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Progenitor Life Sciences 

675 Arapeen Drive
Suite 302
Salt Lake City  Utah  84108 
Phone: 619-838-4882 Fax: n/a


Progenitor Life Sciences was founded in 2012 in collaboration with our partner institution, the University of Utah, with a determined goal of developing new technologies to accelerate R&D in the Stem Cell and Cellular Immunotherapy fields.

Founding scientist, Dr. Stefan Pulst, developed Progenitor’s next-generation virus-free MatisseTM Reprogramming System, a proprietary technology for rapid and reliable production of genetically stable induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from human donor skin or blood. Matisse™ iPSCs retain robust capacity for differentiation into multiple therapeutic tissue types (immune cells, cardiomyocytes, skeletal muscle, neurons, and others) that can be expanded for pre-clinical or clinical applications.

Progenitor has now coupled Matisse™ technology with proprietary methods for producing and expanding iPSC-derived T cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells. By developing a revolutionary new cell-engineering approach, Progenitor can now offer Degas™ iPSC platforms capable of rapid, reliable downstream modification for expression of functional molecules (such as CARs, FcRs, suicide/safety genes, and co-stimulatory or co-inhibitory molecules) while preserving genomic stability and iPSC pluripotency. In collaboration with Dr. Djordje Atanackovic and the University of Utah Center for Cellular Immunotherapy, Progenitor is using Degas™ technology for high-throughput parallel production of different CAR-expressing iPSC lines capable of downstream NK cell and T cell differentiation and production. Progenitor’s ™ Degas Stealth™ technology adds further value to these platforms by simultaneously introducing conservative gene-editing that makes Degas™ iPSCs more immune-compatible, opening doors to development of new “Off-the-Shelf” allogenic therapies.

Progenitor Life Sciences continues to expand its capabilities through collaborations, partnerships and strategic licensing of powerful new technologies.




CEO: Gary Sams, PhD

CSO: Tim Graham, MD

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: Progenitor Life Sciences

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