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Company Profiles by Industry Segment

Ag Bio
Analysis Instruments
Automation and Robotics
Bank, Financial Services
BioAssays, Cell Cultures, Human Cells
Biochip/Drug Screening Instrumentation
Case Report Forms
Cell Therapy
Chemical Environmental & Services
Chemical Products
Combinatorial Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Concept Development
Consulting & Design, Central Gas Systems
Continuing Education
Contract Sales Organizations
Cryogenic Freezers
Cyrogenic & Specialty Gases
Diversity - African American Professional Org
Diversity - Asian-American Professional Org
Diversity - Disability Professional Org
Diversity - Gay and Lesbian Professional Org
Diversity - Hispanic Professional Org
Diversity - Native American Professional Org
Diversity - Other Professional Org
Diversity - Women's Professional Org
DNA Testing
Drug Delivery
Drug Discovery
E-Commerce Services
Enabling Genetic Technology
Equipment, Gas Delivery
Facilities and Validation
Flexible Sterile Fluid Containment Systems
Gene Therapy
Global Central Laboratory Testing
Graphic Design, Websites
Healthcare - Insurance
High-throughput Assay Development
Human Diagnostics
Human Therapeutics
Human Tissue-Based Research Services
Identity Testing
Immunotherapeutic Vaccine
Industrial Proteins
Insurance Brokerage
Investor Relations
Life Sciences
Mammalian Cell Culture
Manufacturing, Chemicals
Medical Device - Biomaterials
Medical Device - Cardiovascular
Medical Device - Diabetes/Obesity
Medical Device - Diagnostics
Medical Device - Genetics/Stem Cells/DNA
Medical Device - Healthcare IT
Medical Device - Imaging
Medical Device - Interventional Radiology
Medical Device - Nanotechnology
Medical Device - Neurology
Medical Device - Oncology
Medical Device - Ophthalmology
Medical Device - Orthopaedics
Medical Device - Surgical/Anesthesia
Medical Device - Women's Health
Medical Illustrations, Animations
Molecular Diagnostics
New Media
Office Supplies
Organization, Medical Devices
Patent Incubation
Patent Rights
Paternity Testing
Postdoctoral Fellowships
Project Management
Property Rights
Protein & Antibody
R&D with Clinical Development
Reference Controls
Research and Development
Research Lab Suppliers
Risk Management
Services - Animal
Services - Analytical Chemistry
Services - Biochemistry
Services - Bioprocess Contract
Services - Biorepository
Services - Cell Biology
Services - Cell Culture
Services - Chemistry
Services - Clinical Research Organizations
Services - Clinical Trial Data Collection
Services - Construction
Services - Consulting
Services - Consulting and Contract
Services - Contract Manufacturing Organizations
Services - Contract Pharmaceutical Organizations
Services - Contract Research Organization (CRO)
Services - Executive Placement and Recruitment
Services - Genomics
Services - Healthcare
Services - Immunology
Services - Information
Services - Laboratory
Services - Laboratory Instrument, Calibration, and Repair
Services - Laboratory Waste Management
Services - Manufacturing
Services - Microarray
Services - Microbiology
Services - Miscellaneous
Services - Molecular Biology
Services - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Services - Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Services - Packaging
Services - Product Commercialization
Services - Product Development
Services - Professional Search & Recruiting
Services - Public Relations
Services - Real Estate/Development, Laboratory Building/Design
Services - Regulatory Consulting
Services - Research
Services - RNAi / miRNA
Services - Spectrometry/Spectroscopy
Services - Statistics
Services - Vacuum Pump Repair and Sales
Services - Virology
Start Up
Suppliers - Analytical Chemistry
Suppliers - Antibodies
Suppliers - Assays
Suppliers - Biochemistry
Suppliers - Biological Products & Materials
Suppliers - Cell Biology
Suppliers - Cell/Tissue Culture
Suppliers - Chemistry
Suppliers - Clean Rooms & Accessories
Suppliers - Clinical Research
Suppliers - Computer Hardware
Suppliers - Computer Software
Suppliers - Diagnostic Test Systems
Suppliers - Filtration
Suppliers - Furnishings
Suppliers - Gases, Materials, Standards
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Automation
Suppliers - High-Throughput/Screening
Suppliers - Imaging
Suppliers - Immunochemicals
Suppliers - Instrumentation
Suppliers - Kits
Suppliers - Lab Equipment
Suppliers - Manufacturing
Suppliers - Meters, Monitors & Electrochemical Equipment
Suppliers - Microarrays
Suppliers - Microscopes, Optics, Lasers, Cameras
Suppliers - Miscellaneous
Suppliers - Molecular Biology
Suppliers - Packaging
Suppliers - Protein Biochemistry
Suppliers - Reagents
Suppliers - Research Tools
Suppliers - RNAi Technology (siRNA, miRNA, shRNA)
Suppliers - Safety & Hygiene
Suppliers - Sample Prep & Liquid Handling
Suppliers - Software Quality Assurance
Suppliers - Testing Systems & Equipment
Suppliers - Vacuum Equipment
Surgical Products
Systems Integration
Therapeutic products for HIV
Venture Capital
Viral infections
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure
Accurate Chemical & Scientific Corporation
Acrux Limited
Actuality Systems
Acumen Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Advanced Bionics Corporation
Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc.
