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Clinical - Research
The Most Dangerous Sex Position For Men, Advances In Urology Reveals 1/26/2015
FDA Could Set Millions Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Loose In Florida Keys, Oxitec Reveals 1/26/2015
Why All-Nighters Don’t Work, Brandeis University Study 1/26/2015
How The "Fifth Taste," Umami, Could Be Beneficial For Health, Tohoku University Study 1/26/2015
How Malaria-Spreading Mosquitoes Can Tell You're Home, University of California, Riverside Study 1/26/2015
Chemists Find A Way To Unboil Eggs, University of California, Irvine Reveals 1/26/2015
Shire’s Investigational SHP609, Idursulfase-IT, Receives FDA Fast Track Designation For The Treatment Of Neurocognitive Decline Associated With Hunter Syndrome 1/26/2015
Blame It On Your Brain: Salt And Hypertension, McGill University Study 1/23/2015
E. Coli May Hold One Of The Keys To Treating Parkinson's, University of Michigan Study 1/23/2015
Birth Control Pill Doubles Rare Brain Cancer Risk, Odense University Hospital Study 1/23/2015
With Some Help, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Believes They Have Found Cancer's "Achilles Heel" 1/23/2015
BPA May Disrupt Sperm Development And Change Stem Cells, Washington State University Study 1/23/2015
Scientists Claim Scrapped Roche (RHHBY) Drug Could be First Personalized Heart Med 1/23/2015
Sleeping Well In Youth And Middle Age Helps You Stay Sharp When Older, Baylor University Researcher Says 1/23/2015
Love May Be The Key To Losing Weight, Quitting Smoking, University College London Study 1/23/2015
BPA Not A Health Risk, European Food Safety Authority Reveals 1/23/2015
New Genes Involved In Long-Term Memory (Neuron), Princeton University Study 1/23/2015
Reducing Myc Gene Activity Extends Healthy Lifespan In Mice, Brown University Study 1/23/2015
Why Extroverts May Have Stronger Immune Systems, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 1/23/2015
NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC.PK) Reports That The FluCide™ Candidate Was Found To Be Very Safe In Cglp-Like Safety And Toxicology Study In Rats Performed By Basi 1/23/2015
CDC Release: Opioid Painkillers Widely Prescribed Among Reproductive Age Women 1/23/2015
Seeing Is Not Remembering, Penn State University Study 1/22/2015
Why The Modern World Is Bad For Your Brain 1/22/2015
Fatty Acids In Fish May Shield Brain From Mercury Damage, University of Rochester Study 1/22/2015
Broccoli Compound May Treat Prostate Cancer, Texas A&M Health Science Center Study 1/22/2015
Coffee Lowers Deadly Skin Cancer Risk, Yale School Of Public Health Study 1/22/2015
Sleeping On Stomach Ups Sudden Death Risk For People With Epilepsy, University of Chicago Study 1/22/2015
Egalet Announces Positive Top-Line Results From Oral Human Abuse Liability Study Of Abuse-Deterrent Morphine, Egalet-001 1/22/2015
BIND Therapeutics (BIND) Co-Founder Publishes Nanotechnology Article In JAMA 1/22/2015
InVivo Therapeutics Corporation (NVIV) Announces Enrollment Of Second Subject In Pilot Spinal Cord Injury Trial 1/22/2015
EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. Announces Publication Of Landmark Data In Gastroenterology Demonstrating Superiority Of Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication For Treatment Of Troublesome Regurgitation 1/22/2015
Karcinolys Receives U.S. And EU Orphan Designations For Oncolytic Virus Myb34.5 For The Treatment Of Pancreatic Cancer 1/22/2015
Aprea Granted European Orphan Drug Designation For APR-246 In Ovarian Cancer 1/22/2015
Sitting Too Much? Even Exercise May Not Save You, University Health Network Study 1/21/2015
How Drinking Before Bedtime Disrupts Sleep, University of Melbourne Study 1/21/2015
Could A Cocktail A Day Keep The Doctor Away? Harvard Medical School And Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 1/21/2015
To Beet Or Not To Beet? Researchers Test Theories Of Beet Juice Benefits, Penn State University Study 1/21/2015
Use Of Methadone To Treat Pain Ups Risk Of Death, Vanderbilt University Study 1/21/2015
VolitionRX Begins First Ovarian Cancer Detection Study 1/21/2015
InVivo Therapeutics Corporation (NVIV) Reports Three-Month Update Of First Acute Spinal Cord Injury Subject Implanted With Neuro-Spinal Scaffold 1/21/2015
NIH Researchers Tackle Thorny Side Of Gene Therapy 1/21/2015
