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Biotech/Pharma - Food Supply/AgBio (World)
A Century On, Experts Crack Mystery Of Holes In Swiss Cheese 5/29/2015
ADM Grows Sweetener Business In China With Agreement To Purchase Meiweiyuan Biotechnology 5/18/2015
Syngenta AG (SYT) Rejects $45 Billion Takeover Offer From Monsanto Company (MON) 5/8/2015
Is Cheese The Secret To A Longer Life And Faster Metabolism? Aarhus University Study 5/4/2015
Bioceres And Arcadia Biosciences Receive Regulatory Approval For Stress-Tolerant Soybeans In Argentina Through Verdeca Joint Venture 4/28/2015
Evogene Ltd. (EVGN) CEOOfer Haviv And Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc CEO Pam Marrone To Participate In 'Profiling Tomorrow's Ag Solutions' Panel Discussion At Agrivest 2015 4/27/2015
Food Safety Scientists Have Ties To Big Tobacco 4/15/2015
Is Marijuana Good Medicine Or Dangerous? Poll Reveals What The U.S. Thinks 4/15/2015
Sabra Hummus And Five Other Foods You Shouldn’t Eat This Week 4/13/2015
Would You Buy A Genetically Modified Apple That Doesn’t Go Brown? Okanagan Reveals 2/23/2015
No Sign Of Health Or Nutrition Problems From GMO Livestock Feed, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 10/2/2014
Monsanto Company (MON) Should Lose Some Battles To Win The War Over GMOs 7/23/2014
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Release: Field Trials of New Nitrogen Use Efficient Rice Show Increased Productivity, Leading to Increased Food Security and Reduced Fertilizer Dependence 9/10/2013
Molecular Farming Fits Need for Fully Functional Protein Therapeutics and Low-Cost Vaccines, Says Frost & Sullivan 6/20/2013
BIOTECHNICA 2013 to Showcase Solutions for Safe and Sustainable Food Production 4/25/2013
Medivation, Inc. (MDVN) Elects Dawn Graham to Board of Directors 4/23/2013
Krajete GmbH Release: Microorganisms as Powerhouses for Electricity Storage 4/17/2013
De Facto Release: Global Food Industry Leaders Say Continual Innovation is Urgently Needed to Reduce Pressures on Price and Food Supply 3/13/2013
Evogene Ltd. (EVGN) Announces Launch of Gene2Product™ Computational AgBio Platform 1/29/2013
A Breakthrough In Agricultural Biotechnology -Trait Delivery Innovator Morflora Accelerates Gene Delivery Process in Seeds 9/19/2012
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) and China’s Leading Agricultural University Jointly Established Corn Research Institute 4/23/2012
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) to Announce Fiscal 2011 Annual Financial Results on January 19 1/19/2012
Precision BioSciences Announces Establishment of Precision PlantSciences for Development of Advanced Agricultural Biotechnology 1/19/2012
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) Reports Unaudited Financial Results for the Year Ended September 30, 2011 1/19/2012
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. and the South African Sugarcane Research Institute to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient Sugarcane 10/31/2011
Bayer CropScience AG and Bayer CropScience LP Achieve Milestone in Wheat Genetics Research 9/26/2011
Intrexon Corporation's AgBio Division Expands Its Operations 7/29/2011
Molasses Extract Decreases Obesity Caused by a High-Fat Diet, La Trobe University Study 7/12/2011
RIKEN Plant Science Center (PSC) Discovery of DNA Silencing Mechanism Reveals How Plants Protect their Genome 5/12/2011
YaSheng Group (YHGG) Makes Breakthrough in Its New Technology for Dryland Wheat Planting 5/9/2011
Devgen NV: Shareholder Notification 4/21/2011
YaSheng Group (YHGG) Ranks as No. 1 Recipient of Green Food Certifications in Gansu Province, China 4/14/2011
Sebastian Hoss of the Institute for Biodiversity Release: Genetically Modified Bt Maize: is it Compatible with Nematodes? 3/10/2011
Chilli Could be Next on the Menu to Fight Flab, Ajinomoto Reveals 3/7/2011
Intrexon Corporation Launches AgBio Division and Acquires Agarigen, Inc. 2/1/2011
Advance in Bioenergy Research: LGC Genomics GmbH and Bioplant R& D Sequence the Transcriptome of Jatropha Curcas 1/24/2011
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) Limited Expects to Report Q3-10 Results on August 30, 2010 8/19/2010
Rosetta Green and Seambiotic Ltd. Will Collaborate In The Development of Improved Algal Strains For The Biofuel Industry 7/26/2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Activates Global Food Safety Response Center 7/8/2010
Arysta LifeScience Corporation Announces Iodomethane Registered in New Zealand 7/1/2010
Tea And Coffee 'Protect Against Heart Disease', University Medical Center Utrecht Study 6/21/2010
Does Light Drinking In Pregnancy Have Benefits?,Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Study 6/10/2010
Chocolate May Cut Cholesterol But Only In Some People, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Study 6/2/2010
Easter Bunny May Save Your Life; Small, Dark Easter Eggs May Be Good For Your Heart, German Institute of Human Nutrition (DIfE) Study 3/30/2010
A Natural Fruit Compound May Help Asthma, New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Research 3/26/2010
Curry Ingredient Shows Promise Against Liver Damage, Medical University in Graz Study 3/24/2010
Seaweed to Tackle Rising Tide of Obesity, University of Newcastle Study 3/23/2010
