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Clinical - Research
Michael Mosley: Why I Consumed My Own Blood 3/30/2015
Harry Perkins Institute Of Medical Research Release: Phylogica Peptide Fusion Kills Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells 3/30/2015
Mologen AG (MOLGF.PK) Presented Data Supporting The Administration Scheme Of MGN1703 At ITOC-2 Conference 2015 3/30/2015
Study Using Caris Life Sciences Molecular Intelligence Multiplatform Tumor Profiling Identifies Potential Treatment Strategies for Small Cell Cervical Cancer 3/30/2015
University of Verona Researchers Want To Rename Schizophrenia, Help Lessen Mental Health Stigma 3/30/2015
Is Hummus Good For You? 6 Health Issues The Superfood Dip Can Treat 3/30/2015
Consuming Eggs With Raw Vegetables Increases Nutritive Value, Purdue University Study 3/30/2015
The 90/10 Rule: Cheat Meals Actually Boost Your Metabolism And Help You Lose Weight, Seton Hall University Study 3/30/2015
Complex Genetic Ancestry Of Americans Uncovered, University of Oxford Study 3/30/2015
Body’s Good Fat Tissue Communicates With Brain Through Sensory Nerves, Georgia State University Researchers Find 3/30/2015
Playing Music By Professional Musicians Activates Genes For Learning And Memory, University of Helsinki Study 3/30/2015
Caris Life Sciences Molecular Intelligence Facilitates Comparison Of Biomarker Profiles To Inform Targeted Treatment Strategies In Distinct Gynecological Cancers 3/30/2015
Yale University And Novogen Limited (NVGN) Release Data On Cantrixil Mode Of Action 3/30/2015
Cytonet LLC Enrolls Patients Into Ongoing U.S. Clinical Trial Evaluating Liver Cell Therapy For Severe Urea Cycle Disorders In Pediatric Population 3/30/2015
Kura Oncology's Menin-MLL Inhibitor Program Shows Promise In Study Published In Cancer Cell; Program Targeting Acute Leukemias Licensed From University of Michigan 3/30/2015
Caris Life Sciences' Multiplatform Tumor Profiling Technology Identifies Expression Of PD-1 And PD-L1 In Gynecologic Malignancies 3/30/2015
Caris Life Sciences' Multiplatform Tumor Profiling Enhances Understanding Of Molecular Drivers And Treatment Selection In Uterine Carcinomas 3/30/2015
Flamel Technologies (FLML) Announces Positive Results Of A First-in-Man Clinical Trial With LiquiTime Guaifenesin 3/27/2015
Amgen (AMGN)'s deCODE genetics (DCGN) Publishes Largest Human Genome Population Study 3/27/2015
Crossing Fingers Can Reduce Feelings Of Pain, University College London Study 3/27/2015
Fitness Level Associated With Lower Risk Of Some Cancers, Death In Men, University of Vermont Study 3/27/2015
High-Fat Diet Alters Behavior And Produces Signs Of Brain Inflammation, Louisiana State University Study 3/27/2015
A Single Gene May Decide Why Some People Get So Sick With The Flu, Rockefeller University Study 3/27/2015
Sushi Parasite Inspires Worm Test For Cancer, Kyushu University Study 3/27/2015
Roseroot Herb Shows Promise As Potential Depression Treatment Option, University of Pennsylvania Team Finds 3/27/2015
Just Slip Out The Back, Jack: Are Humans Hardwired To Break-Up And Move On? Saint Louis University Medical Center Study 3/27/2015
Widows May Have Fewer Social And Financial Problems Than In The Past, University of Bern Study 3/27/2015
Why Drug For Type II Diabetes Makes People Fat, Georgia State University Study 3/27/2015
BG Medicine (BGMD) Welcomes Major Publication On The Bioimage Study In The Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology 3/27/2015
Hospira Clinical Data Shows Proposed Biosimilar, Epoetin Hospira, Demonstrates Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Equivalence Compared To Amgen (AMGN)'s Epogen 3/27/2015
Positive Outcomes With H.P. Acthar Gel In Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome Reported At National Kidney Foundation Spring Congress 3/27/2015
