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ACM Global Central Laboratory 

160 Elmgrove Park

Rochester  New York  14624  U.S.A.
Phone: 800-525-5227 Fax: 585-429-1917

ACM Global Central Laboratory is an established and expanding global force in central laboratory testing, due in no small measure to a uniquely flexible approach fixed firmly on the needs of our customers and the precision and reproducibility of our analytical data.

We offer unparalleled excellence in all areas of central laboratory support for clinical trials and believe we have the strongest management team and staff available in the industry today.

Full global capabilities are available, supporting studies in North and South America, Europe, Australasia and South Africa. All managed from a central location, with seamless data management providing a single database.

ACM Global Central Laboratory offers unrivalled flexibility in reporting and data management capabilities and has systems in place that will support even the most highly challenging client requirements.

Our laboratory facilities have a comprehensive test menu, offering a full range of routine and esoteric tests allowing both safety and efficacy monitoring. We have extensive expertise in method development and validation and are happy to discuss any testing requirement you may have.

ACM has been built with a simple philosophy – that we are here to serve our clients in any way that we can, by offering a highly flexible, customized approach to your study requirements, combined with outstanding levels of precision, accuracy and service in everything that we do.

Mark Engelhart, Chief Commercial Officer
ACM Global Central Lab, US

Key Statistics

Ownership: Private

Web Site: ACM Global Central Laboratory
Employees: 428

Company News
ACM Global Central Laboratory Officially Opens New Shanghai Lab Facility 9/10/2014 11:20:44 AM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Announces Official Opening Of ACM Singapore 6/2/2014 12:47:41 PM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Appoints Richard Cunningham As Director Of Global Logistics 5/20/2014 9:59:45 AM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Appoints Richard Cunningham As Director Of Global Logistics 5/19/2014 7:08:19 AM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Expands Global Footprint With Acquisition In Asia Pacific 1/23/2014 11:43:36 AM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Appoints Alexander Van Amerongen, MD as Director of Anatomic Pathology 8/28/2013 11:09:17 AM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Receives Top Accreditation Renewal From College of American Pathologists 6/24/2013 9:27:41 AM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Head of R&D to Present at New Dynamics of Biomarker Labs, Central Labs and ECG & Imaging Labs in London 2/21/2013 12:58:04 PM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Relocates to Expanded Lab Facilities in Europe 11/27/2012 12:11:15 PM
ACM Global Central Laboratory Introduces Real-Time Monitoring of Potential Drug-Induced Organ Toxicity 10/11/2012 9:46:02 AM