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Services - Animal
Services - Analytical Chemistry
Services - Biochemistry
Services - Bioprocess Contract
Services - Biorepository
Services - Cell Biology
Services - Cell Culture
Services - Chemistry
Services - Clinical Research Organizations
Services - Clinical Trial Data Collection
Services - Construction
Services - Consulting
Services - Consulting and Contract
Services - Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Services - Contract Pharmaceutical Organizations
Services - Contract Research Organization (CRO)
Services - Executive Placement and Recruitment
Services - Genomics
Services - Healthcare
Services - Immunology
Services - Information
Services - Laboratory
Services - Laboratory Instrument, Calibration, and Repair
Services - Laboratory Waste Management
Services - Manufacturing
Services - Microarray
Services - Microbiology
Services - Miscellaneous
Services - Molecular Biology
Services - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Services - Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Services - Packaging
Services - Product Commercialization
Services - Product Development
Services - Professional Search & Recruiting
Services - Public Relations
Services - Real Estate/Development, Laboratory Building/Design
Services - Regulatory Consulting
Services - Research
Services - RNAi / miRNA
Services - Spectrometry/Spectroscopy
Services - Statistics
Services - Vacuum Pump Repair and Sales
Services - Virology
Suppliers - Analytical Chemistry
Suppliers - Antibodies
Suppliers - Assays
Suppliers - Biochemistry
Suppliers - Biological Products & Materials
Suppliers - Cell Biology
Suppliers - Cell/Tissue Culture
Suppliers - Chemistry
Suppliers - Clean Rooms & Accessories
Suppliers - Clinical Research
Suppliers - Computer Hardware
Suppliers - Computer Software
Suppliers - Diagnostic Test Systems
Suppliers - Filtration
Suppliers - Furnishings
Suppliers - Gases, Materials, Standards
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Automation
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Screening
Suppliers - Imaging
Suppliers - Immunochemicals
Suppliers - Instrumentation
Suppliers - Kits
Suppliers - Lab Equipment
Suppliers - Manufacturing
Suppliers - Meters, Monitors & Electrochemical Equipment
Suppliers - Microarrays
Suppliers - Microscopes, Optics, Lasers, Cameras
Suppliers - Miscellaneous
Suppliers - Molecular Biology
Suppliers - Packaging
Suppliers - Protein Biochemistry
Suppliers - Reagents
Suppliers - Research Tools
Suppliers - RNAi Technology (siRNA, miRNA, shRNA)
Suppliers - Safety & Hygiene
Suppliers - Sample Prep & Liquid Handling
Suppliers - Software Quality Assurance
Suppliers - Testing Systems & Equipment
Suppliers - Vacuum Equipment
Services - Consulting
1798 Consultants
Aabio GmbH
ABS Group Inc.
AccelPath, Inc.
Accenture (Chicago, Illinois)
ADVENT Engineering Services, Inc.
Aérial - Centre de Ressources
Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.
Akos Limited
Aktiv!NETZ Internet Presentations GmbH
Alberta Research Council
Alcamed Sarl
Alliances Catalyst GmbH
ALM Strategic Research Institute
Alpha Consulting Corporation
Alten Calsoft Labs
AMEC PharmaChem
Ampersand Ventures
Anabase International Corp.
Analgesic Solutions
Analytical Biological Services, Inc.
Andersen Consulting
Angela Liedler GmbH
Answerthink, Inc.
Anthill Technologies
APACHE Medical Systems
Applera Corporation
Applied Science Products, Inc.
Aptis Partners
Aptuit Consulting, Inc.
Archimedes, Inc.
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Arthur Andersen
Aspyra, Inc.
Astrix Technology Group
ATR International
Aureos Capital
Automatic Control Solutions
Avalanche Creative Services, Inc.
B. Allen Group
B2S Life Sciences
Back Bay Strategies LLC
BDC Management Service GmbH
BearingPoint, Inc.
Beckloff Associates, Inc.
Befs Prokem
BIBA Research Ltd.
Bilcare Global Clinical Supplies (Europe) Ltd.
