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Clinical - Research
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: "Master Regulator" Gene -- Long Tied To Autism Disorders -- Can Stimulate Other Genes Involved In Early Brain Development 12/17/2014
TxCell Receives EU Orphan Drug Designation For Col-Treg In The Treatment Of Non-Infectious Uveitis 12/17/2014
Swedish Medical Center Release: New Medical Report Signals Cutting-Edge Stroke Treatment, Improved Patient Outcomes 12/17/2014
Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery Release: Groundbreaking Study Confirms That Neurointerventional Surgery Provides Significant Clinical Benefit 12/17/2014
AstraZeneca Canada Inc. (AZN) Release: Lose The Sugar - A New Approach In The Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes 12/17/2014
Healthy Eaters: Ignore Glycemic Index, Johns Hopkins University Study 12/17/2014
How Music Classes Can Boost Language Skills, Northwestern University Study 12/17/2014
Do Caffeine’s Effects Differ With Or Without Sugar? Auckland University Of Technology Study 12/17/2014
Where Fat Actually Go When You Lose Weight, Say University of New South Wales Reveals 12/17/2014
Aratana Therapeutics (PETX) Initiates Pivotal Study For AT-003 12/17/2014
Phenogen Sciences, Inc. Announces Clinical Validation Study Supporting The Use Of Brevagenplus® In Breast Cancer Risk Assessment 12/17/2014
Low-Fat Diet May Help Women Survive Breast Cancer, UCLA Medical Center Study 12/16/2014
Low Vitamin E Deficiency Linked To Miscarriages, Johns Hopkins University Study 12/16/2014
Testosterone Linked To Colon Cancer Growth, University of Missouri Study 12/16/2014
Scientific Proof That Men Really Are More Stupid Than Women, British Medical Journal Reveals 12/16/2014
Science Says Couples With One Habit Stay Together Longer, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 12/16/2014
Memory Loss Tied To Stroke Risk In The Highly Educated, Erasmus MC Study 12/16/2014
People Who Feel Younger May Live Longer, University College London Study 12/16/2014
Yoga May Guard Against Heart Disease, Erasmus MC Study Finds 12/16/2014
First Menstrual Cycle Age Linked To Heart Disease Risk, University of Oxford Study 12/16/2014
BioTime (BTX) Subsidiary OncoCyte Corporation Completes Initial Enrollment Of Clinical Study Of Urine-Based Bladder Cancer Diagnostic 12/16/2014
Pfizer (PFE) Announces Palbociclib PALOMA-1 Data Published In The Lancet Oncology 12/16/2014
InVivo Therapeutics Corporation (NVIV) Announces FDA Approval To Expedite Enrollment For Ongoing Pilot Trial 12/16/2014
NewGen Therapeutics Targeted Anti-Cancer Drug, NT-113, Demonstrates Compelling Activity In Glioblastoma Xenograft Models 12/16/2014
Portage Announces Further Successful Validation Of Its New Proprietory Cell Permeable Peptide Platform Technology 12/16/2014
A Novel Tool To Study Life-Threatening Arrhythmias: A Genetically Engineered Pig, NYU Langone Medical Center Study 12/16/2014
No Link Between Migraine, Breast Cancer Risk, Harvard University Study Says 12/15/2014
Parkinson’s Disease Linked To Gut Bacteria, Helsinki University Central Hospital Study 12/15/2014
Research Raises Consciousness For Dehydration Concerns In Diabetic Patients, University at Buffalo Reveals 12/15/2014
Shift Workers "Sicker And Fatter," University of Surrey Study 12/15/2014
Preeclampsia During Pregnancy Boosts Autism Risk, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 12/15/2014
Seegene, Inc. Announces Publication Of MuDT™ Technology In Nature's Scientific Reports Journal 12/15/2014
Genomic Health, Inc. (GHDX): New Oncotype DX® Data Presented At 2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Further Demonstrate The Practice-Changing Impact Of The Test In Guiding The Treatment Of Early Stage Breast Cancer 12/15/2014
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation Erectile Dysfunction Drug To Be Tested As Dementia Treatment 12/15/2014
Novogen Limited (NVGN) Provides Update On Progress Of Cantrixil Into The Clinic 12/15/2014