NIH Study Finds No Evidence Of Accelerated Ebola Virus Evolution In West Africa 3/27/2015
Clanotech AB Receives Orphan Drug Designation In The U.S. 3/27/2015
Caris Life Sciences Demonstrates Clinical Utility Of Tumor Profiling By Identifying Molecular Differences And Additional Therapeutic Options For Hepatocellular Carcinoma 3/27/2015
Boston University/BMC Study Finds The Role Of Genes Is Greater With Living To Older Ages 3/27/2015
Most Antibiotics During Pregnancy Are Unlikely To Cause Neurological Damage To Fetuses, Great Ormond Street Hospital Study 3/27/2015
Looking For Happiness In All The Wrong Places, Baylor University Study 3/26/2015
Child With Autism Improves With Antibiotic, Microbial Ecology In Health And Disease Reveals 3/26/2015
Sleep Loss Tied To Emotional Reactions, University of Arkansas Study 3/26/2015
AlloSource Announces Positive Clinical Results For AlloTrue™-Cleansed And Low-Dose Irradiated Tendons Used In Kaiser Permanente Study Of ACL Revision Risks 3/26/2015
Pacira (PCRX) Announces Data Reinforcing Benefits Of EXPAREL For Postsurgical Pain Control Following Total Hip And Knee Replacement Surgery 3/26/2015
Genzyme (GENZ) Release: ENCORE Clinical Data Published In The Lancet Suggest Treatment With Oral Maintenance Therapy Effective In Previously Treated Gaucher Disease Patients 3/26/2015
People Who Suffer Migraine Headaches May Be At Double The Risk Of Stroke, Loyola University Medical Center Study 3/26/2015
Boston Therapeutics, Inc. ' Affiliate Advanced Pharmaceutical Initiates SUGARDOWN(R) Clinical Trial In Hong Kong 3/25/2015
Number Of Births May Affect Mom's Future Heart Health, UT Southwestern Medical Center Study 3/25/2015
Miracle Cures For 5 Degenerative Diseases 3/25/2015
Most Extroverted, Agreeable, And Emotionally Stable Regions In The UK, University of Cambridge Study 3/25/2015
Exercise Improves Sexual Function In Men, Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute Study 3/25/2015
University of Maryland Researchers Successfully Produce Genome-Edited Pigs Using Revolutionary Technology 3/25/2015
Milk May Boost Brain Health, KU Medical Center Says 3/25/2015
Metformin And Vitamin D3 May Prevent Colorectal Cancer, Case Western Reserve University Study 3/24/2015
45 Minute Power Naps Can Boost The Memory Five-Fold, Saarland University Study 3/24/2015
Carpal Tunnel Doubles Migraine Risk, Wolters Kluwer Health Study 3/24/2015
Pacira (PCRX) Release: New Data Demonstrate Reduced Opioid Requirements Following Use Of EXPAREL In Hysterectomy And Mastectomy Procedures 3/24/2015
Sirona Biochem Announces Positive Results With SBM-TFC-837 for Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine 3/24/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Experiments Reveal Key Components Of The Body's Machinery For Battling Deadly Tularemia 3/24/2015
Scancell Holdings Plc Release: SCIB2 Also Shown To Synergise With Checkpoint Inhibitor Blockade 3/24/2015
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NBY)’s Avenova Featured In Ophthalmology Management 3/24/2015
Vitamin D Might Slow Prostate Cancer, Medical University of South Carolina Study 3/24/2015
Special Programmed Microbes May Help You Beat Obesity, Vanderbilt University Study 3/23/2015
How Your Face Betrays Your Personality And Health 3/23/2015
Scientists Believe A Pill Can Make Us More Compassionate, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Reveals 3/23/2015
Can Fish Oil Help Boys With ADHD Pay Attention? University Medical Center Utrecht Study 3/23/2015
Even At A Molecular Level, Taking It Slow Helps Us Cope With Stress, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 3/23/2015
Scientists Are Gunning For Hangover-Free Wine, University of Illinois Reveals 3/23/2015
The Science Of Finding Out If You Are Truly In Love , Southwest University Study 3/23/2015