Biltmore Technologies
Bio Nano Consulting
Bio-Ops, Inc.
BioBridges, LLC
BiochemA GmbH
BioConvergence LLC
Bioleader, LLC
Biologics Consulting Group, Inc.
Biologics Process Development, Inc.
Biomedical Structures LLC
BioPharm Systems, Inc.
BioPoint Solutions
BIOptima Advisors
BioRegio Freiburg c/o BioMed
Bioresco Bioresearch & Management and Consulting
Bioscience International
Bioscience Valuation BSV GmbH
BioServices Dr. D. Reichert-Thüring
BIOSIIT - Pharma & Biotechnological Engineering
BioSoteria, Inc.
bioStrategies Group
Biostrategy Management Inc.
BioSystem Development
Biotech Experts
Biotech Studios, Inc.
Biotechnology Information Institute
BioTools Incorporated
BlueWater Advisory Group LLC
Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC
Booz Allen Hamilton
Boston Biomedical Associates
Bourne Partners
Brascan Corporation
Braun Consulting
Bridgehead International
BridgeMed Solutions
Brightline Media
BRUKER Analytik GmbH
Bureco AG
Business Insights Ltd.
Calibrate, Inc.
Cambridge Biotech Software, Inc.
Campbell Alliance
Candari & Associates
Capital Biotechnology Ventures, LLC
Capital Management Consulting
Cardinal Health
Cardiovascular Center Aalst
Carter Pharmaceutical Consulting Inc.
CB Technologies, Inc.
Cenduit, LLC
Centrifuge Systems
Charybdis Technologies, Inc.
Chenomx Inc.
ChinaBio Today
Chondrometrics GmbH
Christian Schatz Consultants
Clabo Conseil Est
Clarkston Consulting
Clini-Med Personnel Consultants
Clinical Research Consultants, Inc.
Clinsoft Corporation
CMC Pharma GmbH
Cmed Technology Ltd.
CODON Fuchs IT Consulting
Cognia Corporation
College Hill
Comforce / Labforce Technical Services, Inc.
COMP-U-LINK Training & Consulting Inc.
Compass Point Research
Competitive Intelligence Services (CIS)
Conde Group, Inc.
Confarma France Sàrl
Constella Group
Contact Singapore Boston
Contact Singapore San Francisco
Convergence Digital Marketing
CoreBio Group, Inc.
Corning Pharmaceutical Services
Court Square Group
Cozmix Inc.
CroMedica Global Inc.
Crouwnd Inc Consult
CSS Informatics
CTI - Clinical Trial and Consulting Services
CvergenX, Inc.
Cvitkovic and Associates Consultants
CyberVal Pharma, Inc.
D2 Pharma Consulting LLC
Daniel A. Silverstein Associates
DataCeutics, Inc.
David Kurlan & Associates
DBMS Consulting
DC Tech
Decision Management International, Inc.
Decision Resources Group
Defined Health
Definitive Design
Delcin Consulting Group
Deloitte & Touche (Los Angeles, California)
Deloitte & Touche (San Francisco, California)
Deloitte & Touche LLP (New York, New York)
Deloitte Consulting
DeltaPharma, Inc.
Devon Consulting
DIA Consulting
Diagnostic Consulting Network
Dianoetica, Inc.
Discovery Technologies
Dr. J. Wippler Consult
DR. RAUPP E.K. International Trading and Consultin
Drug Development Resources, Inc.
Drug Discovery Services, LLC
E. BLUM & CO., Patent Attorneys
East Bay Healthcare Consulting Firm
EGH Licensing
Ehlers Consulting Group
Emergent Technologies, Inc.
Emergo Group
EMINENT Services Corporation
Emmes Group
Emtec, Inc.
eResearch Technology Inc. (ERT)
ESP Bioscience
Essential Data
Euro Fruit Assistance
Europe Unlimited SA
Exponent Inc.
Fairway Consulting Group
FAMA Fachberatung Management
Finkler GmbH
First Consulting Group
Fluid isch- und Dispergiertechnik GmbH
Fondation Nationale Alfred Kastler de
Forenap - Centre Hospitalier
Foresight Science & Technology
Formatech, Inc.
