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Services - Animal
Services - Analytical Chemistry
Services - Biochemistry
Services - Bioprocess Contract
Services - Biorepository
Services - Cell Biology
Services - Cell Culture
Services - Chemistry
Services - Clinical Research Organizations
Services - Clinical Trial Data Collection
Services - Construction
Services - Consulting
Services - Consulting and Contract
Services - Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Services - Contract Pharmaceutical Organizations
Services - Contract Research Organization (CRO)
Services - Executive Placement and Recruitment
Services - Genomics
Services - Healthcare
Services - Immunology
Services - Information
Services - Laboratory
Services - Laboratory Instrument, Calibration, and Repair
Services - Laboratory Waste Management
Services - Manufacturing
Services - Microarray
Services - Microbiology
Services - Miscellaneous
Services - Molecular Biology
Services - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Services - Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Services - Packaging
Services - Product Commercialization
Services - Product Development
Services - Professional Search & Recruiting
Services - Public Relations
Services - Real Estate/Development, Laboratory Building/Design
Services - Regulatory Consulting
Services - Research
Services - RNAi / miRNA
Services - Spectrometry/Spectroscopy
Services - Statistics
Services - Vacuum Pump Repair and Sales
Services - Virology
Suppliers - Analytical Chemistry
Suppliers - Antibodies
Suppliers - Assays
Suppliers - Biochemistry
Suppliers - Biological Products & Materials
Suppliers - Cell Biology
Suppliers - Cell/Tissue Culture
Suppliers - Chemistry
Suppliers - Clean Rooms & Accessories
Suppliers - Clinical Research
Suppliers - Computer Hardware
Suppliers - Computer Software
Suppliers - Diagnostic Test Systems
Suppliers - Filtration
Suppliers - Furnishings
Suppliers - Gases, Materials, Standards
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Automation
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Screening
Suppliers - Imaging
Suppliers - Immunochemicals
Suppliers - Instrumentation
Suppliers - Kits
Suppliers - Lab Equipment
Suppliers - Manufacturing
Suppliers - Meters, Monitors & Electrochemical Equipment
Suppliers - Microarrays
Suppliers - Microscopes, Optics, Lasers, Cameras
Suppliers - Miscellaneous
Suppliers - Molecular Biology
Suppliers - Packaging
Suppliers - Protein Biochemistry
Suppliers - Reagents
Suppliers - Research Tools
Suppliers - RNAi Technology (siRNA, miRNA, shRNA)
Suppliers - Safety & Hygiene
Suppliers - Sample Prep & Liquid Handling
Suppliers - Software Quality Assurance
Suppliers - Testing Systems & Equipment
Suppliers - Vacuum Equipment
Suppliers - Molecular Biology
AbNovo Ltd.
ABOX Automation Corp.
Ambion, Inc.
American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.
Amgen (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc.
Arcturus Bioscience, Inc.
Automation Partnership
BD Biosciences Pharmingen
Be The Match BioTherapies
Biochain Institute, Inc.
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
BioTools Incorporated
BioVentures Inc.
BioVision, Inc.
Bothell Research Center
Bruker BioSpin GmbH
Bunsen Rush Laboratories, Inc.
Cambridge Molecular
CBD Technologies Ltd.
Cell Sciences, Inc.
Center for Applied Microbiology and Research
Ceregene, Inc.
CHEMICON International, Inc.
Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd
Display Systems Biotech, Inc.
EiRx Therapeutics Ltd.
Enzo Life Sci
EPICENTRE Biotechnologies
EraGen Biosciences Inc.
FOTODYNE Incorporated
GamidaGen Ltd.
GeneChoice, Inc.
Genetic Research Instrumentation Ltd.
Genpak Inc.
IDEXX Laboratories (Israel)
Ingenuity Systems
InSight Stategy & Marketing Ltd.
Invitrogen Corporation
Laboratorios ELEA
Large Scale Biology Corporation - Maryland
LC Laboratories
Leinco Technologies, Inc.
MD Biosciences
Miltenyi Biotec
Molecular Diagnostic Services, Inc. (MDS)
Molecular Dynamics
MolSoft, LLC
MRC Collaborative Center
MWG Biotech Inc.
NEN Life Science
Novagen, Inc.
PanVera LLC
Pharmagene Laboratories Limited
Pharsight Corporation
PHENIX Research Products
Phenome Sciences, Inc.
Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
Prodesse, Inc.
Professional Biotech
QIAGEN Sciences, Inc.
Quantum Biotechnologies
Response Genetics
Roche Applied Science
Roche Molecular Diagnostics
Schering-Plough Biopharma
Sequitur, Inc. (Acquired By Invitrogen)
Sierra BioSource, a Serologicals Company
Slone Partners
Takara Bio USA
Tao Biosciences
Tecan Systems
Technion R&D Foundation Ltd.
TefLabs, Inc.
The Gel Company
Toronto Research Chemicals, Inc.
Trident Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
United Laboratory Plastics
United States Biological
USB Corporation
V-gene Biotechnology Limited
Vasus Scientific Supply