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Clinical - Research
Lucerne Biosciences Announces Publication Of Claimed Methods For Treating Binge Eating Disorder With Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate 3/6/2015
A Drink A Day May Not Be Good For Everyone, University College London Study 3/6/2015
Medical College of Wisconsin Study Bolsters Link Between Heart Disease, Excessive Sitting 3/6/2015
Oxytocin Nasal Spray Causes Men To Eat Fewer Calories, Harvard Medical School Study 3/6/2015
Efficacy Of Anti-Ageing Pill May Take A Lifetime To Prove, Elysium Health Reveals 3/6/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Simple Sideline Test Shown Effective In Diagnosing Concussion In Student Athletes As Young As 5 Years Old 3/5/2015
GOJO Industries, Inc. Release: New Survey Reveals America's "Germy" Little Secrets From This Year's Cold And Flu Season 3/5/2015
Nutramax Laboratories Release: Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study Supports Effect Of CosaminDS On CRP, A Key Systemic Biomarker 3/5/2015
Being Fit At 40 May Keep Brain Sharp At 60, Boston University School of Medicine Study 3/5/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Sun Damage Causes Genetic Changes That Predispose Children And Adolescents To Melanoma 3/5/2015
National Sleep Foundation Release: Sleep In America Poll Finds Pain A Significant Challenge When It Comes To Americans' Sleep 3/5/2015
Why Obese People Can't Resist Eating, Aalto University Reveals 3/5/2015
Marriage More Likely To End In Divorce When Wives Get Sick, Iowa State University Study 3/5/2015
Men Tend To Be More Narcissistic Than Women, University at Buffalo Study 3/5/2015
Supplemental Oxygen Can Up Survival Rates In Cancer Patients, Northeastern University Reveals 3/5/2015
Popular Antidepressant Could Help Reverse Heart Failure, Temple University Study 3/5/2015
A*STAR Release: Scientists Discover New Roles For Viral Genes In The Human Genome 3/5/2015
University of Tennessee Expert: Daylight Saving Time's 'Spring Forward' Can Cause Problems 3/5/2015
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Release: The Role Of NGS In Stratified Cancer Medicine 3/5/2015
Kilee Patchell-Evans Autism Research Group Release: New Hope For Autism: Canadian Researcher Reports To Sweden's Nobel Forum 3/5/2015
New Hope For Treating Shingles Patients -- A Study Published In The Journal Of Drugs In Dermatology 3/5/2015
Tenax Therapeutics (TENX) Highlights Recent Scientific Publications On Levosimendan 3/5/2015
MIT Neuroscientists Find That Different Parts Of The Brain Work Best At Different Ages 3/5/2015
CALBIO15: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Unveils New Innovation Center, Looks to Spark Creative Revolution in the Bay: Exec 3/4/2015
Novogen Limited (NVGN) Release: U.S. Studies Confirm Ability Of TRXE-009 To Kill Brain Cancer Stem Cells 3/4/2015
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Release: New Survey Takes A Peek Into Americans' Bedrooms To Reveal What's Keeping People Awake: Mouth Breathing 3/4/2015
Air Pollution Is Bad For Kids' Brains, Centre For Research In Environmental Epidemiology Study 3/4/2015
Better Sleep Council Release: Daylight Saving Time Amplifies National Sleep Epidemic, Study Shows 3/4/2015
University of North Carolina Researchers Grasp Wider Role For Genetic Variation In Regulatory Elements Of Genome 3/4/2015
Tomatoes, Watermelon, And Papaya May Lower Cancer Risk In Women, Wayne State University Study 3/4/2015
Finally! Average Penis Size For Men Revealed, King's College London Study 3/4/2015
CALBIO15: Genomics Need to Bridge Gap Between Medicine and Science, Says Panel 3/4/2015
Adults Only Really Catch Flu About Twice A Decade, Imperial College London Study 3/4/2015
CALBIO15: Gene Therapy in "Second Honeymoon" Phase as Companies, Investors Swarm 3/4/2015
Can A High-Salt Diet Combat Infections? Universität Regensburg Study 3/4/2015
Poor Heart Function Could Be Major Alzheimer's Disease Risk, Vanderbilt University Study 3/4/2015
Coffee Prevents Clogged Arteries And Heart Attacks, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Study 3/4/2015
Peanut Eaters May Live a Longer Life, Vanderbilt University Study 3/4/2015
Breast Cancer Study Compares DeNovo Sciences CTC Platform With Cell Search 3/3/2015
The T.J. Martell Foundation Announces Discovery Of Gene Identified As A "Master Regulator" That Will Have A Major Impact On The Development Of Treatments For Prostate Cancer 3/3/2015