AdvanDx, Inc.
Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation
AERES Biomedical Ltd.
Afferent Corporation
AgriGenesis Biosciences Ltd.
Akers Biosciences
Alfa Wasserman
Allen Institute for Brain Science
Alliqua Biomedical
Alltracel Pharmaceuticals Plc
American Association for Study of Liver Diseases
American Foundation for AIDS Research
Amerimmune Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Analytica Group
APACHE Medical Systems
Apex Biotechnology
ARCA Discovery Inc.
artus GmbH
Aspire IRB
Atrium Medical
Austin Research Institute
Bayer HealthCare AG
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation (CT)
Bayer Puerto Rico
BBI BioTech Research Laboratories, Inc.
BC Cancer Foundation
BG-Kliniken Bergmannsheil, Ruhr- University
Bio-Link Partners Ltd.
Bioinformatics Institute
Biomax Informatics
BIOMOL Research Laboratories
Bionomics Limited
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Boston Biomedical Research Institute
Bostwick Laboratories
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Broad Institute
Bronte Epilepsy Research Foundation
Bryan Corporation
Cadherin Biomedical Inc.
California Separation Science Society
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc.
Canadian Medical Laboratories
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute
Carcinotek Inc.
Carl Zeiss Co. Ltd.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc.
CellControl Biomedical Laboratories AG
Celscia Therapeutics (Merged To Form KaloBios)
Centre D'Immunologie Pierre Fabre
CepTor Corporation
Ceros Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ChemBridge Research Laboratories, Inc. (No longer operating)
CHEMICON International, Inc.
Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute
Chesyl Pharma Ltd.
Children's Medical Research Institute
China Innovation Center for Life Sciences
ChiroSolve, Inc.
Chr. Hansen
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
CiDRA Corporation
CIRA Biosciences, Inc.
City of Hope
Cleveland Genomics Inc.
Clinical Advisors
Clinical and Pharmacologic Research, Inc.
Clinical Research Solutions
Clinomics BioSciences
CML Healthcare Inc.
CNS Response
Cobra Therapeutics
Columbus Children's Research Institute
Combe Incorporated
Combinature Biopharm AG
Concordia University
Confidential Search
CoolSystems Inc.
Cooperative Research Centre for Asthma
Coriell Institute for Medical Research
Cortisol Research International SA
CPS Innovations
Cryoma Labs
Cure Autism Now
CureLight Ltd.
Cyto Pulse Sciences, Inc.
Cytomyx Holdings PLC
CytRx Laboratories, Inc.
Dalton Chemical Laboratories
DATATRAK International, Inc.
Demetech AB
Denka Seiken Co., Ltd.
Development Center for Biotechnology
DGI BioTechnologies
Dharmacon, Inc.
Diabetex International
Diabetology Ltd
Diagnos Inc.
Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc.
EiRx Therapeutics Ltd.
Eli Lilly
Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
Enhance Biotech Inc.
EpiStem Ltd
EVAX Technologies AG
Exagen Diagnostics, Inc.
Exponent Inc.
First Circle Medical
First Genetic Trust, Inc.
Florigene Limited
French AIDS Research Agency
Fresenius Biotech GmbH
Gambro AB
GelStat Corporation
Genactis, Inc.
Genelex Corporation
GeneSegues, Inc.
GeneVac, Inc.
Gentronix Limited
Glucon Medical Ltd.
Green Microsystems Pvt.Ltd.
HeartLink Canada (1999) Inc.
Hedley Technologies Inc.
Hepatitis B Foundation
Histogenics Corporation
HMGene, Inc.
Howard Florey Institute
HT Medical Systems, Inc.
Human BioMolecular Research Institute
Human Pheromone Sciences
Hydromer, Inc.
HYTE Research LLC
Hythiam, Inc.
IATRA Life Sciences Corp.
Ichor Medical
Imaging Research, Inc. (Canada)
Immersion Corporation
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
InfoMedics, Inc.
InKine Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.
InNexus Biotechnology Inc.
InNexus Inc.
Innomed Technologies, Inc
Innovative Biosensors, Inc.
Inphogene Biocom Inc.
Instead, Inc.
Institute of Ophthalmology
IntegriDerm, Inc.
Intermountain Tissue Center
IntrinsiQ, LLC
Ion Beam Applications (IBA)
irsiCaixa Foundation
IWT Bio Inc.