FDA: Study Demonstrates Potential For Faster Drug Development 12/15/2014
Immunomedics, Inc. (IMMU) Reports Preliminary Results From Pretargeted Imaging Study In Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer 12/15/2014
Clinical Research Management, Inc. Evaluating Effectiveness Of Convalescent Plasma Therapy For The Treatment Of The Ebola Virus Underway In Liberia 12/15/2014
Chemicals Released During Natural Gas Extraction May Harm Human Reproduction And Development, University of Missouri Study 12/12/2014
CFO Survey: Millennials Are More Creative But Too Entitled, Duke University Study 12/12/2014
Turmeric Compound Impairs Fear Memories And Ease PTSD Symptoms, Hunter College Study 12/12/2014
Simple Potato Extract Can Control Obesity, McGill University Study 12/12/2014
Personality And Health May Have A Genetic Link, University of Nottingham Study 12/12/2014
Scientists Create "Feel Full" Chemical To Help You Eat Less, Imperial College London Study 12/12/2014
Obese Kids' Brains Crave For Sugar, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 12/12/2014
For Kids, Too Little Sleep Linked to Later Obesity, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 12/12/2014
Crealta Pharmaceuticals Release: To Mitigate Risk Of Infusion Reactions With Krystexxa, Serum Urate Should Be Used As A Predictive Marker 12/12/2014
The Obesity Society Release: One Of The Most Difficult Challenges In Weight Loss Is Keeping The Weight Off Over The Long Term 12/12/2014
How Your Brain Respond Differently To Two Kinds Of Sugar, University of Southern California Study 12/11/2014
Popular Painkiller Linked To Low Blood Sugar, McGill University Study 12/11/2014
New Treatment Cured Lab Animals Of Diabetes And Obesity, Indiana University Reveals 12/11/2014
Now Researchers Can See How Unfolded Proteins Move In The Cell, University of Illinois Reveals 12/11/2014
Poor Semen Quality Linked To Overall Health, Stanford University Study Finds 12/11/2014
Alcohol Interferes With The Body's Ability To Regulate Sleep, University of Missouri Researchers Find 12/11/2014
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Early Adoption Of Robotic Surgery Leads To Organ Preservation For Kidney Cancer Patients 12/11/2014
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Youngest Bone Marrow Transplant Patients At Higher Risk Of Cognitive Decline 12/11/2014
Patients Given Less Blood During Transfusions Do Well, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Study 12/11/2014
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Release: Investigational Drug Dasotraline Significantly Improved Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) In A Placebo-Controlled Study In Adults 12/11/2014
University of Pennsylvania Release: Only One In Three Eligible Women Receive Shorter Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer, According To JAMA Study 12/11/2014
Integral Molecular, Inc. Identifies Potent Inhibitory Antibodies Against Chikungunya Virus 12/11/2014
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALXN) Release: Soliris® (Eculizumab) Granted Orphan Drug Designation In Japan For The Treatment Of Patients With Myasthenia Gravis 12/11/2014
Advaxis, Inc.'s Listeria-Based Lm-LLO Immunotherapy Featured in Nature Biotechnology 12/11/2014
Caris Life Sciences Presents Two Studies Demonstrating Utility Of Tumor Profiling: Likelihood Of Response To Immunotherapeutics In HER2-Positive Breast Cancer And The Largest Case Series Comparing Male Breast Cancer To Female Breast Cancer Patients 12/11/2014
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (SIAL) Release: Survey Of Academic Translational Researchers Highlights Challenges To Reproducible Science 12/11/2014
Low Weight Gain In Pregnant Women Reduces Male Fetal Survival, University of Georgia Study 12/11/2014
Broad Institute Release: Rare Gene Mutations Raise Risk Of Early Heart Attack 12/11/2014
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Release: Short Sleep Duration And Sleep-Related Breathing Problems Increase Obesity Risk In Kids 12/11/2014