Treadmill Performance Predicts Risk Of Death, Johns Hopkins University Study 3/3/2015
BPA Exposure Linked To Autism, Rowan University Study 3/3/2015
Nice To Sniff You: Handshakes May Engage Our Sense Of Smell, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 3/3/2015
Your Brain Knows Your Next Move Before You Do, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Study 3/3/2015
Shake It Off? Not So Easy For People With Depression, University of Michigan Medical School Study 3/3/2015
Licorice Manufacturers Encouraged To State Daily Limit Of Consumption, Pediatric Neurology Reveals 3/3/2015
BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS.OB) CryoStor Cell Freeze Media Used In Mayo Clinic Safety And Feasibility Study Of Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Cells For Pediatric Cardiac Regeneration 3/3/2015
Mutation May Cause Early Loss Of Sperm Supply, Brown University Study 3/3/2015
Probiodrug AG Release: Data On Glutaminyl Cyclases (Qcs) In Its Relation To Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Published In Acta Neuropathologica 3/3/2015
Procter & Gamble (PG) Release: 22 Percent Of Young Adult Americans (Age 18-34) Struggle To Fall Asleep More Often On Sunday Night 3/3/2015
Fluoride Action Network Release: New US Study Links Fluoridation To ADHD 3/3/2015
EXCLUSIVE: DelMar Pharmaceuticals CEO Outlines 2015 Plans, Looks to Clinical Cancer Trials 3/2/2015
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Snags Breakthrough Designation From the FDA 3/2/2015
Mast Therapeutics (MSTX) Announces Results From Nonclinical Study Investigating Repeat Treatment With Vepoloxamer In Advanced Heart Failure 3/2/2015
Society Of Interventional Radiology Release: Image-Guided Treatment Shown To Break The Migraine Cycle 3/2/2015
Society Of Interventional Radiology Release: Interventional Radiology Treatment Relieves Chronic Plantar Fasciitis 3/2/2015
ViaDerma To Initiate Upcoming Field Trial Of Comparison For Onychomycosis 3/2/2015
American Osteopathic Association Release: Pilot Project Finds Potential in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 3/2/2015
Themis Bioscience’s Chikungunya Vaccine Study Results Published In The Lancet Infectious Diseases 3/2/2015
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: New Genetic Syndrome Found, Arising From Errors In 'Master Switch' During Early Development 3/2/2015
Atara Biotherapeutics (ATRA) Release: FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation To Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Targeted T-Cells For Treatment Of EBV- Associated Lymphoproliferative Disease 3/2/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Sleep-walking Neurons: Brain's GPS Never Stops Working - Even During Sleep 3/2/2015
Pernix Therapeutics, Inc. (PTX) Release: Nationwide Wake-Up Call: New Survey Reveals More Than Half Of Americans Are Unable To Sleep Throughout The Night 3/2/2015
Editas Medicine Reports New Data Demonstrating Potential Of CRISPR/Cas9 Construct As Novel Gene Repair Mechanism 3/2/2015
First World War Explosive Could Reverse Diabetes, Yale University Study 3/2/2015
How Pollution May Make You Obese, University of Granada Study 3/2/2015
Personality And Place: New Insights On Person-Environment Links, Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology Reveals 3/2/2015
Chinese Herb Effective In Treating Ebola, Texas Biomedical Research Institute Study Reveals 3/2/2015
Can Coffee Cut Your MS Risk? Johns Hopkins University Study 3/2/2015
Elite Athletes's DNA May Hold The Secret To A Healthy Heart, Stanford University Study 3/2/2015
Vexim Release: Excellent Long Term Performances Of Spinejack Supported By A 24-Month Follow-Up Clinical Study 3/2/2015
Chronic Insomnia Linked To Higher Risk Of Death, University of Arizona Study 2/27/2015
EXCLUSIVE: Science "Finally Catching Up" With GBM Tumors, Says DelMar Pharmaceuticals CEO 2/27/2015
Who's The Most High-Strung? 2/27/2015
Widely Used Food Additive In Processed Foods Linked To Weight Gain, Inflammation, Georgia State University Research Shows 2/27/2015
Links Between Omega-3s And Vitamin D Explored, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute Study 2/27/2015
Your Brain Shows What Type Of Extrovert You Are, Brown University Study 2/27/2015
Sleeping Over Eight Hours A Day Could Raise Stroke Risk, University of Cambridge Reveals 2/27/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: New Study Affirms The Role Of Specialized Protein In Assuring Normal Cell Development 2/27/2015