Horphag Research (USA) Inc. Release: Study Shows Daily Use Of Pycnogenol® Can Improve Memory, Focus, Decision-Making And Mood 1/21/2015
FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation To OS2966 In The Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer 1/21/2015
American Heart Association Release: Daily Beet Juice Lowers Blood Pressure for High Blood Pressure Sufferers 1/21/2015
New University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Research Suggests Walnuts May Improve Memory 1/21/2015
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (CYTX) And Leading Expert Discuss Importance Of "STAR" Trial And Treatment For Scleroderma Patients 1/21/2015
Case Western Reserve University Scientists Identify Proteins Likely To Trigger Psoriasis 1/21/2015
Citrus Scent Could Help Fight Liver Cancer, Ruhr-University Study 1/21/2015
How Much Salt Should Older People Really Eat? Emory University Study 1/20/2015
Common Skin Disorder Linked To Surprising Health Risks, Northwestern University Study 1/20/2015
Early Knee Arthritis Symptoms First Felt When Using Stairs, University of Leeds Study 1/20/2015
Is It Possible To Reset Our Biological Clocks? McGill University Study 1/20/2015
Big City Life May Not Be A Key Asthma Risk, Johns Hopkins University Study 1/20/2015
"Designer Babies" Debate Should Start, University of Bath Scientists Say 1/20/2015
Enzymotec Initiates Clinical Study Of Vayacog In Mild Cognitive Impairment 1/20/2015
American Association of Diabetes Educators Release: Survey Shows Many People Living With Diabetes Are Uncertain About How To Properly Manage Hypoglycemia 1/20/2015
Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. (NBIX) Announces Oral Presentation Of NBI-77860 Clinical Trial Data In Classic Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia At ENDO 2015 1/20/2015
Boston Therapeutics, Inc. ' sugardown® Significantly Reduces Glucose, Fructose And Insulin Levels In Sugary Soft Drinks 1/20/2015
Pfizer (PFE) Plots Path Outside of Melanoma in Bid to Join Cancer Race 1/19/2015
People Start Drinking For Health Benefits: Should We Believe It? Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Reveals 1/19/2015
Century-Old Drug Reverses Autism-Like Symptoms, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 1/19/2015
Anti-Vacciners Often Cluster In The Same Communities, Kaiser Permanente Reveals 1/19/2015
New Genetic Clues Found In Fragile X Syndrome, Washington University School of Medicine Study 1/19/2015
The Secret Of Empathy, McGill University 1/19/2015
Antimalarial Treatment For Anemic Children Tested, Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine Study 1/19/2015
Could Our Brain Instruct Our Bodies To Burn More Fat? Monash University Study 1/19/2015
Poor Sleep Linked To Alcohol And Drug Problems In Teens, Idaho State University Study 1/19/2015
Wake Forest University Release: Nasal Spray With Insulin Equivalent Shows Promise As Treatment For Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's Dementia 1/19/2015
Zyga Technology, Inc. Release: First Patient Enrolled in EVoluSIon Clinical Study 1/19/2015
Flu Shots Only Effective 23% Of The Time, CDC Reveals 1/16/2015
8 Percent Of South Asians Carry Heart Failure Causing Mutated Gene, Loyola University Study 1/16/2015
20-Minute Daily Walk Cuts Early Death Risk, University of Cambridge Study 1/16/2015
Closing Your Eyes Helps Jog Memory, University of Surrey Study Finds 1/16/2015
Selfies-Posting Men More Likely To Be Psychopaths, Ohio State University Study 1/16/2015
Unhealthy Insulin Levels May Boost Breast Cancer Risk, Imperial College London Study 1/16/2015
J.P. Morgan: bluebird bio (BLUE) Soars On CEO's Sickle Cell Data 1/16/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Tumor Suppressor Protein Plays Key Role In Maintaining Immune Balance 1/16/2015
Vicus Therapeutics Announces Safety And Survival Benefit Of VT-122 In Combination With Anti-Cancer Therapies For Advanced Liver And Pancreatic Cancers 1/16/2015
Caris Life Sciences Molecular Intelligence™ Identifies Therapeutic Options, Including Novel Immunotherapeutics, For Patients With Rare, Advanced Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma 1/16/2015
National Foundation for Cancer Research Release: International Collaboration Drives Discovery Of Link Between Breast/Ovarian Cancer Gene And Stomach Cancer 1/16/2015