Frankel Group, The
Frimorfo Ltd.
Frontier Technology, Inc.
Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan
Full Spectrum Analytics
Gaines Clinical Consulting
Geller Biopharm
GeneData (USA), Inc.
Genedata AG
General Biologic Consulting
General Dynamics Information Technology
Genilogix, LLC
Genzyme Genetics
Gesellschaft für Dokumentation
Granard Pharmaceutical
Grayling Global
Greenstone Limited
Guardian Technology Partners, LLC
Guidepoint Global
Halloran Consulting Group
Hayes, Inc.
Health Advances, LLC
Health Sciences Group, Inc.
Health Technology Networks
Heartbeat Experts
Heidrick & Struggles
HighTech Business Decisions
Hooper Holmes
Hyde Engineering + Consulting, Inc.
Hyman, Phelps & McNamara P.C.
i3 Scientific
i3 Statprobe
Icon Group International, Inc.
ID Business Solutions (IDBS)
IMGM Laboratories GmbH
Infarmatik Bt.
Information Group
InfoStrength, Inc.
Innovative Marketing Group
Innovative Technologies Management
InnovoCommerce LLC
Insightful Corporation
Integrated Commercialization Solutions
Integrated Communications Corp.
Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.
Integrated Technologies
IntePros Consulting
International Scientific Communications, Inc.
Intrasphere Technologies
IP Strategy, INC
ISES Incorporated
Jain PharmaBiotech
Jameson International
Jan Ramakers Fine Chemicals Consulting Group
JGB BioPharma Consulting Inc.
K S Biomedix Holdings PLC
Kerdan Group
Keynote Systems, Inc.
KeyPoint Consultoria Cientifica
Kforce Clinical Research
Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
Kineticos Life Sciences Consulting
Kinetigen (Formerly known as ClinPharm Consulting)
KPMG Peat Marwick
L.E.K. Consulting LLC
L.E.K. Consulting LLC
LabConsult GmbH
Laboratoires BTT
Laboratorium für Ökotoxikologie
Landhouse Strategies
Lash Group Healthcare Consultants
LC Plus Bioscience Consulting Inc.
LifeScience Concepts, LLC
Link Technology Inc.
M Squared Inc.
Madison Keats, LLC
Magnum Opus Technologies, Inc.
Malouf Pharmaceutical Services Pty Ltd
Management Pathways
Marion Weinreb & Associates, Inc.
Marken (Formerly known as Marken Time Critical)
Marketing Plus
Maxiom Group
Med Services Europe B.V.
MediBIC Life Sciences
Medical Device Consultants, Inc.
Medical Marketing International Group plc
Medical Research Management
Medical Scientists
Medicis Ventures Management GmbH
MediScan Systems
MedLex Inc.
menal GmbH
Mendel Group
Metabion International AG
Migal-Galilee Technology Center
Milestones - The critical thinking company
Milliman & Robertson, Inc.
Moeller Design
Molecular Creativity, Inc.
MRUN-Midwest Research University Network
MultiD Analyses AB
Musculoskeletal Clinical Regulatory Advisers, LLC
National Patent Development
Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Navigant Consulting, Inc. (San Mateo, CA)
nCompass Consulting
NeuroCog Trials
Nextech Venture
Nexus Therapeutics, Inc.
NMT New Medical Technologies
NNE Pharmaplan
Nopras Technologies, Inc.
Norseman, Inc.
Nortia Capital Partners, Inc.
Novatec Analytical
Nuventra Pharma Sciences
O'Daniel Biomedical Consulting
Octagon Research Solutions, Inc.
Odelft Benelux
Optimus Pharma Consulting
Optra Systems
Oxfordshire BioTechNet
Pacific Bridge, Inc.
PAREXEL Consulting
Partek Incorporated
Patents & Trademarks Joachim Stürken
Paul Hastings
Personalized Pharmaceutical Systems (PPS)
Pharma To Market
PharmaDirections, Inc.
