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Biotech/Pharma - Food Supply/AgBio
A Century On, Experts Crack Mystery Of Holes In Swiss Cheese 5/29/2015
BOC Sciences Release: Isotope Is Applied In Tracking Alaska Salmon 5/22/2015
ADM Grows Sweetener Business In China With Agreement To Purchase Meiweiyuan Biotechnology 5/18/2015
Syngenta AG (SYT) Rejects $45 Billion Takeover Offer From Monsanto Company (MON) 5/8/2015
Dow Chemical  (DOW) Will Chop Up to 1,750 Jobs, But CEO Won’t See Pay Cut 5/5/2015
White-Hot Flagship Ventures Inks Deals With AstraZeneca PLC (AZN), Bayer CropScience AG and Nestle SA As VC Roars 5/5/2015
Is Cheese The Secret To A Longer Life And Faster Metabolism? Aarhus University Study 5/4/2015
EcoPesticides Signs Cooperative R&D Agreement With USDA 4/28/2015
Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW), Arcadia Biosciences And Bioceres Collaborate To Develop And Commercialize Soybean Traits 4/28/2015
Bioceres And Arcadia Biosciences Receive Regulatory Approval For Stress-Tolerant Soybeans In Argentina Through Verdeca Joint Venture 4/28/2015
Evogene Ltd. (EVGN) CEOOfer Haviv And Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc CEO Pam Marrone To Participate In 'Profiling Tomorrow's Ag Solutions' Panel Discussion At Agrivest 2015 4/27/2015
Calysta Release: U.S. Life Science Firm Announces Plans To Launch Feedkind Protein – Sustainable Fishmeal Alternative 4/21/2015
Kraft Removing Synthetic Colors From Iconic Mac & Cheese 4/21/2015
Cow Milk Without The Cow Is Coming To Change Food Forever, Counter Culture Labs Reveals 4/20/2015
DuPont Pioneer Joins a Handful of Illinois Companies with Layoffs But is Hush-Hush on Number 4/17/2015
Eight Nutrients To Protect The Aging Brain, Institute Of Food Technologists Study 4/16/2015
Food Safety Scientists Have Ties To Big Tobacco 4/15/2015
Marijuana Extract May Help Epilepsy Patients, New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Study 4/15/2015
What Five Days Of Eating Fatty Foods Does To Your Muscles, Virginia Tech Study 4/15/2015
KIND Bars Claim To Be Healthy, The FDA Disagrees 4/15/2015
Is Marijuana Good Medicine Or Dangerous? Poll Reveals What The U.S. Thinks 4/15/2015
Sabra Hummus And Five Other Foods You Shouldn’t Eat This Week 4/13/2015
FuturaGene’s Eucalyptus Is Approved For Commercial Use In Brazil 4/10/2015
Would You Buy A Genetically Modified Apple That Doesn’t Go Brown? Okanagan Reveals 2/23/2015
No Sign Of Health Or Nutrition Problems From GMO Livestock Feed, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 10/2/2014
Monsanto Company (MON) Should Lose Some Battles To Win The War Over GMOs 7/23/2014
Actavis (ACT) Dumps $18 Million In New Warehouse Facilities 6/27/2014
Sulfurous Chemical Serves As Clarion Call For Coral Pathogens, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Release 12/12/2013
Precision BioSciences and DuPont Pioneer Announce Publication of Plant Genome Engineering Success 10/31/2013
Evogene Ltd. and DuPont (DD) Pioneer Expand Collaboration for Soybean Rust Resistance 10/15/2013
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Release: Field Trials of New Nitrogen Use Efficient Rice Show Increased Productivity, Leading to Increased Food Security and Reduced Fertilizer Dependence 9/10/2013
Chobani to Replace Moldy Yogurt, FDA in the Dark 9/5/2013
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Welcomes President Obama's Recognition of Biotechnology's Contribution to Renewable Energy 6/26/2013
Molecular Farming Fits Need for Fully Functional Protein Therapeutics and Low-Cost Vaccines, Says Frost & Sullivan 6/20/2013
BIOTECHNICA 2013 to Showcase Solutions for Safe and Sustainable Food Production 4/25/2013
Krajete GmbH Release: Microorganisms as Powerhouses for Electricity Storage 4/17/2013
Immunovative Inc. : Marvanal Inc. Lactose-Free Products Currently Approved by the State of Connecticut for Public School Food Lunch Program 3/25/2013
De Facto Release: Global Food Industry Leaders Say Continual Innovation is Urgently Needed to Reduce Pressures on Price and Food Supply 3/13/2013
Metallized Carbon Corporation Announces Metcar Grade M-58 for Food Contact Applications 3/6/2013
Intralytix, Inc. Wins Regulatory Approval for Phage-Based Food Safety Product Effective Against Salmonella 2/28/2013
Evogene Ltd. (EVGN) Announces Launch of Gene2Product™ Computational AgBio Platform 1/29/2013
