Product Development
Services - Professional Search & Recruiting
Services - Public Relations
Services - Real Estate/Development, Laboratory Building/Design
Services - Regulatory Consulting
Services - Research
Services - RNAi / miRNA
Services - Spectrometry/Spectroscopy
Services - Statistics
Services - Vacuum Pump Repair and Sales
Services - Virology
Suppliers - Analytical Chemistry
Suppliers - Antibodies
Suppliers - Assays
Suppliers - Biochemistry
Suppliers - Biological Products & Materials
Suppliers - Cell Biology
Suppliers - Cell/Tissue Culture
Suppliers - Chemistry
Suppliers - Clean Rooms & Accessories
Suppliers - Clinical Research
Suppliers - Computer Hardware
Suppliers - Computer Software
Suppliers - Diagnostic Test Systems
Suppliers - Filtration
Suppliers - Furnishings
Suppliers - Gases, Materials, Standards
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Automation
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Screening
Suppliers - Imaging
Suppliers - Immunochemicals
Suppliers - Instrumentation
Suppliers - Kits
Suppliers - Lab Equipment
Suppliers - Manufacturing
Suppliers - Meters, Monitors & Electrochemical Equipment
Suppliers - Microarrays
Suppliers - Microscopes, Optics, Lasers, Cameras
Suppliers - Miscellaneous
Suppliers - Molecular Biology
Suppliers - Packaging
Suppliers - Protein Biochemistry
Suppliers - Reagents
Suppliers - Research Tools
Suppliers - RNAi Technology (siRNA, miRNA, shRNA)
Suppliers - Safety & Hygiene
Suppliers - Sample Prep & Liquid Handling
Suppliers - Software Quality Assurance
Suppliers - Testing Systems & Equipment
Suppliers - Vacuum Equipment
Suppliers - Lab Equipment
2961 Veteran Avenue
69 Pacolet Street
ABL Patent Licensing Technologies, SARL
Ace Glass Incorporated
Advanced Technology Products Corporation (ATP)
Advantar Labs
Alpkem Technicon AutoAnalyzer Instruments
Amerex Instruments, Inc.
American Bioanalytical
Anzai Medical
APS Labware
Aptar Pharma
Astell Scientific
Atoll GmbH
Automated Fusion Technology
Best Lab Deals Inc.
BIA Separations
Bio Basic Inc. (BBI)
Bio-Medical Science Co., Ltd.
BioAmerica Inc.
Biochrom Ltd.
BioForce Nanosciences, Inc.
Biopharm Services Ltd.
BioPointe Scientific
BioProgress Technology
BIT Analytical Instruments, Inc.
Blue Spruce Supply
Boekel Scientific
BOX Scientific
BrandTech Scientific
Bridge Bioscience Corp.
Brookhaven Instruments
Brooks (Formerly Known as IRORI Quantum Microchemistry)
C.B.S. Scientific Company
Caloris Group S.A.
Cargille Laboratories
Colorado Serum Company
Contherm Scientific Equipment Manufacturer
Continental Lab Products
Copley Scientific Ltd.
Corbett Life Science
Corvascular, Inc.
Coulbourn Instruments
CSC Scientific Company Inc.
CTR Scientific
Cytek Biosciences
Dakota Instruments
Darwin Chambers Company
DCP Microdevelopments
Dealmed Medical Supplies
Denville Scientific
Diagnosticum Rt.
DNA Genotek
Duran Group
Eberbach Corporation
ELGA LabWater
ELMARCO s.r.o.
Emerald Bio
Environmental Express
Eppendorf - 5 Prime, Inc.
Equipar S.A. DE C.V.
Esco Tech
Excel Scientific
Experimental Equipment Design, Inc.
Flow Sciences
Government Scientific Source
Grant Instruments
Grant Laboratory
Gulf of Maine, Inc.
Harvey Instruments
HighRes Biosolutions
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Hoefer, Inc.