National Safety Council: Opioid Prescription Painkillers Have Hidden, Deadly Side Effects 2/27/2015
American Academy of Neurology Release: Can Coffee Reduce Your Risk of MS? 2/27/2015
Twin Study Lends New Insights Into Link between Back Pain And Depression, University of Sydney Reveals 2/27/2015
Mayo Clinic Study Shows Stem Cells Have Potential To Help Kids' Hearts, Too 2/27/2015
People Prefer Partners With Playful Personalities, University of Zurich Study 2/26/2015
How Eyelash Length Keeps Your Eyes Healthy, Georgia Institute of Technology Study 2/26/2015
Previously Unknown Effect Of Vitamin A Identified, Lund University Study 2/26/2015
Love Hormone Sobers Up Drunken Rats, University of Sydney Study 2/26/2015
Caris Life Sciences Release: Tumor Profiling Of Metastatic Prostate And Small Cell Bladder Cancers With Caris Molecular Intelligence Yields Insights Into Novel And Conventional Therapeutic Options 2/26/2015
Oncoceutics Release: Article In Cancer Research Indicates That ONC201 Eradicates Cancer Stem Cells In Colorectal Cancer 2/26/2015
Cytokinetics, Inc. (CYTK) Announces Publication Of Preclinical Data Relating To CK-2127107 And Exercise Tolerance In Rodent Model Of Heart Failure 2/26/2015
CDC Release: Nearly Half A Million Americans Suffered From Clostridium Difficile Infections In A Single Year 2/26/2015
Davidoff Cancer Center Release: FISH Testing Misses Drug-Targetable EML4-ALK Rearrangements In Lung Adenocarcinoma 2/26/2015
Genentech (RHHBY) Release: SNP Trace Panel Proves To Be A High-Throughput, Cost-Effective SNP-Based Platform For Profiling Human Tissue And Cell Lines 2/26/2015
Incyte Corporation (INCY) Sponsors First Observational Study Designed To Understand The Impact Of Polycythemia Vera—A Rare, Progressive Blood Cancer 2/26/2015
New CDC Study Highlights Burden Of Pneumonia Hospitalizations On U.S. Children 2/26/2015
DS Healthcare Announces Discovery Of New Peptide 2/26/2015
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (CYTX) Release: FDA Approves Expansion Of Pivotal Scleroderma STAR Trial To 20 Clinical Sites 2/26/2015
Rho Supports Groundbreaking Study Demonstrating That Peanut Consumption Beginning In Infancy Prevents Peanut Allergy 2/26/2015
FyMed Heralds Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Colon Cancer With Novel Drug Candidate FY405B 2/26/2015
More Than 2 Hours Of TV A Day Ups High Blood Pressure Risk In Kids, Universidad de São Paulo Study 2/26/2015
Marine Oil Supplement Helps Muscle Damage, Indiana University Study 2/26/2015
ImmuCell (ICCC) Reports Results From Rotavirus Pivotal Effectiveness Study 2/25/2015
Benefit Of Exercise Magnified To Prevent Heart Condition, University of Virginia Reveals 2/25/2015
Garlic Could Help Cure Lung Infection, University of Edinburgh Study 2/25/2015
Allergy Risk May Be Linked To How You Wash Your Dishes, King's College London Study 2/25/2015
New Injection Burns Calories To Aid Weight Loss, University of Iowa Study 2/25/2015
Could Sauna Use Help You Live Longer? University Of Eastern Finland Study 2/25/2015
American Academy of Neurology Release: Skin Test May Shed New Light On Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases 2/25/2015
WaferGen Biosystems Announces Positive Results Of A Single Cell Study Utilizing Its Smartchip Technology Conducted In Collaboration With The Broad Institute 2/25/2015
Nodality, Inc. Presents Data From Immuno-Oncology Program Applying Company’s Novel Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP) Platform 2/25/2015
University of Tokyo Researchers Hone In On Stem Cell That Speeds Healing Of Stubborn Diabetes Wounds 2/25/2015
Eating Peanuts Can Cut Allergy Risk By 80%, King's College London Study 2/25/2015
Okayama University Research: Anticancer Virus Solution Provides An Alternative To Surgery 2/24/2015
How The Brain Can Trigger Deep Sleep, Imperial College London Study 2/24/2015
Lack Of Vitamin D Linked To Higher Diabetes Risk, Universidad de Málaga Study 2/24/2015
Olive Oil Compound Kills Cancer In Minutes, Rutgers University Reveals 2/24/2015
Sound Of Mother's Voice In Womb May Aid Fetal Brain Growth, Harvard Medical School Study 2/24/2015
Dogs Can Tell If You’re Untrustworthy, Kyoto University Study 2/24/2015
Keep Calm, Anger Can Trigger A Heart Attack! University of Sydney Study 2/24/2015
Seattle Children's Shares Results Of National Study Tracking Cognitive Development Of Children With Craniosynostosis 2/24/2015