Novozymes, Inc. (NZYMb.CO) and MBI Partner to Win $2.5M DOE Award 1/11/2013
Ceres, Inc. Marks Milestone in Drought Trait Pipeline 1/8/2013
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., USAID and CIMMYT to Develop Heat-Tolerant Wheat 10/19/2012
Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW) Receives First Approval for Enlist Corn and Enlist Soybeans 10/19/2012
Senomyx, Inc. (SNMX) Announces Approval of Its Savory Flavors and S2383 Flavor Ingredient in the European Union 10/9/2012
Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW) Acquires Cal/West Seeds 10/8/2012
A Breakthrough In Agricultural Biotechnology -Trait Delivery Innovator Morflora Accelerates Gene Delivery Process in Seeds 9/19/2012
POET and Agrivida, Inc. Sign Technology Collaboration Joint Development Agreement 8/22/2012
Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW) Launches POWERCORE™ 8/17/2012
Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics, Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW) to Collaborate on Crop Development 8/16/2012
Bioo Scientific Corporation's New ELISA Facilitates the Screening of Carbendazim in Juice and Honey 8/10/2012
Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL.OB) Creates New Jobs and Commences Farming Operations at Senteeko Tea Estate 7/26/2012
Mott Corporation Release: Improved Product Quality for Food Safety 7/25/2012
Innophos Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition of AMT Labs, Inc. for $27 Million Cash 7/18/2012
Salt Institute Release: U.S. Dietary Guidelines Harming Elderly 7/18/2012
XYMOGEN Launches Pharmaceutix(TM) Medical Foods Division and Partners With Acasti Pharma to Bring Revolutionary Medical Food to United States and Beyond 7/11/2012
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) and China’s Leading Agricultural University Jointly Established Corn Research Institute 4/23/2012
University of Missouri Researchers Find Identical DNA Codes in Plant Species Providing Insights into Plant and Animal Evolution' 4/10/2012
PerkinElmer, Inc. (PKI) and TPM Biotech SDN. BHD. Sign Agreement to Validate Porcine Detection Kits as Screening Application for Halal Food Products 4/9/2012
Experts Develop Salt-Tolerant, High-Yield Wheat, University of Adelaide Study 3/12/2012
Life Technologies (LIFE) Introduces the Ion Proton™ Sequencer in India which is Designed to Decode Human and Plant Genomes in a Single Day for $1,000 3/5/2012
Entia Biosciences Developing ErgoD2(TM) Line of Medical Foods 2/27/2012
Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW), BioDuro, LLC to Collaborate on Crop Protection Discovery Research 2/7/2012
Bayer CropScience AG Release: Respect the Rotation Events Motivate Farmers 2/7/2012
Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. Announces Favorable Results of Lycopene Study Using Proprietary Technology 2/7/2012
ErgoD2 Achieves Important Safety Milestone for Entia Biosciences 2/1/2012
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Receives $4.5 Million Grant from U.S. Agency for International Development to Develop Salt-Tolerant Rice and Gather Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Nitrogen Efficient Crops 1/31/2012
Science Magazine Showcases Groundbreaking Science Technology That Efficiently Converts Seaweed to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals 1/20/2012
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) to Announce Fiscal 2011 Annual Financial Results on January 19 1/19/2012
Precision BioSciences Announces Establishment of Precision PlantSciences for Development of Advanced Agricultural Biotechnology 1/19/2012
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) Reports Unaudited Financial Results for the Year Ended September 30, 2011 1/19/2012
Coke Says It Found Fungicide in Orange Juice, FDA Has Been Alerted 1/13/2012
A Stable Renewable Fuel Standard Is Needed to Meet Biofuel Production Goals, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Says 11/3/2011
OmniLytics Receives EPA Approval to Treat Tomato Canker Disease, Amends Original Label 11/1/2011
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. and the South African Sugarcane Research Institute to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient Sugarcane 10/31/2011
Mendel Trait Technology Advances Towards Commercial Launch 9/28/2011
TEMIS Selected by National Agricultural Library to Automate Indexing Process 9/27/2011
