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Gryphon Therapeutics (Formerly Gryphon Sciences) 

600 Gateway Blvd.

South San Francisco  California  94080  U.S.A.
Phone: 650-952-7714 Fax: 650-952-3055

Protein therapeutics have emerged as one of the most promising and profitable segments of the pharmaceutical markets since the introduction of recombinant insulin in 1982. Companies have focused on the production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, therapeutic vaccines, proteins isolated from human tissue or blood, and recombinant proteins as ways of producing products in this sector. Gryphon has taken an entirely different approach. Thanks to advances by its team of scientists, Gryphon can generate novel or improved protein therapeutics using chemistry alone. This positions Gryphon to benefit from the revolution in genomics and proteomics that has identified countless new potential protein therapeutics. Gryphon uses two technologies that allow it to rapidly produce proteins of medical interest. These technologies form a powerful drug development platform, which Gryphon has used to address large commercial markets. Our products combine chemically synthesized protein backbones with precision polyethylene glycol (pPEG) like molecules to create potent medications. The use of chemistry, rather than biology, allows us to manipulate protein drugs in ways that were never before possible. Gryphon has introduced changes to the molecules, which result in their increased potency, and duration in the circulatory system. Efficient-scalable processes with high yields make this a cost effective way to manufacture valuable drugs. In the short term, Gryphon will out-license its products to pharmaceutical partners. We will successively move our projects farther into the clinical development process in order to increase the value of the licensing opportunities. Ultimately, Gryphon will commercialize select products on its own.

Last Updated: 07-08-03

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: Gryphon Therapeutics (Formerly Gryphon Sciences)
Employees: 30

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