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Medical Dev. & Diag. - Research
OptiNose AS Announces Publication Of Pivotal Phase 3 Results For Investigational Migraine Treatment Developed By Optinose Using Bi-Directional™ Breath Powered™ Technology 10/31/2014
Sorin Group S.p.A. (SRN) Completes Enrollment In The RESPOND CRT IDE Clinical Trial Using Innovative Heart Failure Management Technology 10/31/2014
BioLineRx Ltd. Reports Publication In Peer Review Journal Of Results From Previous Phase 1/2 Trial For BCM (BL-1040), A Novel Medical Device For Prevention Of Cardiac Remodeling Following Acute Myocardial Infarction 10/31/2014
Making Lab-Grown Tissues Stronger, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 10/31/2014
Better Chemotherapy Through Targeted Delivery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study 10/31/2014
AVANIR Pharmaceuticals (AVNR) Announces Publication Of Pivotal Phase 3 Results From AVP-825 Acute Migraine Study In The Journal "Headache" 10/31/2014
Device For Running Shoes That Prevents Injuries Developed, El Institute Of Biomechanics Of Valencia Reveals 10/31/2014
Health Monitor And Diagnostic Device Is The Future Of Wearable Technology, University of Cincinnati Study 10/31/2014
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Implants 50th Pulmonary Valve Without Open-Heart Surgery 10/31/2014
Blood-Brain Barrier Opened With Ultrasound Implants To Let Drugs Through, CarThera Reveals 10/31/2014
Google Inc. Is Developing Cancer And Heart Attack Detector 10/30/2014
Saliva May Reveal Deadly Diseases Early Enough To Treat Them, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Scientists Report 10/30/2014
New Study Shows That Screening With Zenicor Thumb-ECG Of Stroke Patients Is Both Effective And Provides Longterm Cost Savings 10/30/2014
NanoSomiX Release: Study Says Blood Test For Brain Insulin Resistance Accurately Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease Risk 10/30/2014
iSTAR Medical Announces First Patient Implanted With STARflo(TM) Glaucoma Drainage Device In European Clinical Trial 10/30/2014
CeloNova BioSciences's Super-Selective Embolic Microsphere With Drug Loading Capabilities Could Mean Improved Quality Of Life And Overall Survival For Liver Cancer Patients 10/30/2014
New Technology Shows Promise For Delivery Of Therapeutics To The Brain, Virginia Tech And Wake Forest University Study 10/30/2014
EEG Test To Help Understand And Treat Schizophrenia, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 10/30/2014
First Human Stomach Tissue In Lab With Stem Cells Generated, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Reveals 10/30/2014
BIOTRONIK Announces First Implant In Global BIOLUX P-III All-Comers Registry, Expanding Safety And Efficacy Data On Passeo-18 Lux 10/30/2014
EndoChoice Announces New Data Released Supporting Efficacy Of Fuse® Endoscopy System 10/30/2014
A Nanoparticle-Based Alternative To Viagra, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 10/30/2014
Genclis SAS Releases First Data For Severidia® Molecular Diagnostic In Triple-Negative Breast Cancer 10/29/2014
EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. Release: Incisionless Procedure Improves Long-Term GERD Symptoms, 70% Of Patients Are Able to Stop Taking Proton Pump Inhibitor Medications For Two Years 10/29/2014
Veracyte, Inc. (VCYT) Announces New Data Supporting Clinical Validity of Afirma® Gene Expression Classifier 10/29/2014
LDR (LDRH) Announces Landmark Publication In JAMA Surgery On Cost-Effectiveness Of 2-Level Mobi-C® Cervical Disc 10/29/2014
Prototype Uses LED Lights To Detect Ebola, Boston University Study 10/29/2014
Many Home Blood Pressure Monitors May Be Inaccurate, University of Ottawa Study 10/29/2014
Indiana University Researchers: Blood Test May Help To Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer 10/29/2014
How Far Urine Flows In A Tiny Tube Says A Lot About Your Health, Brigham Young University Study 10/28/2014
Pharmatech, Inc. Release: Pharmatech Precision Medicine Research System (AccessPPM) Takes Aim At Lung Cancer 10/28/2014