Fat-Burning Pill Inches Closer To Reality, Harvard Stem Cell Institute Study 12/10/2014
Bio-Hybrid Dental Implant That Restores The Physiological Tooth Functions, Okayama University Study 12/10/2014
Laughing Gas May Treat Depression, Washington University in St. Louis Study 12/10/2014
INSYS Therapeutics Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Liposome Entrapped Paclitaxel As A Potential Treatment For Gastric Cancer 12/10/2014
Stem Cells Show Promise In Reducing Hardening Of The Arteries, Stem CellsTranslational Medicine Reveals 12/10/2014
NRGene Achieves First Ever Mapping Of Five Complex Maize Genomes Within A Few Weeks Using Proprietary Big Data Analysis Platform 12/10/2014
Recent CytoSorbents, Inc. Case Reports Highlight Its Use To Help Save The Lives Of Critically-Ill Patients 12/10/2014
Nearly Half Of Americans Think The Flu Shot Can Make You Sick 12/10/2014
Alcohol Abuse Linked To Newly Identified Gene Network, University of Texas Study 12/9/2014
Obesity May Shorten Life Expectancy Up To 8 Years, McGill University Study 12/9/2014
Antioxidant Capacity Of Orange Juice Is Multiplied Tenfold, University of Granada Study 12/9/2014
World-First "Bionic Bra" Inches Closer To Reality, University of Wollongong Study 12/9/2014
BPA In Canned Goods May Raise Your Blood Pressure, Seoul National University Study 12/9/2014
Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Cell Damage Discovered, Medical College of Wisconsin Study 12/9/2014
Wealth, Power Or Lack Thereof At Heart Of Many Mental Disorders, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 12/9/2014
Scientists Discover Brain Mechanism That Drives Us To Eat Sugar, Imperial College London Reveals 12/9/2014
Is Serotonin The Obesity Hormone? Better Brown-Fat Burning Linked To Hormone Blockage, McMaster University Study 12/9/2014
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALXN) Release: New Data Presented At American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting Enhance Clinical Knowledge Of aHUS And PNH And Underscore The Effectiveness Of Soliris® (Eculizumab) Treatment 12/9/2014
NIHR Announces Pioneering Study To Test New Treatment For Sjogren’s Syndrome 12/9/2014
AngioChem Publishes Data On ANG4043, A Brain-Penetrant Anti-HER2 Monoclonal Antibody For Treatment Of Brain Metastases 12/9/2014
DePuy Synthes Companies Release: New National Survey Reveals The Surprising Overall Life Impact Of Joint Pain - It's More Than Physical 12/9/2014
ACC: Study Published In American Heart Association Journal Hypertension Will Inappropriately Concern And Confuse Consumers About Bpa And Increased Blood Pressure 12/9/2014
Enzyme Identified Which Could Lead To Targeted Treatment For PMS, University of Bristol Study 12/9/2014
Mood-Altering Chemical Increases Risk Of Drug Addiction, Victoria University Of Wellington Study 12/8/2014
Some Newborns Lose Weight Much Faster Than Previously Recognized, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study Shows 12/8/2014
No Link Found Between Bladder Cancer And Popular Diabetes Meds, University of Dundee Study 12/8/2014
Menthol Increases Nicotine Addiction By Tweaking Brain, California Institute of Technology Study 12/8/2014
Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Just Go To Bed Earlier, Binghamton University Study 12/8/2014
New Compound Eliminates Malaria In 48 Hours, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Study 12/8/2014
Dairy & Diabetes Risk: New Thinking? U.S. Department Of Agriculture Reveals 12/8/2014
City of Hope Studies Offer Promising Data, Even Potential New Approaches To Hematologic Cancers 12/8/2014
Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network (BMT CTN) Release: HIV-Positive Patients With Lymphoma Should No Longer Be Excluded From Receiving Blood Stem Cell Transplants As Treatment 12/8/2014
Tokyo Institute Of Technology Research: Genetics Research Demystifies Fatal Glandular Disease 12/8/2014