Bayer CropScience AG and Bayer CropScience LP Achieve Milestone in Wheat Genetics Research 9/26/2011
Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW), M.S. Technologies Submit for Approval First Ever Three-Gene Herbicide-Tolerant Soybean 8/22/2011
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: Control and Determine Food Moisture Content Securely 8/2/2011
Intrexon Corporation's AgBio Division Expands Its Operations 7/29/2011
GLG Life Tech Corporation Announces FDA Issuance of Two Letters of no Objection for BlendSure(TM) and PureSTV(TM) Stevia Extracts 7/18/2011
Natural Chemical Found in Grapes May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Study 7/15/2011
Ghrelin Increases Willingness to Pay for Food, McGill University Study 7/12/2011
Coffee Protects Against Drug-Resistant Germs in Latest Baffling Benefit, Medical University of South Carolina Study 7/12/2011
Potassium-Rich Foods May Offset Heart Risk of High Sodium, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Researchers Say 7/12/2011
Molasses Extract Decreases Obesity Caused by a High-Fat Diet, La Trobe University Study 7/12/2011
Red Wine: Exercise in a Bottle?, Study in FASEB Journal 7/1/2011
Zinc Prevents Diabetes Damage, University of Michigan Study 7/1/2011
Metagenics Inc.’s Poster Presentations at National Lipid Association Show Sustainability of Lifestyle Medicine Program Results and Value of Omega-3 (Fish Oil) in Heart Health 6/7/2011
Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Introduces New ZonePerfect(R) Sweet & Salty Nutrition Bars 5/20/2011
RIKEN Plant Science Center (PSC) Discovery of DNA Silencing Mechanism Reveals How Plants Protect their Genome 5/12/2011
YaSheng Group (YHGG) Makes Breakthrough in Its New Technology for Dryland Wheat Planting 5/9/2011
Market Lighting Affects Nutrients in Salad Greens, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Researchers Find 5/4/2011
Milken Institute Release: Making Plants Into Products Through Industrial Biotech Would Benefit From Policy Support, Effective Advocacy and Sustained Capitalization 5/2/2011
Devgen NV: Shareholder Notification 4/21/2011
YaSheng Group (YHGG) Ranks as No. 1 Recipient of Green Food Certifications in Gansu Province, China 4/14/2011
Indiana University: Algae that Live Inside the Cells Of Salamanders are the First Known Vertebrate Endosymbionts 4/4/2011
Sebastian Hoss of the Institute for Biodiversity Release: Genetically Modified Bt Maize: is it Compatible with Nematodes? 3/10/2011
Chilli Could be Next on the Menu to Fight Flab, Ajinomoto Reveals 3/7/2011
Monsanto Company (MON) Buys Divergence 2/23/2011
DuPont (DD) Expanding $50 Million Biotech Soybean Program 2/18/2011
Intrexon Corporation Launches AgBio Division and Acquires Agarigen, Inc. 2/1/2011
Advance in Bioenergy Research: LGC Genomics GmbH and Bioplant R& D Sequence the Transcriptome of Jatropha Curcas 1/24/2011
Senomyx, Inc. (SNMX) Announces Expansion Of Firmenich Collaboration to Include Discovery, Development, and Commercialization of Natural Sweet Enhancers 12/2/2010
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)'s Prescription-Strength Fish Oil Drug, Lovaza Fails in Atrial Fibrillation Study 11/17/2010
CELLECTIS SA Plant Sciences Licenses Plant Transformation Technology for Corn and Rice 11/4/2010
BASF Plant Science L.L.C. Licenses Precision BioSciences' Site-Specific Genome Modification Technology 11/1/2010
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. and Advanta to Develop Water Efficient Sorghum 10/26/2010
CELLECTIS SA Plant Sciences Licenses Plant Transformation Technology From Midwest Oilseeds 10/20/2010
CELLECTIS SA Licenses Plant Transformation Technology from Midwest Oilseeds Inc. 10/19/2010
Montgomery College Hosts Lecture About the Importance of Plant Biology 10/6/2010
Chromatin, Inc. and Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. (SBI) (SYT) Collaborate to Develop Gene Stacking Technology for Soybean 9/16/2010
SemBioSys Genetics Inc. (SBS.TO) Issued Key U.S. Patent for the Production of Apolipoproteins in Plants 9/1/2010
Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) Limited Expects to Report Q3-10 Results on August 30, 2010 8/19/2010
Alcohol Reduces the Severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis, University of Sheffield Study Finds 7/28/2010
