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IDA Ireland 

31 Saint James Avenue
7th Floor
Boston  Massachusetts  02116  U.S.A.
Phone: 617-357-4190 Fax: 617-357-4198

Ireland’s inward investment promotion agency, IDA Ireland (Industrial Development Agency) is responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment in Ireland.

A range of services and incentives, including funding and grants, are available to those considering foreign direct investment in Ireland. These are offered by IDA Ireland, Ireland’s inward investment promotion agency, to both new and existing clients.

While investment from overseas manufacturing and internationally traded services are the broad focus of IDA Ireland, the agency continues to work with investors once in Ireland to encourage and assist in expanding and developing their businesses. This long term view of relationships with foreign direct investors in Ireland has proven very successful for all involved and is something IDA Ireland excels at.

Our Focus
We are focused on securing investment from new and existing clients in the areas of High End Manufacturing, Global Services (including Financial Services) and Research, Development and Innovation.

Key sectors within these areas for investment are Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technologies), Information Communications Technology (ICT), Engineering, Professional Services, Digital Media, Consumer Brands and International Services.

And looking to the future, we are actively focusing on emerging areas such as Clean Technology, Convergence and Services Innovation. These areas offer exciting new overseas investment opportunities and are ideally suited to the Irish skill-set, experience and in the case of Clean Technology, geography and climate.

We attract overseas and inward investment by:

  • Focusing on business sectors that are closely matched with the emerging needs of the Irish economy and that can operate competitively in global markets from an Irish base.
  • We compile up-to-date statistics and facts for research and development in industry, the economy and foreign direct investment in Ireland.
  • Building links between international businesses and third level education, academic and research centers to ensure the necessary skills and research and development capabilities are in place.
  • Pursuing Ireland’s policy of becoming a knowledge-based economy by actively building world-leading clusters of knowledge-based activities.
  • Strongly influencing the competitive needs of Ireland's economy by actively engaging in the development of infrastructure and business support services, telecoms, education, regulatory issues especially in relation to EU policy.

    Working With You
    What assistance and information can you receive when considering Ireland for foreign direct investment? We can assist you during the process in many ways via our broad range of Services:

  • Provide information and statistics on key business sectors and locations within Ireland
  • Assist in setting up a business in Ireland
  • Introduce potential investors to local industry in Ireland, government, service providers and research institutions
  • Offer advice on property solutions for international investors

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Private

    Web Site: IDA Ireland

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