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XTuit Pharmaceuticals 

35 Gatehouse Drive

Waltham  Massachusetts  02451  U.S.A.
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XTuit Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel microenvironment-targeted therapeutics that act to silence activated stromal cells, hence turning off multiple pathogenic signaling pathways that play a critical role in driving disease processes in fibrosis and cancer. By acting through pleiotropic mechanisms in the microenvironment, XTuit’s therapeutics resolve inflammation, inhibit tumorigenesis and reduce the production of extracellular matrix – which are all processes that result in fibrosis and hypoxia. In targeting fibrosis, XTuit compounds have the potential to reverse the fibrotic processes underpinning multiple fibrotic diseases. In targeting tumors, XTuit compounds normalize the cancer microenvironment and alleviate hypoxia and solid stress, and creating a more permissive immune environment, thereby offering, in combination with immuno-oncology and other cancer therapies, higher therapeutic success rates. XTuit compounds have been shown to down-regulate stroma-induced tumor and inflammation signaling pathways to overcome treatment resistance. The Company’s proprietary drug development pipeline is integrated with an advanced clinical biomarker platform to enhance and accelerate clinical development.




Founders: Ron Evans, Rakesh Jain, and Robert Langer

CEO: Deborah Dunsire

CSO: Peter Blume-Jensen

CFO: Edward Freedman

Key Statistics

Ownership: Private

Web Site: XTuit


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