Medical University of Vienna Release: Brain Activity During Cardiac Arrest 3/23/2015
Smell Test Could Predict Traumatic Brain Injury In Soldiers, Uniformed Services University Study 3/23/2015
Purdue Pharma L.P. Release: Abuse, Addiction, And Opioid Poisoning Results In Commercially-Insured Individuals Following Introduction Of Reformulated Oxycontin (oxycodone Hcl Extended-Release Tablets) CII 3/23/2015
Acelity Release: New Study Comparing ABThera To BVPT, Published In The Annals Of Surgery, Demonstrated Reduced 90-Day Mortality 3/23/2015
Treeway Announces Orphan Drug Designation For TW001 3/23/2015
Liposuction Byproduct Could Lead To ED Cure, University Of Ulsan College Of Medicine And Asan Medical Center Study 3/20/2015
Why Pregnant Women Should Limit Vitamin Intake, University of Toronto Study 3/20/2015
Birthdays, Schooling, And Crime: What's The Link? Duke University Study 3/20/2015
Sense Of Smell May Reveal Weight Bias, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 3/20/2015
How Artificial Light Can Mess With Your Health, University of Connecticut Researchers Say 3/20/2015
Case Western Reserve University Global Health Expert Urges Action To Eradicate Tropical Disease Known As Yaws 3/20/2015
Millennium Research Institute Urine Drug Testing Study Published In Journal Of Opioid Management 3/20/2015
Sebacia, Inc. Release: Study Points Way To New Treatment Procedure For Acne 3/20/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Scientists Trace Genomic Evolution Of High-Risk Leukemia 3/20/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Measuring Treatment Response Proves To Be A Powerful Tool For Guiding Leukemia Treatment 3/20/2015
Probiodrug AG To Present Data On Its Anti-Pglu-3 Abeta Monoclonal Antibody At The 12th International Conference On Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Diseases (AD/PDTM 2015), Nice 3/20/2015
Syros Pharmaceuticals Announces New Research Published On Role Of Cell Signaling Pathways In Gene Control 3/20/2015
Our Eyes Multi-Task Even When We Don't Want Them To, New York University And University of Pennsylvania Researchers Find 3/20/2015
Vitamin D May Prevent Diabetes, Clogged Arteries, Washington University in St. Louis Study 3/20/2015
Link Between Body Temperature And Obesity Discovered, University of Bologna Study 3/19/2015
Scientists Are Racing To Build A Better Diet Soda 3/19/2015
Who Do You Think You Really Are? A Genetic Map Of The British Isles, Oxford University Study 3/19/2015
How Green Tea Could Help Improve MRIs, University of Cologne Study 3/19/2015
Depressive Thoughts May Have A Negative Effect On Working Memory, Cognition and Emotion Reveals 3/19/2015
A Pinch Of Baking Soda For Better Vision? Harvard Medical School Study 3/19/2015
Curcumin Proved Effective At Combating Cancer, Curtin University Study 3/19/2015
Bacteria Programmed To Find Tumors, MIT Study 3/19/2015
Low Vitamin D Can Make Young Women Depressed, New Oregon State University Study Shows 3/19/2015
Results Of Pfizer (PFE)’s Community-Acquired Pneumonia Immunization Trial In Adults (CAPiTA) Published In The New England Journal Of Medicine 3/19/2015
Fight Age-Related Diseases With Vitamin D, Loyola University Study Finds 3/18/2015
Viagra May Fight Diabetes, Henry Ford Health System Study 3/18/2015
Washington State University Researchers Show How Fatty Acids Can Fight Prostate Cancer 3/18/2015
Cough Medicine Ingredient May Aid Type 2 Diabetes Fight, Heinrich Heine University 3/18/2015
What Diet Soda Does To Belly Fat In Older Adults, University of Texas Health Science Center Study 3/18/2015
Breastfeeding Linked With Higher IQ, Chances Of Success, Federal University Of Pelotas Study 3/18/2015
Kyowa Hakko Release: New Survey Shows Americans Fear Mental Deterioration Over Physical Decline 3/18/2015
NEMUS Bioscience, Inc. Initiates Anti-Infective Program With Focus On MRSA 3/18/2015