Potassium Salts Aid Bone Health, Prevent Osteoporosis, University of Surrey Research Finds 1/15/2015
A Person's Mindset Can Affect Their Pain Experience, University of Colorado Study 1/15/2015
Sweet Potato Leaves A Super Source Of Vitamins, Louisiana State University Study 1/15/2015
ADHD Drug Might Help Treat Binge-Eating Disorder, Neuropsychiatric Research Institute Study Suggests 1/15/2015
Common Mood Changes May Signal Early Alzheimer’s, Washington University School of Medicine Study 1/15/2015
Brain Scans Could Help Predict Your Future, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study 1/15/2015
Women's Body Image Linked To Perception Of What Men Prefer, Southern Methodist University Study 1/15/2015
Researchers Inch Closer Towards A Cocaine Antidote, University of Copenhagen Study 1/15/2015
Caribou Biosciences Announces Presentation Of New Research Highlighting Progress Of Its CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing Platform 1/15/2015
Mauna Kea Technologies: Editorial Highlighting Advantages Of Needle-Based Endomicroscopy For Characterization Of Pancreatic Cysts Published In Endoscopy 1/15/2015
Arsanis, Inc. Researchers Report Broadly Neutralizing Cross-Reactive Monoclonal Antibody Targeting Multiple Staphylococcus aureus Cytotoxins 1/15/2015
Caris Life Sciences' Multiplatform Tumor Profiling Of Hepatocellular And Biliary Tract Carcinomas Yields Insights Into Novel And Conventional Therapeutic Options 1/15/2015
Multiplatform Tumor Profiling From Caris Life Sciences Molecular Intelligence™ Identifies Therapeutic Options For Patients With TKI-Resistant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors 1/15/2015
How Alcohol Wreaks Havoc On Your Immune System Immediately, Loyola University Health System Study 1/15/2015
Fling Or Ring? Men Want Commitment When Women Are Scarce, University of Utah Study 1/14/2015
Natural Product Found In Turmeric May Fight Alzheimer’s, Vanderbilt University Reveals 1/14/2015
iPhone Separation Anxiety Is Real And It Makes You Dumber, University of Missouri Study 1/14/2015
Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought, Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure Reveals 1/14/2015
Feeling Cold Is Contagious, University Of Sussex Scientists Find 1/14/2015
Development Of Psychosis: Gray Matter Loss And The Inflamed Brain, Yale University Study 1/14/2015
Advance In The Development Of The First Reversible Male Contraceptive, Institute Of Biotechnology Of The Autonomous National University Study 1/14/2015
Lung Therapeutics, Inc. Granted Orphan Drug Designation In The European Union For LTI-01 1/13/2015
GeoVax Labs Inc. (GOVX.OB) Provides Progress Report On Its Ebola Vaccine Program 1/13/2015
University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) To Lead Effort To Build A New Map Of Human Genetic Variation 1/13/2015
University of Michigan Researchers Uncover More Clues To How Drug Reverses Obesity, Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease 1/13/2015
Circumcision Doubles Autism Risk, Statens Serum Institut (SSI) Study Claims 1/13/2015
BPA Alternative Linked To Fetal Brain Changes, University of Calgary Study 1/13/2015
Blocking Hormone Could Eliminate Stress-Induced Infertility, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 1/13/2015
Do Viruses Make Us Smarter? Lund University Study 1/13/2015
Nasal Spray May Cure Dementia And Alzheimer's, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Study 1/13/2015
More Sun Means Fewer Children, Grandchildren, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Study Finds 1/13/2015
Napping May Boost Memory In Babies And Helps Learning, University of Sheffield Study 1/13/2015
Apparently Your Computer Knows You Better Than Your Friends Do, Stanford University Study 1/13/2015
Vital Force Technology Release: New Subtle Energy Pattern Research Shows Increased In Cell Growth And Viability 1/13/2015
Sleeping Position Tied To Higher Stillbirth Risk, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Study 1/12/2015
Birth Control Shot Linked To Increased HIV Risk, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 1/12/2015
May Contain Nuts. But How Much Is Too Much? University of Manchester Study 1/12/2015
To Trigger Body’s Energy-Burning Brown Fat, Just Chill, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 1/12/2015
OncoSec Medical Inc. Plans To Initiate Pilot Study In Triple Negative Breast Cancer 1/12/2015