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. Enrolls First Seven Patients In Japan For Coast Study 10/28/2014
SCIO Health Analytics Release: Use Of Non-Invasive Open Ventilation System In Patients With Severe Respiratory Insufficiency Improves Health Status 10/28/2014
Tenofovir Gel Use With Lower HSV-2 Risk In Women, University of Washington Study 10/28/2014
Not As Weird As It Sounds, Amiko And Its Pill-Bottle Wearable Device 10/28/2014
One Drop Will Do: Simple Test To Detect Vitamin B12 Deficiency Developed, University of British Columbia Study 10/28/2014
Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) Begins Global Clinical Study Of Investigational Pericardial Surgical Aortic Heart Valve 10/28/2014
Venaxis, Inc. (APPY)' APPY1 Trial Results Presented By Dr. David S. Huckins, M.D., At ACEP14 10/28/2014
Device Monitors Noisy Knees To Diagnose Osteoarthritis, Lancaster University Study 10/28/2014
Miniature Device Can Improve Cancer Treatment Monitoring, University Of Montreal Study 10/27/2014
New Home Test Shakes Up Colon Cancer Screening, Mayo Clinic Study 10/27/2014
Sound-Powered Tiny Implantable Chip To Act As Medical Device, Stanford University Study 10/27/2014
Results Of Adherence Study Published In BMC Gastroenterology Demonstrate That Epigenomics AG’ Blood-Based Epi Procolon® Improves Compliance To CRC Screening 10/27/2014
New York University Polytechnic School Of Engineering Researchers Break Nano Barrier To Engineer The First Protein Microfiber, 10/27/2014
In Orbit Or On Earth, Implantable Device Will Release Therapeutic Drugs Remotely, Huston Methodist Leading Medicine Study 10/27/2014
Chronic Pain Sufferers Confirm BioElectronics Corporation' ActiPatch® Therapy Provides Life Changing Pain Relief 10/27/2014
First Ever Five-Millimeter Laparoscopic Stapled Small Bowel Anastomosis Performed With Cardica, Inc. (CRDC)'s MicroCutter XCHANGE® 30 10/27/2014
Growing A Blood Vessel In A Week, University of Gothenburg Study 10/27/2014
SI-BONE, Inc. Announces Publication Of 5 Year Follow-Up Data For Ifuse Implant System® 10/27/2014
TriVascular, Inc. (TRIV) Announces First Patient Enrollment In The LIFE (Least Invasive Fast-Track EVAR) Study 10/27/2014
Rapid Test To Diagnose Severe Sepsis, University of British Columbia Study 10/24/2014
BSD Medical (BSDM) Reports Findings From Study Sponsored By Terumo Europe N.V. Using Microthermx® Microwave Ablation System 10/24/2014
National Scientific And Technical Research Council Release: New Engineering Method Shows Promise For Faster Healing, More Cosmetically Appealing Skin Grafts 10/24/2014
St. Vincent Hospital Surgeons Transplant Heart That Had Stopped Beating 10/24/2014
RedPath Integrated Pathology, Inc. Announces Publication Of Study In Endoscopy Showing The Accuracy Of Pathfindertg® In Managing Pancreatic Cysts 10/24/2014
A Real-Time Tracking System Developed To Monitor Dangerous Bacteria Inside The Body, Johns Hopkins Children's Center Study 10/24/2014
Synthetic Biology On Ordinary Paper, Results Off The Page, Harvard University Study 10/24/2014
New Test Could Identify Infants With Rare Insulin Disease, University of Manchester Study 10/24/2014
Skin Patch Could Replace Syringe For Disease Diagnosis, University of Queensland Study 10/23/2014
Frozen Embryos Produce More Confident Babies, Zhejiang University Study 10/23/2014
CardioKinetix Inc. Initiates Study In China Of First-Of-Its-Kind Parachute Device For Treatment Of Heart Failure 10/23/2014
Castle Biosciences’ Multi-Analyte Test Successfully Identifies Esophageal Cancer Patients Who Are Extremely Resistant To Standard Treatment Of Chemoradiation Therapy 10/23/2014
Brain Simulation Raises Questions, Uppsala Universitet Study 10/23/2014
Breath Test Shows Promise For Diagnosing Fungal Pneumonia, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 10/23/2014
Single Molecule Electrical Sensing Mechanism To Detect Diseases Like Ebola, University of Limerick Study 10/23/2014
Independent Study Shows Sedia Biosciences’s New HIV-1 LAg-Avidity Test Is Top Performing Incidence Assay 10/23/2014