Too Much Alone Time Can Shorten Life Span, Brigham Young University Study 3/17/2015
Seven Types Of Careers That Up Your Suicide Risk, American Journal Of Preventive Medicine Reveals 3/17/2015
Why Memory Loss May Be Much Faster For Men, Mayo Clinic Study 3/17/2015
Sleep More For More Sex, Journal Of Sexual Medicine Reveals 3/17/2015
Laughter Is The Best Tactic For Wooing Your Girl, University College London Study 3/17/2015
Finger Lengths May Indicate Risk Of Schizophrenia In Males, Clinical Anatomy Reveals 3/17/2015
Obesity Ups Women's Risk Of Seven Cancers By 40%, Cancer Research UK Study 3/17/2015
Stellenbosch University Doctors Perform First Successful Penile Transplant In The World 3/17/2015
CVRx, Inc. Barostim Therapy For Heart Failure Clinical Trial Results Presented In A Featured Clinical Research Session Of The American College of Cardiology Annual Conference 3/17/2015
Heart Failure Study Performed By Cleveland Clinic Shows Serial Testing With Cardiac Biomarker ST2 Predicts Outcomes Of Hospitalized Patients 3/17/2015
Critical Diagnostics Release: Opinions Of 18 World-Renowned Experts Contained In Consensus Paper On Role Of Cardiac Biomarker ST2 In Heart Failure Care 3/17/2015
MediGene AG (MDGEF.PK) Announces Publication In "Nature Biotechnology" On TCR-development 3/17/2015
BioInvent (BOVNF) Announces Plan To Initiate Clinical Development Of TB-403 In Pediatric Cancer Together With ThromboGenics Ltd. (THR.BR) 3/17/2015
Merck & Co. (MRK) Release: New Analysis From Investigational IMPROVE-IT Study Shows VYTORIN (Ezetimibe/Simvastatin) Reduced Total (Initial And Recurrent) Cardiovascular Events More Than Simvastatin Alone In Patients Presenting With Acute Coronary Syndromes 3/17/2015
The Medicines Company (MDCO) Release: Independent Research Confirms Reduction In Mortality And Bleeding Associated With Bivalirudin In High-Risk Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Undergoing PCI 3/17/2015
Aeolus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AOLS.OB) Receives Orphan Drug Designation From US FDA For AEOL 10150 For Treatment Of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 3/17/2015
Tablets Increase Neck Strain Three To Five Times, Washington State University Study 3/16/2015
The Link Between Hair Disorders And Susceptibility To Dental Caries, NIH Study 3/16/2015
Horse Dung Has Scientists On Scent Of Antibiotic Success, ETH Zurich Study 3/16/2015
You Are When You Eat, San Diego State University And Salk Institute for Biological Studies Study 3/16/2015
Folic Acid May Reduce Strokes In High BP People, Peking University First Hospital Study 3/16/2015
iRhythm Technologies Inc. Release: New Study Advances Understanding Of Asymptomatic And Episodic Arrhythmias 3/16/2015
Glide Announces Successful Results From Skin Delivery And Human Factor Studies With Novel Solid Dose Injection System 3/16/2015
AstraZeneca Canada (AZN) Release: PEGASUS-TIMI 54 Study Shows That Long-Term Treatment With BRILINTA Reduced Thrombotic Cardiovascular Events In Patients With A History Of Heart Attack 3/16/2015
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics - SWISS-PROT Release: New Possibilities For The Treatment Of Breast Cancer Arise, With The Help Of Mathematics 3/16/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Pollution Levels Linked To Stroke-Related Narrowing Of Arteries 3/16/2015
High Salt Diet More Sinister Than First Thought, University of Delaware Study 3/13/2015
Scientists Work On the Drug Building Process One Block at a Time, University of Illinois Reveals 3/13/2015
How Diet And Exercise Can Delay Dementia, Rush University Medical Center Study 3/13/2015
Tetanus Shot Improves Patient Survival With Brain Tumor Immunotherapy, Duke University Medical Center Study 3/13/2015
After First Lab-Grown Burger, Test-Tube Chicken Is Next On Menu, Tel Aviv University Study 3/13/2015