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Release: Researchers Identify New Gene Mutations Linked To Colorectal Cancer In African American Patients 1/12/2015
Breathing In Diesel Exhaust Changes Your DNA, University of British Columbia Study 1/12/2015
Night Shift May Boost Diabetes In Black Women, Boston University Study 1/12/2015
Auspex Pharmaceuticals (ASPX) Announces SD-1077 Program For The Potential Treatment Of Parkinson's Disease And Related Movement Disorders 1/12/2015
Hyperion Therapeutics (HPTX) Announces Data Published In Genetics In Medicine Showing Blood Ammonia And Glutamine As Predictors Of Hyperammonemic Crises In Patients With Urea Cycle Disorders 1/12/2015
Fractyl Labs Announces Approval To Initiate Multicenter Clinical Trial Of Revita DMR Procedure 1/12/2015
American Academy of Ophthalmology Release: More Than Half Of People With Glaucoma Skip Or Improperly Administer Medications, Risking Permanent Vision Loss 1/12/2015
Editas Medicine Reports New Data Characterizing Novel Properties Of Staphylococcus Aureus Cas9 As A Tool For CRISPR-Based Genome Engineering 1/12/2015
Verona Pharma (VRP.L) Release: First Patients Successfully Dosed In Clinical Trial With New Commercially Scalable Formulation Of Nebulised RPL554 1/12/2015
Blueberries: Daily Cup May Reduce Blood Pressure, Florida State University Study 1/9/2015
Jealousy: Just Another Way Men And Women Are Different, Chapman University 1/9/2015
An Avocado A Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol Away, Penn State University Study 1/9/2015
Stroke Risk Spikes After New Cancer Diagnoses, Weill Cornell Medical College Study 1/9/2015
Antibiotic That Kills Bugs Without Resistance Discovered, Northeastern University Study 1/9/2015
High Blood Pressure May Boost Glaucoma Risk, University of Melbourne Study 1/9/2015
Ceres, Inc.' Multi-Gene Traits Increase Yields ~25% in Hybrid Corn Field Trials 1/9/2015
Gelesis Announces Initiation Of A Six-Month Weight Loss Study With Gelesis100 1/9/2015
Ascentage Pharma To Start China Clinical Trial Of Novel Cancer Drug 1/9/2015
Man Says Weeks-Long Erection Caused By Prescribed Meds From VA Hospital 1/8/2015
A Man's Relationship With Mom Could Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Charles University Study 1/8/2015
Could Gut Bacteria That Help Us Digest Beer & Bread Fight Disease, Too? University of Michigan Medical School Study 1/8/2015
Here's How Chocolate-Rich Diets Could Boost Your Memory, University Of L'Aquila Study 1/8/2015
Diabetes Risk Varies With Mg Intake, Genes, Ethnicity, Brown University Study 1/8/2015
Fasting May Help You Age Slower And Reboot Your Immune System, University of Southern California Study 1/8/2015
Boston Children's Hospital Release: Tracking Subtle Brain Mutations, Systematically 1/8/2015
FDA Grants Fast Track Designation To Debiopharm's Antibiotic Debio 1450 1/8/2015
Benitec Announces Publication Of Independent Research Supporting Tribetarna™ For Additional Cancer Indications 1/8/2015
Synthetic Oil Drug May Bring Promise For Huntington's Disease, Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital Study 1/8/2015
Life Extension Foundation Supported Trial Finds 7,000 IU Vitamin D Improves Immunological Parameters In HIV-Positive Individuals 1/8/2015
Selcia Scientists Elucidate Stereochemistry Of Novel Antibacterial Macrocycle Teixobactin, Published In Nature 1/8/2015
Already-Approved FDA Drug May Cure Obesity Too, Joslin Diabetes Center And Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Study 1/7/2015
Binge Drinking Most Likely To Kill Middle-Aged Americans, CDC Says 1/7/2015
New Diet Pill Like An "Imaginary Meal," Salk Institute for Biological Studies Study 1/7/2015
Hold Your Breath To Protect Your Heart, Thomas Jefferson University Study 1/7/2015
Mom Was Right: Cold Weather Can Cause Colds, Yale University Study 1/7/2015
The Reason Why Experimental HIV Vaccines Backfire, Emory University Study Suggests 1/7/2015
Risk Factors Links Low Birthweight To Diabetes ID'd, Brown University Study 1/7/2015
Mom's Exercise Habits Good For Blood Pressure In Kids, Michigan State University Study 1/7/2015
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Release: Sticking To Lifestyle Guidelines May Reduce Risk For Certain Cancers And For Overall Mortality 1/7/2015