Foundation Medicine, Inc. (FMI) Release: Treatment For Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Patients Guided By Foundationone® Heme Results In Promising Clinical Activity 12/8/2014
Lipella Pharmaceuticals’s Liposome Formulation Of Botulinum Toxin (LP-09) Superior To Placebo For Overactive Bladder Symptoms In Double-Blind Trial 12/8/2014
H. Lundbeck A/S (LUN.CO) Release: New Study: Art Therapy May Build Self-Esteem In People Living With Epilepsy 12/8/2014
American Regent, Inc. Announces Clinical Data Presentations At American Society of Hematology 2014 12/8/2014
Upsher-Smith Laboratories Release: Systematic Review Presented At 68th Annual Meeting Of The American Epilepsy Society Points To Need For Expert Consensus On Seizure Cluster Nomenclature And Diagnosis 12/8/2014
Indegene Releases Peer-Based MCM Benchmark Study On Leading Multichannel Marketing Trends In China, Emerging Markets, And Japan 12/8/2014
American Society of Hematology Release: Studies Compare Blood Clot Treatments, Illuminate Recurrence Risk In High-Risk Groups 12/8/2014
BioAdaptives Announces New Trial Showing PrimiCell Improved Muscle Repair By Over 56% 12/8/2014
American Society of Hematology Release: Novel Strategies Direct Immune System To Attack Recurrent, Hard-to-Treat Blood Cancers 12/8/2014
Your Morning Breath, Explained: What Causes It And How You Can Treat It 12/5/2014
High-Sugar Diet In Fathers Can Lead To Obese Offspring, Max Planck Institute Of Immunobiology And Epigenetics Study 12/5/2014
"Satiety Hormone" Leptin Links Obesity To High Blood Pressure, Monash University Study 12/5/2014
Smoking And Higher Mortality In Men, Uppsala Universitet Study 12/5/2014
How Red Wine Prevents Cancer, University of Colorado Study 12/5/2014
Results Of City of Hope Clinical Trial Supports Change To Standard Of Care For HIV Lymphoma 12/5/2014
Natural Substance In Red Wine Has An Anti-Inflammatory Effect In Cardiovascular Diseases, Johannes Gutenberg University Study 12/5/2014
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): Particle Size Of Respiratory Medicine Does Not Impact Efficacy 12/5/2014
CDC Release: Early Data Suggests Potentially Severe Flu Season 12/5/2014
NEMUS To Move Forward With Cannabinoid-Based Therapy For Open-Angle Glaucoma 12/5/2014
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Presents Asthma Data That Shows No Additional Clinical Efficacy Benefits For ICS-Treatments With A Small Particle Size 12/5/2014
Canada Bird Flu Virus Identified As 'Highly Pathogenic' Strain 12/5/2014
Vitamin D Deficiency, Depression Linked In University of Georgia-Led International Study 12/4/2014
Men's Violent Reactions To Women's Rejection, University of Queensland Study 12/4/2014
Carnegie Mellon University Researchers Discover Brain Representations Of Social Thoughts Accurately Predict Autism Diagnosis 12/4/2014
People In Unhappy Places Are Depressed More Than A Week A Month, Penn State University Study 12/4/2014
Kindred Bio (KIN) To Discontinue AtoKin Study 12/4/2014
Gotta Get That Rhythm: Virginia Tech Researchers Find A Relationship Between Sleep Cycle, Cancer Incidence 12/4/2014
Evoke Pharma, Inc.'s EVK-001 Showed No QT Prolongation In Thorough ECG (TQT) Study 12/4/2014
TNI BioTechThrough Its Wholly Owned Subsidiary TNI Biotech International Ltd., Provides Progress Report On Bridging Trial For HIV/AIDS In Nigeria 12/4/2014
Parallel Comparison Analyses Confirm That INSYS Therapeutics' Synthetic CBD Is Identical In Chemical Structure To Plant-Derived CBD 12/4/2014
New Data Presented At Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) On Use Of Bayer HealthCare (BAY)'s Gadavist (Gadobutrol) Injection In Children Less Than 2 Years Of Age 12/4/2014
Lightlake Therapeutics Inc. (LLTP) Commences Trial For Treatment Of Opioid Overdose With The U.S. National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA) 12/4/2014
Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Presents Evidence That Its Cancer Biomarker HAAH is Contained in the Exosome Fraction of Serum 12/4/2014
Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ELI) Reports Successful Pivotal Bioequivalence Study For Abuse-Deterrent Oxycodone Product ELI-201 12/4/2014
Ra Pharma Announces Presentation Of Data Supporting Clinical Development Of Novel Complement C5 Inhibitor At 2014 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting 12/4/2014
Diabetes In Midlife Linked To Significant Cognitive Decline 20 Years Later, Johns Hopkins University Study 12/3/2014
Case Western Reserve University Release: Peptide Shows Great Promise For Treating Spinal Cord Injury 12/3/2014
New University of Otago Study Confirms That Sperm Quality Decreases With Age 12/3/2014
Link Exists Between White Matter And Concussion-Related Depression, Anxiety, University of Pittsburgh Researchers Find 12/3/2014
The Smart Mouse With The Half-Human Brain, University of Rochester Medical Center Study 12/3/2014
Mediterranean Diet Linked To Improved CV Function In Erectile Dysfunction Patients, Hippokration Hospital Study 12/3/2014
Italy Declares Novartis AG (NVS) FLUAD Vaccine Safe; Results Still Waiting On Agrippal Flu Vaccine 12/3/2014
Exco InTouch Address mHealth Solutions In Management Of Chronic Conditions At 2014 mHealth Summit 12/3/2014
Children’s Mercy Release: New Study Validates Usefulness Of Genomic Medicine In Children With Neurologic And Developmental Disorders 12/3/2014
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Release: Common Knee Surgery May Lead To Arthritis And Cartilage Loss 12/3/2014
NIH Release: Researchers Conduct Comprehensive Genomic Study Of Sub-Saharan Africans 12/2/2014
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Researchers Recreate Stem Cells From Deceased Patients To Study Present-Day Illnesses 12/2/2014
A*STAR Scientists Uncover Gene Associated With An Aggressive Breast Cancer 12/2/2014
"Brain Changes" Seen In Young American Footballers, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Study 12/2/2014
Reading Harry Potter: Carnegie Mellon University Researchers Identify Brain Regions That Encode Words, Grammar, Character Development 12/2/2014
University of Oxford Research Suggests Ability Of HIV To Cause AIDS Is Slowing 12/2/2014
World’s First Artificial Enzymes Created Using Synthetic Biology, Medical Research Council Study 12/2/2014
No Major Side Effects In Merck & Co. (MRK), NewLink Genetics VSV-ZEBOV Ebola Vaccine Test 12/2/2014
Weill Cornell Medical College Release: Vitamin Supplement Successfully Prevents Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 12/2/2014
Rhinomed's (ASX:RNO) Mute Successful In Demonstrating Efficacy And Benefit In Snoring Trial 12/2/2014
Relmada Therapeutics Receives Health Canada Clearance To Commence First Clinical Study Of D-Methadone 12/2/2014
Agile Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Publication Of Data On Low-Dose Investigational Contraceptive Patch 12/2/2014
N8 Medical, Inc. Release: Recently Published Reviews Highlight The Potential Utility Of Ceragenins In The Fight Against Biofilm Mediated And Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Infections 12/2/2014
Can-Fite BioPharma (CFBI) Release: U.S. Researchers Published Scientific Findings That Are A Potential Breakthrough For Prevention Of Neuropathic Pain By CF101 12/2/2014
Teikoku Pharma Announces Positive Study Results Of 7-Day Patch For Parkinson's Disease 12/2/2014
Novartis AG (NVS)' Heart Failure Medicine LCZ696 Granted Accelerated Assessment By CHMP In Europe 12/2/2014
Lung Therapeutics, Inc. Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Lead Drug Candidate LTI-01 12/2/2014
Compugen Ltd. (CGEN) Announces Experimental Confirmation Of Additional Methodology For Discovery Of Cancer-Related Immune Checkpoints 12/2/2014
Broad Institute Release: Two Studies Identify A Detectable, Pre-Cancerous State In The Blood 12/1/2014
Calorie-Burning Fat Boosted By Medicinal Chinese Plant, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine Study 12/1/2014
Another Reason To Be Thankful: Turkeys May Be Lifesavers, Brigham Young University Study 12/1/2014