Trial Reported In Headache And Pain Journal Further Confirms The Effectiveness Of electroCore’s Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation Treatment For Headache 10/23/2014
Brain Scans Show Cause Of Seasonal Affective Disorder, University of Copenhagen Study 10/22/2014
Study Published in Advances In Wound Care Shows Venus Leg Ulcers Treated With Spiracur's Mechanically Powered Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System Superior To Electrically Powered System 10/22/2014
Hansen Medical (HNSN) Announces Completion Of First Robot-Assisted Uterine Fibroid Embolization Procedure In United States 10/22/2014
CDx Diagnostics Release: Multicenter Study Reinforces The Clinical Benefit Of The WATS3D Biopsy For Detection Of Barrett's Esophagus And Dysplasia 10/22/2014
Gynesonics Receives FDA Approval To Commence A Pivotal IDE Clinical Trial For The Newly-Designed Vizablate® System 10/22/2014
NanoString Technologies Inc. (NSTG) Announces Publication In The Journal Of Clinical Oncology Showing The Prosigna Assay Identifies Women With A Low Risk Of Late Distant Recurrence Of Breast Cancer 10/22/2014
Brainlab: First Patient Treated With New Brainlab Contouring Software For Arteriovenous Malformation Radiosurgery 10/22/2014
Covidien plc (COV) Release: 93% Of U.S., 92% Of New Yorkers Unaware That Stroke Is Second Leading Cause Of Death Globally 10/22/2014
Extremely High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ETH Zurich Study 10/22/2014
Naomi Kizhner Designs Jewelry That Generates Electricity... From Your Veins 10/22/2014
Bacterin International, Inc. Presents Preclinical Results Of An Efficacious Antimicrobial Orthopedic Device Coating 10/22/2014
Avantis Medical Systems, Inc. Announces Study Of New Third Eye® Panoramic™ Device For Colonoscopy At The American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting 10/22/2014
Milk Fat Detector Uses Fluorescent Dye, National University of Singapore (NUS) Study 10/22/2014
Biological Effects Of Blue Light Untangled, University of Pennsylvania Study 10/21/2014
CardioDx, Inc. Announces Results Of Study Demonstrating The Benefits Of The Corus CAD Gene Expression Test Use In An African American Patient Population 10/21/2014
Exalenz Bioscience Launches Pivotal Study Of World’s First Breath-Based Test To Diagnose Clinically Significant Portal Hypertension 10/21/2014
IceCure Medical Ltd. Release: National Multi-Center Clinical Trial Of Non-Surgical Breast Cancer Treatment Enrolls First Patients 10/21/2014
Keck Medicine Of USC Physicians First In Southern California To Implant New Wireless Device To Manage Heart Failure 10/21/2014
See-Through Sensors Open New Window Into The Brain, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study 10/21/2014
Uppsala University Hospital Release: First Patient Successfully Implanted In Safety/Efficacy Study Of Beta-O2's ßair Bio-Artificial Pancreas For Type 1 Diabetes 10/21/2014
Ivantis, Inc. Announces HYDRUS II Glaucoma Study Met Primary Endpoint In A Randomized Controlled Trial At Two Years 10/21/2014
University College London Research Helps Paralysed Man To Recover Function 10/21/2014
Mela Sciences (MELA) Release: Outcomes Study Reports Use Of Melafind Reduced Benign Biopsies By 61% In Patients At Risk For Melanoma 10/21/2014
Smartphone Tool Effective At Examining Diabetic Eye Disease, University of Brescia Study 10/20/2014
Wearable Tech Lets Boss Track Your Work, Rest And Play 10/20/2014
Could Reading Glasses Soon Be A Thing Of The Past? University of Wisconsin Study 10/20/2014
University of Wisconsin-Madison Release: See-Through Sensors Open New Window Into The Brain 10/20/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Release: 3-D Printed Facial Prosthesis Offers New Hope For Eye Cancer Patients Following Surgery 10/20/2014
CardioDx, Inc. Announces Results Of Study Demonstrating The Benefits Of The Corus CAD Gene Expression Test Use In An African American Patient Population 10/20/2014
Lab-Developed Intestinal Organoids Form Mature Human Tissue In Mice, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Study 10/20/2014