Hydromer, Inc.
IKA Works, Inc.
IKS International
Images Scientific Instruments Inc.
Impfosen Sterilization
Indo Sati
Instech Laboratories, Inc.
Interlabs Biological Laboratories
International PBI
InVitro International
J. & H. Berge, Inc.
J.G. Finneran Associates Inc.
Jeio Tech Co., Ltd.
Jeio Tech, Inc.
Jencons Scientific Inc.
JMT Plastics
Jouan S.A.
K-Tube Technologies
Keithley Instruments, Inc.
Kinetic River
Kord-Valmark Labware Products
La Calhène
Lab Safety Supply, Inc.
Lab Vision Corporation
Labcell Ltd
Labconco Corporation
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Precision Limited
LabSmith, Inc.
LeCroy Corporation
Leica Biosystems
Leigh Labs
Light Labs
Linseis Inc.
Major Science
Martin Machine
Marvel Scientific
Matrix Technologies
McAllister Technical Services
Microfluidics International Corporation
Microtec Nition
Mitos Technologies, Inc.
Mydent International
nanoStrata Inc.
Naugra Export
Neodymium/Glass Pulsed Laser
New Brunswick Scientific
Nikon Metrology NV
Nor-Lake Scientific
NSF International
NuAire, Inc.
Ohaus Corporation
Olympus Corporation
Omikron Labotec GmbH
Omni Data Loggers
Oncogene Research Products
Pall Life Sciences
Panasonic Biomedical
Parker Balston Corporation Filtration and Separation Division
Parker Hannifin
Parr Instrument Company
Paul-Otto Weber GmbH
Peak Scientific
Pelican Group Holdings
Performans Systematix, Inc.
PGC Scientifics
PHENIX Research Products
Pi Logic Limited
Plas-Labs Inc.
Polaris Instruments Ltd.
PolyScience, Division of Preston Industries
Popper & Sons Inc.
Press releases archived for reference only.
PRO Scientific Inc.
Projex Software
Quantimetrix Corporation
Quartz Corp
Quintech Scientific
Rattan Sales Corporation
Recorder Company
Reichert Analytical Instruments
Remonsys Limited
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Samplers Direct
SANYO Commercial Solutions
Sartorius Corporation
Sartorius Ltd.
Savillex Corporation
Savillex Corporation Laboratory Products
Schott Duran
Scie-Plas Ltd.
Science Kit
Scientific Concepts
Scientific Digital Imaging plc
Scientific Glass and Plastic, Inc.
Scientific Industries Inc.
SciGene Corporation
Seahorse Bioscience
Seahorse Microplates
Service Care
SFC Fluidics LLC
SGE, Inc.
Shanghai-Lishen Scientific Co.
Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc.
Sistemic Ltd
SKS Science
Slone Partners
So-Low Environmental Equipment Company
Sonaer Ultrasonics
SonoPlot, Inc.
South Coast Enterprises
SP Industries, Inc.
Spectro Scientific
StarPac Products
Statim S.p.A.
Sterling Scientific
Sterlitech Corporation
TAP Biosystems
Tecan Biosystems
Tensor Technologies
Termaks AS
The Lab World Group
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermoline Scientific
Thomas Scientific
TimeMed Labeling Systems, Inc.
Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc.
Tosoh Bioscience
Totech America Corporation
Tri-Continent Scientific
Trinean nv
Troemner LLC
True Materials Inc.
Ultrasonic Power
United Laboratory Plastics
UroCor, Inc.
Varian Medical Systems
Vasus Scientific Supply
VERMES Technik GmbH & Co. KG
VistaLab Technologies, Inc.
VWR, Inc.
Wave Biotech, LLC
Whatman BioScience
Whatman Inc.
Wheaton Science Products
WITec Wissenschaftliche
Woodley Equipment Company Ltd.
Yamato Scientific America Inc.
York Glassware Services, Ltd.