Rosetta Green and Seambiotic Ltd. Will Collaborate In The Development of Improved Algal Strains For The Biofuel Industry 7/26/2010
Total Nutraceutical Solutions Funded Study Reveals Potent Antioxidant Food Value of Mushrooms 7/19/2010
Favrille, Inc. (FVRL) GRAS Confirmed Amino Acid from Ajinomoto Aminoscience LLC Now Available As Key Ingredient for Food and Beverage Manufacturers 7/15/2010
Alliance for Food and Farming Press Conference: Report Finds "Dirty Dozen List" Misleads Consumers, May Negatively Impact Public Health 7/13/2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Activates Global Food Safety Response Center 7/8/2010
Diet Cola Drains Calcium In Women, Finds Walter Reed Army Medical Center 7/8/2010
Beverages Leave 'Geographic Signatures' That Can Track People's Movements 7/1/2010
Arysta LifeScience Corporation Announces Iodomethane Registered in New Zealand 7/1/2010
Understanding How Folic Acid Might Help Heal Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study 6/30/2010
Red Wine Ingredient May Benefit Prediabetes, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 6/30/2010
B Vitamins Make No Difference In Heart Disease, Cancer, Haukeland University Hospital Study 6/23/2010
Tea And Coffee 'Protect Against Heart Disease', University Medical Center Utrecht Study 6/21/2010
Love Salt? You Might Be A 'Supertaster', Penn State University Study 6/17/2010
Does Light Drinking In Pregnancy Have Benefits?,Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Study 6/10/2010
Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Halts Sale Of Vaccine Linked To Bleeding Calve Syndrome 6/9/2010
Virent Energy Systems, Inc. Secures $46 Million in Funding to Accelerate Biofuels Scale-Up 6/8/2010
Chocolate May Cut Cholesterol But Only In Some People, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Study 6/2/2010
Shark Cartilage No Help for Cancer, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Study 5/27/2010
Herbs, Supplements Often Sold Deceptively; Sometimes Contain Contaminants, Government Accountability Office Reports 5/27/2010
Mascoma Corporation's Plan for Ethanol Plant in Michigan Likely Delayed, CEO Says 5/24/2010
Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. Announces US Miscanthus Field Trial Results: Second Year Data Demonstrate High-Yielding, Genetically Diverse Product Portfolio 5/19/2010
Nuts' Anti-Cholesterol Effects Stronger For Some, Loma Linda University Study 5/11/2010
E. coli Forces FDA to Recall Lettuce; 19 Ill in 3 States 5/7/2010
How Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Brain Injury from Stroke, Johns Hopkins University Study 5/6/2010
Dietary Protein May Reduce Hip Fractures in the Elderly, Institute for Aging Research Study 5/6/2010
A New University College London Study Challenges Benefits of Vitamin A for Women and Babies 5/4/2010
Solazyme, Inc. Says Algae Could Mean Jobs for Illinois 5/4/2010
Vitamin B Warning For Diabetics With Bad Kidneys, University of Western Ontario Study 4/28/2010
Chromatin, Inc. Announces Commitment to Optimize Sorghum as a Feedstock for Renewables Market Applications 4/28/2010
'Hot' Substance In Chili Peppers Key To Killing Pain, University of Texas Study 4/27/2010
Vitamin K May Protect Against Developing Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Say Mayo Clinic Researchers 4/21/2010
Well-Done Meat Doubles Bladder Cancer Risk, University of Texas Study 4/20/2010
Vitamin and Calcium Supplements May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, Ponce School of Medicine Study 4/19/2010
Dark Chocolate May Soon Be Prescribed To Liver Patients, Spanish Researchers Say at Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Liver 4/19/2010
Diet Can Sharply Cut Alzheimer's Risk, Columbia University Study 4/13/2010
Bausch & Lomb (BOL) Introduces New PreserVision(R) Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 4/9/2010
A Genetic Gift For Sushi Eaters; Sushi Wrap Bacteria Could Help Digestive Process, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) Study 4/8/2010
Pregnancy Vitamins Fail To Foil High Blood Pressure, University of Pittsburgh Study 4/8/2010
Fruits And Vegetables Have Little Impact On Cancer, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Study Finds 4/7/2010
Researchers Tie Cola Drinking to Infertility, Rigshospitalet Study 3/31/2010