CeraPedics, Inc. Release: Novel i-FACTOR™ Biologic Bone Graft Shown To Improve Clinical Outcomes In ALIF Procedures 10/20/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Release: Tear Duct Implant Effective At Reducing Pain And Inflammation In Cataract Surgery Patients 10/20/2014
EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. Announces TIF® Procedure Significantly More Effective Than PPI In Eliminating Troublesome Regurgitation In Patients With Long-Term GERD 10/20/2014
Mini MRI To Check Bone Health On Space Station, University Of Saskatchewan Study 10/20/2014
Tear Duct Implant Effective In Cataract Surgery Patients, American Academy of Ophthalmology Reveals 10/20/2014
Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX) Initiates Study Of Promus PREMIER™ Coronary Stent System In Underserved Patient Populations 10/20/2014
PneumRx Completes RENEW Pivotal Trial Enrollment 10/20/2014
Tuning Light To Kill Deep Cancer Tumors, University of Massachusetts Medical School Study 10/17/2014
Masimo Corporation (MASI) Release: New Clinical Study Presented At American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting Shows Benefit Of Oxygen Reserve Index™, ORI™ 10/17/2014
Human Replicant Aids MRI Research, University Of Waikato Study 10/17/2014
Simple Test May Predict Wound Complications After Surgery, Loyola University Medical Center Study 10/17/2014
New Test Can Help Doctors Choose Best Treatment For Ovarian Cancer, Imperial College London Study 10/16/2014
Two New Clinical Studies Show Masimo Corporation (MASI) Noninvasive Hemoglobin (SpHb®) Demonstrated Similar Precision As Hemoglobin From Point Of Care Devices 10/16/2014
Lombard Medical Announces First Aorfix™ Cases In New Zealand Following Expansion In Asia-Pacific Region 10/16/2014
Google Inc. Glass Addiction? Docs Report First First Case Of Disorder 10/16/2014
Eternity Healthcare Is Developing A Multi Channel Needle-Free Injection Device For Mass Vaccination 10/16/2014
4 Ways Cameras Are Revolutionizing Healthcare 10/16/2014
Womb Transplant: Old Uterus As Good As A 20-Year-Old's, Sahlgrenska University Hospital Study 10/15/2014
InspireMD Ltd. Halts Enrollment In MGuard Stent Clinical Trial 10/15/2014
Light-Activated Drug Could Reduce Side Effects Of Diabetes Medication, Imperial College London Study 10/15/2014
InVivo Therapeutics Corporation (NVIV) Announces First Subject Enrolled In Pilot Spinal Cord Injury Trial 10/15/2014
Quanterix Release: Simoa Technology Highlighted In A Nature Publication For Effectively Measuring Brain Biomarkers In Blood For Traumatic Brain Injury 10/15/2014
Masimo Corporation (MASI) Release: New Clinical Study Presented At The American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting Shows Benefit Of Oxygen Reserve Index(TM), ORI(TM) 10/15/2014
Theraclion Presents Positive Results From A Study Published In The "International Journal Of Hyperthermia" 10/15/2014
Stenting Safe And Effective For Long-Term Stroke Prevention, University College London Study 10/15/2014
How The Fruit Fly Could Help Us Sniff Out Drugs And Bombs, University Of Sussex Study 10/15/2014
Venaxis, Inc. (APPY) Announces APPY1 Test Clinical Trial Results To Be Presented At ACEP14 10/15/2014
Unusual Skin Cancer Linked To Chronic Allergy From Metal Orthopedic Implant, Washington University in St. Louis Study 10/15/2014
Microbubbles Illuminate A Rainbow Web Of Blood Vessels, King's College London Study 10/15/2014
Aethlon Medical (AEMD) Announces First Treatment Of An Ebola Patient 10/14/2014
This Device Could Detect Dozens Of Cancers With A Single Blood Test, Miroculus Reveals 10/14/2014
Updated Clinical Data From Numerous Studies Of AirXpanders, Inc.’ Aeroform™ Needle-Free, Patient-Controlled Tissue Expansion System Presented At American Society Of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Annual Meeting 2014 10/14/2014
ZEISS Release: Bessel Beam Plane Illumination Microscopy Enables Fast 3D Volume Imaging 10/14/2014
CryoPort, Inc. Begins Delivering Novel Cryogenically Preserved Knee OA Treatment to Orthopedists 10/14/2014
STEM CELLS Translational Medicine Release: Remotely Controlled Magnetic Nanoparticles Stimulate Stem Cells To Regenerate Better, Denser Bone 10/14/2014