American Academy of Neurology Release: Resistance To Aspirin Tied To More Severe Strokes 2/24/2015
Bradley Corporation Release: Americans Dish On Hand Washing, Germs And Restrooms 2/24/2015
Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Release: Canada Reports First-Ever Cancer Stage Data 2/24/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Inherited Gene Variation Leaves Young Leukemia Patients At Risk For Peripheral Neuropathy 2/24/2015
WomenHeart Announces Findings Of First Patient Research On Cholesterol And Familial Hypercholesterolemia 2/24/2015
PharmaCyte Biotech (NVLX)'s Scientific Advisory Board Chairman Publishes Review Article On The Pathology Of Pancreatic Cancer 2/24/2015
Izun Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Data For Oral Periopatch In The Treatment Of Periodontitis 2/24/2015
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. REDUCE Clinical Study Completes Enrollment 2/24/2015
Premier Biomedical Files With FDA For Rare Disease Designation For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 2/24/2015
The Obesity Society Release: New Research Provides First Glimpse Of Weight Gain Guidance For Pregnant Women With Obesity 2/24/2015
Finger Length Shows How Nice Men Are To Women, McGill University Study 2/23/2015
Highly Processed Foods Linked To Addictive Eating, University of Michigan Study 2/23/2015
Flame Retardants Used In Couches May Cause Metabolic, Liver Problems, University of New Hampshire Reveals 2/23/2015
Lower IQ Tied To Heavier Drinking In Young Men, Karolinska Institute Study 2/23/2015
Autistic Scientist's Major Study Challenges Long-Held Preconceptions About The Condition, University of Aberdeen Reveals 2/23/2015
American Academy of Neurology Release: Experimenting Preteens May Have Different Brain Processes 2/23/2015
Diabetes, Depression Boost Dementia Risk, University College London Study 2/23/2015
Michael J. Fox Foundation Analysis Reveals Gaps Between Research Volunteers And Parkinson's Clinical Studies 2/23/2015
InVivo Therapeutics Corporation (NVIV) Announces Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin As New Clinical Trial Site For Neuro-Spinal Scaffold 2/23/2015
BioGaia Subsidiary Infant Bacterial Therapeutics Gets Orphan Drug Designation In Europe 2/23/2015
And The New Happiest State In The U.S. Is... 2/20/2015
Popular Soda Ingredient Poses Cancer Risk To Consumers, Johns Hopkins University Reveals 2/20/2015
Go Green: 6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Green Tea 2/20/2015
Sunlight Continues To Damage Skin In The Dark, Yale University Reveals 2/20/2015
Chemical In Plastics May Alter Boys' Genitals Before Birth, Mount Sinai Hospital Study Reveals 2/20/2015
Growth Hormone May Help Improve Autism-Like Disorder, Mount Sinai Hospital Study 2/20/2015
A New Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer, Concordia University Reveals 2/20/2015
A Strong Identity Helps Disadvantaged Cope With Life Hurdles, British Journal of Social Psychology Reveals 2/20/2015
Brain's Iconic Seat Of Speech Goes Silent When We Actually Talk, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study Reveals 2/20/2015
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Release: New Clues To Causes Of Birth Defects 2/20/2015
American Medical Systems Announces 1,000th Patient Enrolled In PROPPER Registry 2/20/2015
American Academy of Neurology Release: People With Multiple Sclerosis May Have Lower Levels Of Key Nutrients 2/20/2015
Tillotts Announces Results Of European Survey In Ulcerative Colitis At ECCO 2015 Suggesting Need To Improve Education And Adherence; Launches UCandME Toolbox For Physicians 2/20/2015
Biogen Idec (BIIB), Columbia University And Columbia University Identify New ALS Gene And Signaling Pathways 2/20/2015
Licorice Extract Protects The Skin From UV-Induced Stress, Experimental Dermatology Study 2/19/2015
Loss Of Sleep Leads To Diabetes, University of Chicago Study Reveals 2/19/2015
Fertile Women Love Variety In Men, Shopping, University Of Texas At San Antonio Study 2/19/2015
Science Behind Commonly Used Antidepressants Appears To Be Backwards, McMaster University Reveals 2/19/2015
Kids With Type 1 Diabetes At Risk For Mental Health Problems, Karolinska Institute Reveals 2/19/2015
Revealed: Why You Get The Munchies After Smoking Pot, Yale University Study 2/19/2015
Type 2 Diabetes May Boost Alzheimer's Risk, Uppsala Universitet Study 2/19/2015