Common Epilepsy Drug Restores Brain Function And Memory In Early Alzheimer’s, Johns Hopkins University Study 3/13/2015
Case Western Reserve University Release: Common Herpes Medication Reduces HIV-1 Levels, Independent of Herpes Infection 3/13/2015
CDC Release: Two Out Of 3 People With Invasive Cancer Are Surviving 5 Years Or More 3/13/2015
Mind Reading:Brain Activity Can Decode What People Taste, German Institute Of Human Nutrition In Potsdam And The Charité University Hospital Study 3/13/2015
Major Advances In Synthetic Chemistry Reported In Science By Founding Scientist Of REVOLUTION Medicines 3/13/2015
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Study Bolsters 'Turbocharged' Protein As A Promising Tool In Hemophilia Gene Therapy 3/13/2015
Case Western Reserve University Scientists Discover Hidden Meaning And ‘Speed Limits’ Within The Genetic Code 3/13/2015
High Vitamin D Levels Linked To Increased Death Risk, University of Copenhagen Study 3/12/2015
Gene Networks For Innate Immunity Linked To PTSD Risk, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 3/12/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Geography Matters: Imaging Overuse Seen For Breast, Prostate Cancer In Certain Regions Across The U.S. 3/12/2015
Could Yoga Lessen Prenatal Depression? Brown University Study 3/12/2015
Babies' BMI May Predict Childhood Obesity, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 3/12/2015
The North American Menopause Society Release: New Study Links Urinary Troubles At Menopause With Sleep, Body Fat, Reaction Time, 3/12/2015
Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. Release: First FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation For KLH-Conjugate Immunotherapy Signals Key Step For Novel Carrier Molecule 3/11/2015
Manzo Pharmaceuticals Announces Plans For Human Clinical Studies Of The Company's Patented Lactose Intolerance Probiotic, Lacto-Freedom 3/11/2015
Okayama University Research: Light-Responsive Dye Stimulates Sight In Genetically Blind Patients 3/11/2015
Sirona Biochem Announces Successful Development Of A Third Skin Lightener With Superior Safety And Efficacy 3/11/2015
Kyoto University Release: Stem Cell Clones Could Yield New Drug Treatment For Deadly Blood Disease 3/11/2015
NightstaRx Receives U.S. And European Orphan Drug Designation For Gene Therapy To Treat Choroideremia 3/11/2015
Confirmed: Autism IS Linked To Higher Intelligence, University of Edinburgh Study 3/11/2015
Memories Implanted Into Sleeping Mice Successfully, French National Center For Scientific Research Reveals 3/11/2015
Biogen Idec (BIIB) Tests Use of Wearables to Track MS Patient Activity 3/11/2015
Man's Smile Can Tell You If He's Sexist, Northeastern University Study 3/11/2015
New Class Of Drugs That Slows The Aging Process Discovered, The Scripps Research Institute, Mayo Clinic Reveal 3/11/2015
Durex Aims To Bring Phone Sex To Life With Digital Technology 3/11/2015
Boredom Leads To Repetitive And Compulsive Behaviors Like Hair-Pulling, University Of Montreal Study 3/11/2015
Researchers From Stanford University And 23andMe Discover Genetic Links To Rosacea 3/11/2015
Alcohol Makes You Look More Attractive, University of Bristol Study 3/10/2015
Brain Protein May Help Cure Binge Drinking, University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine 3/10/2015
Mom's Age At Childbirth Tied To Son's Diabetes Risk, Ghent University Hospital Study 3/10/2015
Onions Could Lower Blood Sugar, Improve Cholesterol, Delta State University Study 3/10/2015
Purpose In Life May Help You Live Longer, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s And Mount Sinai Roosevelt Study 3/10/2015
Physical Labor, High BP, And Multiple Meds May Reduce Male Fertility, Stanford University Study 3/10/2015