Prosthetic Hand Recreates Feeling Of Cotton Bud Touch, Louis Stokes Veterans Affairs Medical Center Study 10/14/2014
New Research Could Pave The Way For Fructose Tolerance Test, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Study 10/14/2014
Ablative Solutions Treats The First Patient In The European CE-Mark Study For Renal Denervation 10/14/2014
Wink Oral Thermometer For Easier Menstrual Cycle Tracking, Kindara Reveals 10/13/2014
Stanford University Scientists Build Tiny Implantable Sensor To Detect Blood And Intracranial Pressures 10/13/2014
Bioinspired Coating For Medical Devices Repels Blood And Bacteria, Harvard University Study 10/13/2014
Smith & Nephew plc (SNN)’s “Spray-On-Skin” For Leg Ulcers Flops In Trial 10/13/2014
Frozen Fecal Transplants May Soon Be Available In A Pill, Massachusetts General Hospital Study 10/13/2014
British Company Primerdesign Ltd Racing To Contain Ebola 10/13/2014
ClearFlow Announces Positive Clinical Trial Results For The Reduction Of Hospital Complications After Heart Surgery 10/13/2014
Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) CoreValve System Shows Exceptional Outcomes And Valve Performance In TAVI Patients Treated Via Direct Aortic Access 10/13/2014
Vexim To Initiate Clinical Study To Support Planned 510(k) Application To Market SpineJack® In The United States 10/13/2014
Biolight To Present Its Ioptimate(TM) System At The Ophthalmology Innovation Summit @ The American Academy Of Ophthalmology 2014 10/13/2014
Auxogyn, Inc. Announces Pilot Study To Evaluate Use Of The Eeva™ Test For Patients Who Elect To Undergo Elective Single Embryo Transfer 10/13/2014
The Scripps Research Institute Scientists Create Mimic Of "Good" Cholesterol To Fight Heart Disease And Stroke 10/10/2014
Prominent Researchers to Present Minimally Invasive Surgeries Utilizing Vycor Medical Inc.'s VBAS At Congress Of Neurosurgery 10/10/2014
New Cardiac Pacemaker As Small As A Vitamin, Baylor Jack And Jane Hamilton Heart And Vascular Hospital Study 10/10/2014
Manipulating Memory With Light, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 10/10/2014
Gold Nanoparticles Measure The Stickiness Of Snot, University of North Carolina Reveals 10/10/2014
Electronics That Dissolve In Water May Be The Next Generation Of Devices, University of Illinois Study 10/10/2014
AtriCure, Inc. (ATRC) Completes Enrollment In Post Approval Study For The Synergy™ Ablation System 10/10/2014
MDxHealth, Inc. (MXDHF)'s ConfirmMDx Genes Identify Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness In Diagnostic Biopsies 10/10/2014
Company Developing Radio Frequency Technology To Localize Breast Tumors, University of Wisconsin-Madison Reveals 10/10/2014
New Technique Yields Fast Results In Drug, Biomedical Testing, Purdue University Study 10/10/2014
Electronic Vest Uses Smartphone To Help Deaf Hear; New Technology Processes Sound Via Phone, Transfers It Through Vest, Baylor College of Medicine Study 10/9/2014
Drug-Infused Nanoparticle Is Right For Sore Eyes, University of Waterloo 10/9/2014
AtriCure, Inc. (ATRC) Completes Enrollment In Post Approval Study For The Synergy™ Ablation System 10/9/2014
Studies Show Respiratory Motion, Inc. Patient Monitor May Be Early Warning System For Respiratory Depression 10/9/2014
Neovasc Inc. (NVC), An Opko Health, Inc. Investee, Receives FDA Conditional Approval To Initiate TIARA-I Trial In U.S.: A Multinational, Multicenter Early Feasibility Trial Of The Tiaratm Transcatheter Mitral Valve 10/9/2014
Imricor Medical Systems Announces First Procedures In Clinical Study Of MR-Enabled™Cardiac Ablation Products 10/9/2014
Neovasc Inc. (NVC) Receives FDA Conditional Approval To Initiate TIARA-I Trial In US: A Multinational, Multicenter Early Feasibility Trial Of The Tiara™ Transcatheter Mitral Valve 10/9/2014
Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. Announces Positive LP-002 Data For Alzheimer's Blood Diagnostic Lympro Test® 10/9/2014
Intersect ENT Announces Publication Of Positive Data From Three Studies Of Company's Drug-Eluting Sinus Implants 10/9/2014