Nuo Therapeutics Initiates Phase 4 Study Of Aurix Under CMS Coverage With Evidence Development Program 2/19/2015
STEM CELLS Translational Medicine Release: Stem Cells From Pulled Teeth Might Yield A Cure For Blindness 2/19/2015
Hospira Release: Inflectra (infliximab) Patient Registry Reports Interim Results In The Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2/19/2015
American Academy of Neurology Release: Help For People With Muscle Cramps? 2/19/2015
Midatech Pharma Release: Positive Results In Proof-Of-Concept Study With Sustained Release Treatment For Uveitis 2/19/2015
Jaguar Animal Health Announces Outcome Of Canine Proof-Of-Concept Study For Canalevia 2/19/2015
Discoveries By WANRI Research Team Offer Further Treatment Hope For Victims Of Stroke 2/19/2015
Fresenius Medical Care (FMS) Pilot Shown To Significantly Reduce Hospitalization Days And Rates Among High-Risk Dialysis Patients 2/19/2015
TRICON: Next-Generation Sequencing Can Detect Ebola in Seven Minutes, Raw Data in Under 10 2/18/2015
Daytime Naps To Poorer Night-Time Sleep In Kids, Queensland University of Technology Study 2/18/2015
Very Simple Fiber Diet May Be The Key To Losing Weight, University of Massachusetts Medical School Reveals 2/18/2015
Sex Makes Humans Less Prone To Disease Over Time, University Of Montreal Study Reveals 2/18/2015
New Insight On How Brain Performs Mental Time Travel, Vanderbilt University Study 2/18/2015
One In Five Sore Throats Tied To Forgotten Scary Bacteria, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 2/18/2015
Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Anxiety In Older People? Universite de Montreal Study 2/18/2015
American Academy Of Periodontology: Periodontal Disease More Prevalent Among Ethnic Minorities 2/18/2015
Regeneron (REGN) Release: New Results From Cholesterol Counts Show Most Americans Polled Do Not Know Their Bad Cholesterol (LDL-C) Levels 2/18/2015
Ground-Breaking Research And Healthcare Innovations Revealed At The World Innovation Summit For Health (WISH) 2015 2/18/2015
The Goodwork Organisation Release: Tens Of Thousands Of Deaths In India Could Be Prevented According To New Study 2/18/2015
Pediatric and Developmental Pathology Release: Gene Study Finds Link With Implications For Melanoma Therapy 2/18/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Possible Strategy Identified To Combat Major Parasitic Tropical Disease 2/18/2015
How Unemployment Changes Your Core Personality, University of Stirling Reveals 2/17/2015
Meditation May Aid Sleep, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 2/17/2015
Sex Life Rebounds For Long-Term Married Couples After 50 Years, Baylor University Study Reveals 2/17/2015
Saliva Test To Diagnose Autism Being Developed, Clarkson University Study Reveals 2/17/2015
Pumping Iron Could Ward Off Dementia, University of Sydney Reveals 2/17/2015
Athletic Tape May Have Limited Benefit For Pain, British Journal of Sports Medicine Reveals 2/17/2015
Money Problems Lead Women To Eating Disorders, University of Southampton Study 2/17/2015
In The Short Run, A High-Fat Diet May Help Minimize Heart Attack Damage, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine Study 2/17/2015
TRICON: Clinical Exome Sequencing More Efficient and Unbiased, Says Pathologist 2/17/2015
American Academy of Ophthalmology Release: Generic Drug Use Shown To Improve Medication Adherence In People With Glaucoma 2/17/2015
Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine Release: Survey Shows 75% Of Parents Miss Key Health Milestone Of Bringing Children To Dentist By Age One 2/17/2015
Technische Universität München (TUM) Release: From The Scent Of Geranium To Cough Medicine: A Self-Assembling Catalyst Helps To Construct Complex Biological Scaffolds 2/17/2015
Solace Therapeutics, Inc. Release: A Second Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) Of The Vesair Bladder Control System Meets Study Endpoints With Statistical Significance 2/17/2015
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Release: New Drug Target For Multiple Sclerosis Discovered 2/17/2015
Smoking Linked To Five Extra Diseases, Bringing Total To 26, Washington University School of Medicine Study 2/16/2015
Higher Folate Diet May Reduce Migraine Frequency, Queensland University of Technology Study 2/16/2015
Attractive Men Are Super Jerks, Brunel University London Study 2/16/2015
Signs Of Sleep Debt Found In Blood, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center Study Finds 2/16/2015