Losing 30 Minutes Of Sleep Per Day Tied To Weight Gain, Weill Cornell Medical College Study 3/10/2015
Intelligence Peaks At Different Ages, When Are You The Smartest? MIT Study 3/10/2015
HAL Allergy B.V. Release: Positive Outcome Of The PURETHAL Birch RUSH Study Results In An Approved, Accelerated Up-Dosing Regimen 3/10/2015
World Association Of Sleep Medicine Release: Having A Hard Time Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning? 3/10/2015
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Release: Experimental Herpes Vaccine Upends Traditional Approach And Shows Promise 3/10/2015
Alliance for Aging Research Release: New Survey Shows Americans Prefer Education Over Restricted Access When It Comes to OTC Pain Medications 3/10/2015
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai And LifeMap Solutions Launch Asthma Study For iPhone 3/10/2015
Sage Bionetworks Launches Parkinson mPower App To Study Parkinson’s Disease Symptom Variation 3/10/2015
Sage Bionetworks Launches "Share The Journey," A Mobile App-Based Research Study For The Breast Cancer Community 3/10/2015
People Watching Tearjerkers Eat 28-55% More, Cornell University Study 3/9/2015
Despite Exercise, Sitting Still Linked To Heart Disease, Medical College of Wisconsin Study 3/9/2015
A Drink A Day May Not Be Good For Everyone, University College London Study 3/9/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Researchers Map "Genomic Landscape" Of Childhood Adrenocortical Tumors For The First Time 3/9/2015
Nexvet Provides Update On Pivotal Field Safety And Efficacy Study For NV-01 3/9/2015
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. Release: Statin Adverse Effects Much More Common Than Appreciated, States Journal Of American Physicians And Surgeons 3/9/2015
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALXN) Release: New Data From First Natural History Study In Juveniles With Hypophosphatasia (HPP) Showing Substantial Disease Burden, Including Musculoskeletal Abnormalities And Growth Deficiencies, Presented In Late-Breaking Oral Session At ENDO 2015 3/9/2015
Nasal Oxytocin Helps Men Cut Calories, Eat Healthier, Harvard Medical School Study 3/9/2015
HIV-Positive: Is The Treatment Worse Than The Condition, Asks Journal Of American Physicians And Surgeons 3/9/2015
Lucerne Biosciences Announces Publication Of Claimed Methods For Treating Binge Eating Disorder With Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate 3/6/2015
Efficacy Of Anti-Aging Pill May Take A Lifetime To Prove, Elysium Health Reveals 3/6/2015
Finally! Average Penis Size For Men Revealed, King's College London Study 3/6/2015
Why Obese People Can't Resist Eating, Aalto University Reveals 3/6/2015
Popular Antidepressant Could Help Reverse Heart Failure, Temple University Study 3/6/2015
Being Fit At 40 May Keep Brain Sharp At 60, Boston University School of Medicine Study 3/6/2015
Men Tend To Be More Narcissistic Than Women, University at Buffalo Study 3/6/2015
Supplemental Oxygen Can Up Survival Rates In Cancer Patients, Northeastern University Reveals 3/6/2015
A*STAR Scientists Discover New Genes That Influence The Risk Of Developing Leprosy 3/6/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Chromosomal Rearrangement Is The Key To Progress Against Aggressive Infant Leukemia 3/6/2015
Marriage More Likely To End In Divorce When Wives Get Sick, Iowa State University Study 3/5/2015
University of Tennessee Expert: Daylight Saving Time's 'Spring Forward' Can Cause Problems 3/5/2015
Adults Only Really Catch Flu About Twice A Decade, Imperial College London Study 3/5/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Simple Sideline Test Shown Effective In Diagnosing Concussion In Student Athletes As Young As 5 Years Old 3/5/2015
GOJO Industries, Inc. Release: New Survey Reveals America's "Germy" Little Secrets From This Year's Cold And Flu Season 3/5/2015