Research Finds That BCI Device Helps Stroke Victims Communicate, East Tennessee State University Reveals 10/9/2014
Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arms That Work In Daily Life Are Now A Reality, Chalmers University of Technology Study 10/9/2014
Can Chocolate Bars With Silver Nanoparticles Cure Ebola? FDA Commissioner Riffs On Fraud 10/8/2014
New "Lab-On-A-Chip" Could Revolutionize Early Diagnosis Of Cancer, University of Kansas Reveals 10/8/2014
EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. Announces Publication Of Study Demonstrating Benefits Of TIF Procedure In Controlling GERD Symptoms 10/8/2014
Tampon Test For Ovarian Cancer Shows Promise, University of Virginia And Washington University in St. Louis Study 10/8/2014
University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Announces First Implant In Clinical Study Of Core Valve Evolut R 10/8/2014
I'll Take That Brain To Go! Advancements In The Transport Of Human Brain Samples And Epilepsy Research, University of Southern California Study 10/8/2014
Green Tea-Based "Missiles" To Kill Cancer Cells More Effectively, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Reveals 10/7/2014
The Skin Cancer Selfie, Duke University Study 10/7/2014
New Device Can Slow, Reverse Heart Failure, The Ohio University Wexner Medical Center Reveals 10/7/2014
Torax Medical Completes 5 Year Clinical Trials Affirming Long-Term Benefits Of Novel Procedure To Treat Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease 10/7/2014
Quantum Imaging Finally Saves Schrödinger's Cat 10/7/2014
CVRx, Inc. Announces First Successful Barostim Heart Failure Commercial Implants In Europe 10/7/2014
IsoRay, Inc. (ISR) Announces Early Success For Young Peruvian Girl Utilizing Cesium-131 In First Stereotactic Implant For Inoperable Brain Cancer 10/7/2014
MRI Technique Detects Evidence Of Cognitive Decline Before Symptoms Appear, University of Geneva Reveals 10/7/2014
EarlySense Predictive Solution Anticipates A Patient's Bed-Exit Throughout The Night 10/7/2014
Medgenics, Inc. To Present Initial Clinical Data From MDGN-201 Study At European Society Of Gene And Cell Therapy Congress 10/7/2014
Sunshine Heart's C-Pulse® System Feasibility Study Data Published In JACC 10/7/2014
Superhuman Vision, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study 10/7/2014
Could Fading Sense Of Smell Mean An Earlier Death? The University Of Chicago Medical Center Study 10/6/2014
Genetic Test Reveals Risk Of Atrial Fibrillation And Stroke, Lund University Reveals 10/6/2014
Imaging System Capable Of Obtaining 12 Times More Info Than The Human Eye, University of Granada Study 10/6/2014
Brain Activity Indicates There Is More Than Meets The Eye, University of Melbourne Study 10/6/2014
Scientists Develop Barcoding Tool For Stem Cells, Harvard Stem Cell Institute Study 10/6/2014
Updated Clinical Data From Numerous Studies Of AirXpanders, Inc.' Aeroform™ Needle-Free, Patient-Controlled Tissue Expansion System To Be Presented At American Society Of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Annual Meeting 2014 10/6/2014
Claret Medical Announces First Patient Treated In U.S. Pivotal Trial Evaluating Cerebral Protection During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) 10/6/2014
Tongue Size And Fat May Predict Sleep Apnea Risk In Obese Adults, University of Pennsylvania Study 10/3/2014
New Blood Test Shows Who Has And Who May Get Cancer, University Of Bradford Study 10/3/2014
Human Tissue And Gold Nanoparticles Form Patch For Damaged Hearts, Tel Aviv University Study 10/3/2014
New Nanostructure Strengthens Sensitivity Of Biosensors, Northwestern University Reveals 10/3/2014
Stem Cell Discovery Could Lead To Better Treatments For Blindness, University of Southampton Study 10/3/2014
BioTime (BTX)’s Subsidiary OncoCyte Corporation Announces Completion Of Multi-Site Clinical Study Of Lung Cancer Diagnostic By Collaborators At The Wistar Institute 10/3/2014
How To Predict Who Will Suffer The Most From Stress, Concordia University Study 10/2/2014
How Your Fingers Can Predict Everything From Penis Size To Sexual Orientation 10/2/2014