New Study Demonstrates Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention And Reversal Using Jenrin Discovery’s Novel CB1 Inverse Agonist JD-5037 1/7/2015
AntriaBio Announces Completion Of PK/PD Studies Of AB101 In Two Species 1/7/2015
Eating Whole Grains Linked To A Longer Life, Harvard School of Public Health Study 1/6/2015
How Fructose Is More Toxic Than Table Sugar, University of Utah Study 1/6/2015
Breaking The Law May Be A Sign Of Dementia, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 1/6/2015
Rotating Night Shift Work Can Be Hazardous To Your Health, Harvard University Study 1/6/2015
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Animal Study Points To A Treatment For Huntington's Disease 1/6/2015
Study Finds Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc's Zequanox ® Highly Effective For Controlling Zebra Mussel Infestations In Shallow-Water Habitats In Lake 1/6/2015
GENFIT Corp. (ALGFT): A Clinical Study Demonstrates The Safety Of Gft505 On Cardiac Activity 1/6/2015
Kaiser Permanente Release: Twelve-Year Study Confirms Overall Safety Of Measles Vaccines 1/6/2015
Study Of Castle Biosciences’ Skin Melanoma Gene Test Published In Clinical Cancer Research 1/6/2015
Zivo Bioscience, Inc. Concludes Bovine Mastitis Pilot Study With Promising Results In Combatting Mycoplasma Pathogen 1/6/2015
Boston Therapeutics, Inc. ' sugardown® Shown To Reduce Glucose Levels Following Consumption Of Sugary Beverages 1/6/2015
University of Liverpool Release: Scientists Sequence Genome Of Longest-Lived Mammal 1/6/2015
AACC Release: January Issue Of Clinical Chemistry Highlights The Molecular Diagnostics Research That Is Changing The Landscape Of Medical Testing 1/6/2015
UBM Medica US Release: Can A Mother "Inherit" The Risk For Rheumatoid Arthritis From Her Child? 1/6/2015
Modified Common Antibiotic Could Eliminate Risk Of Hearing Loss, Stanford University School of Medicine Study 1/5/2015
Most Cancer Are Caused By Bad Luck, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Study Shows 1/5/2015
Not All Obese People Develop Metabolic Problems, Washington University School of Medicine Study 1/5/2015
Defective Hormone Tied To Obesity In Babies, University of Ulm Study 1/5/2015
Baldness Breakthrough: Novel Way To Spur Hair Growth Discovered, CNIO Reveals 1/5/2015
Fat Cells May Help Protect Against Infections, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 1/5/2015
The Four Keys To A Good Life Go Beyond Money, Vanderbilt University Study 1/5/2015
Can One Hour Of Exercise A Day Help People With Parkinson’s? University of Sydney Study 1/5/2015
AACC Release: Researchers Find That Tumor DNA And Cells In The Blood Can Be Used To Diagnose Prostate Cancer And Drug Resistance In Breast Cancer 1/5/2015
Soligenix (SNGX) Announces Positive Preliminary Nonclinical Results In Macrophage Activation Syndrome 1/5/2015
Compugen Ltd. (CGEN) Discloses Initial Experimental Results For Predicted Antibody Drug Conjugate Targets 1/5/2015
Lycera Scientists Identify Endogenous Agonists For RORgamma That Control Th17 Cell Differentiation 1/5/2015
GfK Release: Sleep Beats Healthy Eating And Exercise In People's Health Routines 1/5/2015
Cell’s "Biological Clock" May Be Key To Curing Cancer, UT Southwestern Medical Center Study 1/2/2015
Daily Multivitamin During Pregnancy Leads To Healthier Babies, JAMA Study Suggests 1/2/2015
Can A 3-Day Fast Reset Your Immune System? 1/2/2015
New Technique For Bioengineering Stem Cells Shows Promise In HIV Resistance, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 1/2/2015
New Discovery May Explain Why We Gain Weight, University of Rochester Study 12/31/2014
Case Western Reserve University Release: Cancer Treatment Potential Discovered In Gene Repair Mechanism 12/31/2014
Excessive Drinking Disrupts Immune System: Loyola University Study 12/31/2014
The Reason Why Red Meat Raises Cancer Risk, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 12/31/2014
Your Birth Year May Determine Obesity Risk, Massachusetts General Hospital Study 12/31/2014
Why Women May Have More Serious Allergic Reactions Than Men, National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Study 12/31/2014
For Anorexic Men, The Focus Is On Muscle, University Of Montreal Study 12/31/2014
Molecular Mechanism Behind Eating Less Identified, Harvard School of Public Health Study 12/30/2014
Brushing Your Teeth With The Remains Of Dead Stars, Lund University Study 12/30/2014