Ixora Bio Medical
J. Craig Venter Institute
J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Jacobson Resonance Enterprises
Jain PharmaBiotech
Janssen Research Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC (CA)
Kane Biotech Inc.
Kibow Biotech, Inc.
Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Kronos Longevity Research Institute (KLRI)
Kyosei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
LactoFerrin Products Company
LEO Pharma China
Life Optics Corporation Austria
Lifecare A/S
LifeSafe Services, Inc.
Lilly Del Caribe Inc.
Lux Research
Magna-Lab, Inc.
Mamea Imaging
Matrix Laboratories Limited
Matthias Rath, Inc.
Max Planck Society
MD Biosciences
Medical Research Group
Medical Research Management
Medical Ventures Corp.
Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)
Medipatternā„¢ Corporation
MedStar Research Institute
Medsurge Medical
Michigan State Medical Society
Micralyne Inc.
microHelix Inc.
Millar Instruments, Inc.
Molecular SkinCare
MolecularNature Limited
MonoSolRx LLC
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc.
NanoCure Corporation
NeoGuide Systems, Inc.
Nephros Inc.
New York Weill Cornell Medical Center
Next Pharmaceuticals
Nippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd.
Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital
Nostrum Pharmaceuticals
NovaVision, Inc.
Nutramax Laboratories
NutriCology, Inc.
Obagi Medical Products, Inc.
Ocean Ridge BioSciences
Ocimum Biosolutions Inc.
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF)
Olympic Medical
Omneuron, Inc.
Oncology Sciences Corporation
Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI)
Optiscan Inc.
Organon Teknika
Ortho Distribution, Inc.
ORYX Search
Otsuka Maryland Research Institute
Pacific Northwest Research Institute
Pacific Research Management Inc.
Packard Pacific Limited
Palo Alto Research Center
Parallel Solutions, Inc. (PSI)
Parker Hughes Cancer Center
Pathogen Removal and Diagnostic Technologies Inc.
Pharma Waldhof
Phase III Medical Inc.
Phasex Corporation
Phenome Sciences, Inc.
Piedmont Research Center
Plant Research International
Precision Biometrics, Inc.
Primary Global Research (PGR)
Princeton University
Prometheus Laboratories Inc.
ProQuest Pharmaceuticals Inc.
ProSkelia S.A.S
Protein Forest, Inc.
Proteomic Research Services, Inc.
Protide Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pure World Inc.
Pyng Technologies Corp.
Pyxant Labs
QT 5, Inc.
Quest Product Inc.
R/D Tech Inc.
Ransom Hill Biosciences, Inc.
Receptopharm, Inc.
ReceptorBase, Inc.
RecomGenex, Ltd.
Reify Corporation
Reliance Life Sciences
Retractable Tech
Retroscreen Virology Limited
Revotar Biopharmaceuticals
Richter International, Inc.
Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research, In
Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation
Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation
Sapient Discovery, LLC
Sarah Cannon Cancer Center
Schering AG
Schering Laboratories
Schering-Plough Animal Health
Schering-Plough Research Institute
Sciona Limited
Sclavo Diagnostics International S.r.l.
SCYNEXIS Europe, Ltd.
Seashell Technology
Sensant Corporation
Sierra Biomedical
Sierra BioSource, a Serologicals Company
Sierra Diagnostics
Sigma-Tau Consumer Products
Society for Women's Health Research
SoLar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SourceCF, Inc.
Specialty Laboratories
Spencer Technologies
Spin Diagnostics, Inc.
Spine Wave, Inc.
Spineology Inc.
SSCI, Inc.
Starpharma Pty Limited
Sterion, Inc.
STS Biopolymers, Inc.
Suntory Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories LLC
Surgical Systems & Instruments, Inc. (SS&II)
Surgilight Inc.
Sussex Research
Symmetry Medical
Syngenta Biotechnology
TA Therapeutics, Limited
Taconic Biosciences
Taisho Pharmaceutical
Targent Inc.
The Babraham Institute
The Collaborative Group, Ltd.
The Golden Triangle Organization
The Institute for Therapeutic Discovery
The International Aloe Science Council
The Rogosin Institute
The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research
Thomas Weisel Partners
ThromboGenics Ltd.
Tissue Science Laboratories PLC
Torrey Mesa Research Institute
Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
TranXenoGen, Inc.
UCB Research Inc.
UK Medical Research Council (MRC)
UroGene S.A.
USGI Medical
Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Vector Core
Verax Biomedical
ViRexx Medical Corp.
VirRx, Inc.
Virtual Drug Development, Inc.
Visijet Inc.
Vital Living, Inc.
VRI Biomedical
WaferGen Biosystems
Wasatch Pharmaceutical Inc.
Washington Neuropsychological Institute
White Stone Labs, Inc.
Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)
Wyeth (Richmond, VA)
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare
ZGene A/S
Zymgen International Pty Ltd.