Pharmametrics GmbH
PharmQuest Corporation
Pharsight Corporation
Phoenix Imperative Inc.
Pile Executive Search Group
Pinestar Technology, Inc.
Pittiglio Rabin Todd & McGrath (PRTM)
Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
Planungskontor Strickler GmbH
Prairie Consulting Services, Inc.
Precision Antibody
Professional Research Consulting, Inc.
Prometheus Research
Promoveo Health
Propeller Communications, Inc.
ProTron Technologies, Inc.
PSC Biotech
Putnam Associates, Inc.
QPharma, Inc.
QS Labs
QualityMetric Incorporated
Quantitative Solutions
Quintiles Consulting
Quintiles GmbH
Quorum Consulting, Inc.
R.C.A. Reuter Chemische Apparatebau
RADRisk Consulting
Rainbow BioSciences, LLC
Rancho BioSciences
Raphael Pharma Ltd
RCC Holding
ReachBio LLC
Real Life Sciences
Real-Living Solutions (RLS)
Reciprocal Space Consulting
Recombinant Capital, Inc.
Regulatory Pharma Net
Regulatory Professionals
RennerBrown-IT Staffing and Consulting Services
Research & Innovation Japan Inc.
RHR Consulting
Richter International, Inc.
Rowin Group, Division of Market Probe Inc.
RRD International, LLC
RTI Health Solutions
Ruston Poole International PLC
RxC International
S.Ross & Co.
SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.
Saffron Technology, Inc.
Sagitta Corporation
Schitag Ernst & Young Gruppe
Science Consultants, LLC
Scientific Marketing Services, Inc.
SciStaff Services
Search-Tec Website Optimization
SellScience, LLC
Seraphim Life Sciences
Seventh Wave Laboratories
Silico Research
Simon-Kucher & Partners
Smart Design
Société de Diversification du Bassin Potassique
Société Européenne d´Etudes et d´Ingénierie
Solvias AG
SommaTech, LLC
Spectrum Services
Speid & Associates, Inc.
Spitzmüller Rudolf Technische
SpringHill Consulting
SSI Surgical Services Inc.
STATKING Consulting, Inc.
Steinbeis Transferzentrum Schwingungs
Stematix, Inc.
Strategic Health Innovations
Strategic Health Resources
Stürmer + Schüle GmbH
Sunascen Therapeutics
Surface Measurement Systems
SV Life Sciences
Swiss Pharma Contract Ltd.
SynerMed S.A. de C.V.
Synova Healthcare
Systems For Health Management
TACAS Training and Consulting Achim
Tata Consultancy Services
TCP Innovations
TechFlow, Inc.
Technology Catalysts International
Technology Forecasters
Technology Vision Group
Technomark Medical Ventures
Technopôle de Haute Alsace (THA)
Texas CxO Partners
Texas Neurology
The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM)
The Biomedical Sciences Group
The Borton Wallace Company
The Caswood Group, Inc.
The Generics Group
The HMC Company
The Kailos Group, Inc.
The Knowledge Foundation, Inc.
The Labor Group
The Larvol Group, LLC
The Mattson Jack Group
The Prospero Group, LLC
TNT Technologies, Inc.
Total Technological Consultant (TTC)
Tourtellotte Solutions
TraceMatrix Inc.
TrendSoft Ltd.ICBS Ltd.
Trinity Partners
Tunnell Consulting
TÜV Süddeutschland Bau und Betrieb
Tyler and Company
Uniquest Limited
Unitectra AG
Validapro BioSciences Inc.
Vault Bioventures
VCG & Associates
Verna Scientific
Versal Technologies, Inc.
Versante International, Inc.
VersaTech Consulting, Inc.
Virtual Incubation Company, LLC
Voisin Consulting, Inc.
Volt Workforce Solutions
Wehrle-Werk AG
Western Management Consultants
WinPharm Associates, LLC
WissInfo GmbH
Wm. C. Isaacs Company, Inc.
Wood Mackenzie, Inc.
WTT - Science and Technology Transfer Office
YesDTC Holdings, Inc.
ZS Associates