University of Copenhagen Scientists Find Why "Sunshine" Vitamin D Is Crucial 3/9/2010
McDonald's Studies Cow Burps to Cut Down on Methane Emissions 1/13/2010
Natural Compounds In Pomegranates May Prevent Growth Of Hormone-Dependent Breast Cancer, Study in Cancer Prevention Research Suggests 1/5/2010
Pomegranates: Latest Weapon in the Fight Against MRSA, Kingston University Study 12/22/2009
Myrrh May Lower High Cholesterol, King Abdul-Aziz University Study 12/21/2009
High-Dose Vitamin C May Boost Women's Cataract Risk, Karolinska Institute Study 12/18/2009
Coffee, Tea May Stall Diabetes, University of Sydney Study 12/15/2009
Selenium, Omega-3s May Stave Off Colorectal Cancer, National Institute for Cancer Research Study 12/9/2009
Too Much Mineral Supplement Selenium Can Raise Cholesterol, University of Warwick Study 11/13/2009
Folic Acid Supplements Linked To Asthma, University of Adelaide's Robinson Institute Study Suggests 11/5/2009
Children Who Often Drink Full-fat Milk Weigh Less, University of Gothenburg Research Finds 11/4/2009
Processed Food Increases Depression Risk, University College London Study 11/3/2009
Scientists Say Curry Compound Kills Cancer Cells, Cork Cancer Research Center Study 10/29/2009
Eating Licorice In Pregnancy May Affect A Child's IQ And Behavior, University of Edinburgh Study 10/7/2009
Spectral Service Invention Can Turn Red Wine By-products Into Yoghurt, Chocolates, Creams And More 9/18/2009
LED Light And Green Tea Cream Smooth Facial Wrinkles, German Researchers Say 9/10/2009
Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical (CGPN) Commences Manufacturing and Marketing of SkyWing Series of 18 New Poultry Products 8/24/2009
Devgen NV and Monsanto Company (MON) Update Research and Technology Agreement; Devgen Receives Payment of EUR 20M 4/24/2009
Big Pharma Tries to Sugar the Pill 4/22/2009
Steaming Hot Tea Linked to Cancer, British Medical Journal Study 3/27/2009
Coffee Cuts Stroke Risk in Women 2/18/2009
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. and the African Agricultural Technology Foundation Enter into Agreement for Development of Improved African Rice 12/10/2008
Nuts Boost Health Benefit Of Mediterranean Diet, University of Rovira Study 12/9/2008
A Little Wine Boosts Omega-3 In The Body: Researchers Find A Novel Mechanism For A Healthier Heart, Catholic University of Campobasso And University of Grenoble Study 12/5/2008
Folate in Early Pregnancy May Boost Wheezing in Baby, Norwegian Institute of Public Health Study 12/3/2008
Research On Mice Links Fast Food To Alzheimer's, Karolinska Institute Study 12/1/2008
High-Protein Meals May Help Overweight Burn Fat, University of Wollongong Study 11/25/2008
Amino Acid May Ease Symptoms Of Fatigue, Soiken Inc., Wakayama Medical University, and Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine Study 11/25/2008
Lutein Safe But Won’t Help Infant Eye Function, Says EFSA 11/24/2008
Probiotic May Prevent Respiratory Illnesses, University Hospital in Lund Study 11/10/2008
Multivitamins And Minerals Help Children's Brain Function Northumbria University And Swinburne University of Technology And University of Westminster Study 11/6/2008
Rice Can Trigger Severe Gut Reaction In Infants, Children's Hospital at Westmead Study 11/5/2008
Eating Fish Twice A Week May Help Diabetes Patients, Addenbrooke's Hospital Study 11/4/2008
Bilberry Extract May Ease The Damages Of Stress, Chinese And Singaporean Researchers Say 10/28/2008
Lutein And Zeaxanthin Can Benefit Colon Cancer, Say Korean Researchers 10/24/2008
Yoghurt Can Benefit Bladder Cancer, Say Karolinska Institute Researchers 10/21/2008
Flavonoids’ Heart Health Benefits In The Blood Vessels, The University of Western Australia 10/13/2008
China Bans One Brand Of Herbal Drug After 3 Deaths 10/10/2008
AgResearch Cuts Blamed on Need to Boost Profit Margins 10/9/2008
Proteins From Chicken Legs May Control High Blood Pressure, Hiroshima University And Nippon Meat Packer's Study 10/9/2008
Gene That May Contribute To Improved Rice Yield Identified, Chinese Academy Of Science And Penn State University Researchers Say 10/7/2008
Meat 'Ups Prostate Cancer Risk', {1} Study 10/7/2008
Horny Goat Weed Could Be Better Than Viagra, University of Milan Study 9/29/2008
Fish In Children's Diet Cuts Eczema Risk, University of Gothenburg Study 9/25/2008
Organic Algal Omega-3 Close To World Debut Says Eau+ 9/23/2008
FACTBOX: Companies Named In China Baby Powder Scandal 9/17/2008
Morocco "Goat Plague" Poses Regional Threat, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 9/10/2008
Milk May Play Anti-Cancer Role, Flinders University Study 8/29/2008
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) Reports Third Quarter FY08 Results 8/28/2008
North Korean Scientists Have Developed A New Kind Of Noodle That Delays Feelings Of Hunger 8/26/2008
Anti-cancer Flower Power: Tel Aviv University Researchers Combat Cancer With A Jasmine-based Drug 8/26/2008
Red Bull Heart Attack Risk, Royal Adelaide Hospital and University of Adelaide Study 8/15/2008
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) Announces Notes Repurchase Agreement 7/28/2008
Shengtai Pharmaceutical, Inc. Expects Stable Corn Prices in China with Sufficient Raw Material Supplies 7/11/2008