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3D Biomatrix
Abcam Inc.
Agilent Technologies Inc.
American Type Culture Collection
Applied Biosystems
Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.
Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc.
Baxter BioScience Corporation
Baxter International
BD Biosciences / San Jose
BioCision, LLC
Biotecher - Recruiting for Drug & Device Companies
BOC Gases
Boyd Technologies
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bristol-Myers Squibb (MA)
Caliper Life Sciences
Cayman Chemical
Cell Sciences, Inc.
ChemBridge Corporation
CHEMICON International, Inc.
Copernicus Group IRB
Fine Science Tools
Genomic Solutions, Inc.
Hyaluron Contract Manufacturing (HCM)
ID Business Solutions (IDBS)
Inclinix, Inc.
Invitrogen Corporation
ISSYS - Integrated Sensing Systems
Lab4less, LLC
Lentigen Corporation
Life Technologies
Linde Gas LLC
Lonza Biologics Inc.
Martek Biosciences Corporation
McKinley Scientific, LLC
Mott Corporation
New England Biolabs, Inc.
Niro Soavi
Oxford Biomedical Research
Pall Life Sciences
PeproTech Inc.
QIAGEN Sciences, Inc.
Roche Molecular Systems
Sartorius Stedim SUS Inc.
Seahorse Bioscience
Selleck Chemicals
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation
Simcyp Limited
Spectral Instruments, Inc.
The Jackson Laboratory
The Lab World Group
Thermo Fisher Scientific
VWR International, Inc. (California)
Xcellerex, Inc.
Xenogen Corporation
YSI Incorporated