Easter Bunny May Save Your Life; Small, Dark Easter Eggs May Be Good For Your Heart, German Institute of Human Nutrition (DIfE) Study 3/30/2010
A Natural Fruit Compound May Help Asthma, New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Research 3/26/2010
Plant Breeding Breakthrough: Offspring With Genes from Only One Parent, University of California, Davis (UCD) Research 3/25/2010
Curry Ingredient Shows Promise Against Liver Damage, Medical University in Graz Study 3/24/2010
High Dietary Phosphate Intake May Promote Skin Cancer Formation, Emory University School of Medicine Study 3/23/2010
Seaweed to Tackle Rising Tide of Obesity, University of Newcastle Study 3/23/2010
Aurora Biofuels Raises $15 Million 3/17/2010
Bioo Scientific Corporation Launches ELISA to Detect Beta-Lactam Antibiotics in Food 3/16/2010
Bio Base Europe: Flanders and the Netherlands Cooperate on Biofuels From Genetically Modified Poplars 3/15/2010
University of Copenhagen Scientists Find Why "Sunshine" Vitamin D Is Crucial 3/9/2010
Bayer AG (BAY.F) to Pay $1.5 Million in 2nd Lawsuit Over GM Rice 2/8/2010
First Discovery Of The Female Sex Hormone Progesterone In A Plant, American Chemical Society 2/8/2010
A Beer for Stronger Bones? Research Reveals Link Between Beer And Bone Health, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 2/8/2010
Soft Drink Consumption May Increase Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer, University of Minnesota Study 2/8/2010
Monsanto Company (MON) to Establish Facilities at North Carolina Research Campus; Company to Employ About a Dozen Scientists 2/2/2010
Fish Oils May Slow Genetic Aging in Heart Patients, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 1/20/2010
McDonald's Studies Cow Burps to Cut Down on Methane Emissions 1/13/2010
Natural Compounds In Pomegranates May Prevent Growth Of Hormone-Dependent Breast Cancer, Study in Cancer Prevention Research Suggests 1/5/2010
Champagne Is Good for Your Heart, Study Suggests -- But Only in Moderation, University of Reading Study 1/4/2010
Ginkgo Doesn't Stop Cognitive Decline, University of Virginia Led Study 12/30/2009
Pomegranates: Latest Weapon in the Fight Against MRSA, Kingston University Study 12/22/2009
Myrrh May Lower High Cholesterol, King Abdul-Aziz University Study 12/21/2009
High-Dose Vitamin C May Boost Women's Cataract Risk, Karolinska Institute Study 12/18/2009
Coffee, Tea May Stall Diabetes, University of Sydney Study 12/15/2009
Milk Thistle May Limit Liver Damage From Chemo, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center Study 12/15/2009
Selenium, Omega-3s May Stave Off Colorectal Cancer, National Institute for Cancer Research Study 12/9/2009
Coffee May Cut Risk Of Deadly Form Of Prostate Cancer, Harvard Medical School Study 12/8/2009
Dow AgroSciences LLC (DOW), Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. Announce Research and Commercial License Option Agreement for Agricultural Crops 12/1/2009
Too Much Mineral Supplement Selenium Can Raise Cholesterol, University of Warwick Study 11/13/2009
Folic Acid Supplements Linked To Asthma, University of Adelaide's Robinson Institute Study Suggests 11/5/2009
Children Who Often Drink Full-fat Milk Weigh Less, University of Gothenburg Research Finds 11/4/2009
Processed Food Increases Depression Risk, University College London Study 11/3/2009
Pumpkin Skin May Scare Away Germs, American Chemical Society 10/29/2009
Scientists Say Curry Compound Kills Cancer Cells, Cork Cancer Research Center Study 10/29/2009
Smart Choices Food Labels Halted on US FDA Warning; Food Label Program to Suspend Operations 10/26/2009
AgriLabs, Ltd. Acquires Exclusive Rights for Pulmo-Guard(R) and Express(R) 5-PHM 10/26/2009
Biofuel Maker LS9, Inc. (JOBS) Raises $25 Million 9/25/2009
Spectral Service Invention Can Turn Red Wine By-products Into Yoghurt, Chocolates, Creams And More 9/18/2009
Chocolate Treats Migraines, Mississippi State University Study 9/18/2009
LED Light And Green Tea Cream Smooth Facial Wrinkles, German Researchers Say 9/10/2009
The 'Goldilocks Dose' Of DHA That Is 'Just Right' For Preventing Oxidative Stress In Men, Study in The FASEB Journal 9/2/2009
Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical (CGPN) Commences Manufacturing and Marketing of SkyWing Series of 18 New Poultry Products 8/24/2009
Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc. Plots Launch Of Fuel Business With $25 Million Inside Round 8/21/2009