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SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. 

1924 Old Middlefield Way

Mountain View  California  94043-2503  U.S.A.
Phone: 650-961-4820 Fax: 650-623-0096


SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. with offices in California, New York, and Europe (please see our website at is the premier resource for high level safety, health and environmental support to the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries. We are a unique team of occupational and environmental toxicologists, industrial hygienists, analytical chemists, and safety and environmental professionals with extensive experience in these industries. SafeBridge provides high quality environmental health and safety support to clients worldwide. SafeBridge was formed by senior corporate professionals from major pharmaceutical companies.

SafeBridge provides a variety of services to large and small biopharmaceutical firms and fine chemical manufacturers including:

* All aspects of potent compound safety
* Setting safe workplace occupational exposure limits, acceptable surface limits for work surfaces, and health-based cleaning, residue, extractable and leachable limits for products
* Developing sensitive validated pharmaceutical substance air and surface sampling methods
* Conducting industrial hygiene surveys and potent compound surrogate studies for containment verification
* Analyzing air and surface samples for pharmaceutical agents
* Recommending containment and exposure control technologies
* Designing laboratory safety controls
* Resolving occupational illness situations
* Performing environment fate and effects determinations and supporting US FDA and EU EMEA environmental assessment submissions for new drug approvals
* Assessing the risks of products and processes to nearby communities and the environment
* Developing safety and medical programs for laboratory and manufacturing operations
* Implementing specialized training programs such as "Potent Compound Awareness" and "Supervising for Safety"
* Providing management consulting in EH&S program effectiveness
* Identifying, evaluating, and certifying the potent compound safety capabilities of third party manufacturing contractors

We have provided these services to over 600 organizations worldwide. In addition, SafeBridge offers a broad scope of services through contracting arrangements with several individual experts in occupational medicine, biosafety, ergonomics and process containment. We also have working arrangements with air quality, engineering and containment technology firms that provide process control and containment support. SafeBridge is part of the Trinity Consultants group.

Last Updated: 01-27-2014

Key Statistics

Ownership: Private

Web Site: SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.


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