Selenium Compounds Boost Immune System To Fight Against Cancer, University of Copenhagen Study 12/1/2014
Regular Coffee Consumption Could Keep Alzheimer's At Bay, Institute For Scientific Information On Coffee Study 12/1/2014
Vegetable Oil Ingredient Key To Destroying Gastric Disease Bacteria, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 12/1/2014
Elderly Brains Learn, But Maybe Too Much, Brown University Study 12/1/2014
University of Mississippi Medical Center Release: Cancer-Drug Delivery Patent Could Lead To Shorter Chemotherapy Treatments 12/1/2014
Nature Publication Co-Authored By Robert H. Pierce, Chief Scientific Officer, OncoSec Medical Inc. 12/1/2014
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Release: Researchers Use 3-D Printing To Guide Human Face Transplants 12/1/2014
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Release: Imaging Shows Brain Connection Breakdown In Early Alzheimer's Disease 12/1/2014
Penn Medicine Team Develops Cognitive Test Battery To Assess The Impact Of Long Duration Spaceflights On Astronauts' Brain Function 12/1/2014
Merrion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Bids To Attract €52m Investment For Products 12/1/2014
AbbVie (ABBV) Adds Children's AIDS Drugs To Shared Patent Pool 12/1/2014
Eisai Company, Ltd. (ESALY.PK) Announces Top-Line Results Of Investigational Study On Coadministration Of Lorcaserin And Phentermine 12/1/2014
Muscle Relaxant May Be Viable Treatment For Rare Form Of Diabetes, Washington University in St. Louis Study 11/26/2014
Brain Network May Be Vulnerable To Alzheimer’s And Schizophrenia, Oxford University Study 11/26/2014
Yogurt May Help Lower Diabetes Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 11/26/2014
New Research Discovers Gene That Reduces Risk Of Stroke, Royal Holloway, University Of London Study 11/26/2014
University of Arizona Researchers Connect Insomnia, Higher Death Risk 11/26/2014
Boston University School of Medicine Researchers Shed New Light On The Genetics Of Memory Performance 11/26/2014
Suffering From Constipation? Self-Acupressure Can Help, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 11/26/2014
Wireless Electronic Implants Stop Staph, Then Harmlessly Dissolve, Tufts University Study 11/26/2014
Roche Canada Release: Canadian Adults Living With The Most Common Form Of Leukemia Now Have A New Targeted Treatment Option 11/26/2014
HIV/AIDS Drugs Could Be Repurposed To Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration, University of Kentucky Study 11/25/2014
Moderate Consumption of Sugary Drinks Has Little Impact on Adolescents’ Metabolic Health, University of Missouri Study Finds 11/25/2014
Running Really Can Keep You Young, Says University of Colorado, And Humboldt State University Study 11/25/2014
CDC Release: Only 3 In 10 People With HIV Have The Virus In Check 11/25/2014
Apitope Receives Orphan Designation In The European Union For ATX-F8-117 For The Treatment Of Haemophilia A 11/25/2014
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALXN) Release: Soliris® (Eculizumab) Granted Orphan Drug Designation In Japan For The Treatment Of Patients With Neuromyelitis Optica 11/25/2014
RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (RGRX) Release: Researchers Report Thymosin Beta 4 Is Cardioprotective In Pulmonary Hypertension/Heart Failure Model 11/25/2014
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Release: Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis Linked To Cognitive Impairment 11/25/2014
Testosterone May Play Modest Role In Menopausal Women’s Sex Drive, University of Michigan Health System Study 11/24/2014
Hand Dryers Can Spread Bacteria In Public Toilets, University of Leeds Research Finds 11/24/2014
So What About That Acrylamide In Your French Fries? 11/24/2014
Many People Who Drink A Lot Aren't Alcoholics: CDC 11/24/2014
Pain From Rejection And Physical Pain May Not Be So Similar After All, University of Colorado Study 11/24/2014