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Biotech/Pharma - Alternative Medicine
Fake Quote Scandal: Medical Marijuana Firm CEN Biotech Receives Major Setback 2/20/2015
Optibrium And Integrated Chemistry Design Collaborate To Introduce Creative Compound Design On Ipad® 3/17/2014
Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K. and Taiwan University Team Up to Fight Hepatitis B 6/5/2013
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals (AUXL), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Strikes Pact to Co-promote TestimĀ® in the U.S. 5/21/2012
Phytoceutica, Inc. of the US to Advance Clinical Trials of TCM for Cancer 4/4/2012
Silence Therapeutics plc Announces Positive Outcome From Oral Hearing at the European Patent Office 12/7/2011
Evolva A/S to Receive First Milestone Payment from Roche (RHHBY) 6/14/2011
University of Rochester Study Finds Scientific Reason Behind Acupuncture Benefit 6/1/2010
Marijuana Ineffective As An Alzheimer's Treatment: University of British Columbia-Vancouver Coastal Health Research Study 2/8/2010
Soy Does Little To Stop Bone Loss in Postmenopausal Women, Iowa State University Study 2/5/2010
Ginkgo Biloba's Epilepsy Seizures Warning, University of Bonn Study 1/29/2010
Researchers Find Study of Medical Marijuana Discouraged 1/19/2010
Green Tea Shows Promise As Chemoprevention Agent For Oral Cancer, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Study Finds 11/5/2009
Scientists Say Curry Compound Kills Cancer Cells, Cork Cancer Research Center Study 10/29/2009
"Bioidenticals" Not FDA-Approved, Contain Estrogen 10/26/2009
Coffee Could Stall Liver Disease Progression 10/26/2009
Promising Novel Treatment For Human Cancer -- Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract, Xi'an Jiaotong University Study 10/16/2009
Aloe Vera Shows Promise for Psoriasis, Khon Kaen University Study 5/27/2009
Ginger Eases Chemo-Related Nausea, University of Chicago Study 5/15/2009
Mix Of Taiji, Cognitive Therapy And Support Groups Benefits Those With Dementia, University of Illinois Study 12/5/2008
China Recalls Another Herbal Drug After Baby Death 10/20/2008
Ginkgo Biloba Protects Brain From Stroke, Johns Hopkins University Study 10/13/2008
Ginkgo Extract Offers Promise To Cut Stroke Damage, Duke University Study 10/10/2008
St. John's Wort Effective For Depression: Cochrane Review Reports 10/8/2008
The Dietary Supplement Genistein Can Undermine Breast Cancer Treatment, University of Illinois Virginia Polytechnic, Virginia State University and the National Center for Toxicological Research Study 10/2/2008
Large Doses Of Vitamin C Supplements May Reduce The Effectiveness Of Cancer Drugs, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Researchers Have Warned 10/1/2008
Dietary Supplements Glucosamine and/or Chondroitin Fare No Better than Placebo in Slowing Structural Damage of Knee Osteoarthritis, University of Utah School of Medicine and National Institutes of Health (NIH) Study 9/30/2008
Horny Goat Weed Could Be Better Than Viagra, University of Milan Study 9/29/2008
Honeybee Venom Toxin Used To Develop New Tool For Studying Hypertension, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Study 9/24/2008
Honey Effective In Killing Bacteria That Cause Chronic Sinusitis, University of Ottawa Study 9/23/2008
Acupuncture Eases Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects, Henry Ford Hospital Study 9/22/2008
Milk May Play Anti-Cancer Role, Flinders University Study 8/29/2008
Olive Leaf Extract Can Help Tackle High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol 8/28/2008
Toxic Metals Found In Ayurvedic Meds Sold Online, Boston University School of Medicine Study 8/27/2008
Industry Slams B Vitamins Trial 8/22/2008
Synthetic Molecules Could Add Spice To Fight Against Cancer, Ohio State University Study 8/18/2008
Spices May Lessen Consequences Of High Blood Sugar, University of Georgia Study 8/15/2008
Bugs Lead Drug-Hunters To Medicinal Treasure, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Study 8/13/2008
Cancer-inhibiting Compound Found Under The Sea, University of Florida Study 8/11/2008
Cocoa Butter Lotion Won't Prevent Stretch Marks, American University of Beirut Medical Center Study 8/6/2008
Sesame Seed Extract And Konjac Gum May Help Ward Off Salmonella And E. Coli, Wageningen University Study 8/5/2008
Ohio State University Scientists Suspect Omega-3 Fatty Acids Could Slow Acute Wound Healing 7/28/2008
Some Sweeteners Inhibit Enzyme Tied to Type 2 Diabetes, Journal of Medicinal Food 7/28/2008
Ginseng May Help Treat Schizophrenia 5/9/2008
Grapefruit Compound Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus, Harvard Medical School Study 5/6/2008
Flower Power May Bring Ray Of Sunshine To Cancer Sufferers, Queensland University of Technology Study 5/2/2008
Anti-fibrotic Mechanism Of A Chinese Medicinal Herb May Inspire Drug Development, Beijing Genomics Institute Study 5/2/2008
Japanese Mushroom Leads To Breakthrough In Protein Research 5/2/2008
Benefits Of Marijuana Mimicked; Nerve Agents Stimulated Cannabinoid Receptors In Mice, Offering Pain Relief Without Side Effects, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) and The Scripps Research Institute Study 4/28/2008
University of Granada Scientists Obtain Anticancer Medicines From The Elecampe, A Wild Plant Growing In The Mediterranean 4/17/2008
Mushroom Extract May Stop Breast Cancer Growth 4/16/2008
High Doses of Vitamin E Lengthen Lives of Alzheimer's Patients, Baylor College of Medicine Study 4/16/2008
Canola Protein Shows Anti-Diabetes Potential 4/14/2008
Extracts From Reishi Mushroom And Green Tea Shows Synergistic Effect To Slow Sarcoma 4/14/2008
Digestive Process Affects Anti-cancer Activity Of Tea In Gastrointestinal Cells, Ohio State University and Purdue University Study 4/11/2008
Use Of Omega-3 Free Fatty Acids Does Not Appear Effective For Preventing Relapse Of Crohn's Disease 4/9/2008
Cavity-Fighting Candy Helped Cut Tooth Decay 4/9/2008
Vitamin K2 Linked To Lower Prostate Cancer Risk, German Cancer Research Centre 4/9/2008
Green Tea Extract May Stop Breast Cancer Growth -- In Mice At Least 4/8/2008
'Healing Clays' Show Promise For Fighting Deadly MRSA Superbug Infections, Other Diseases 4/7/2008
Alligator Blood May Put The Bite On Antibiotic-Resistant Infections 4/7/2008
A Coffee With Your Doughnut Could Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease 4/4/2008
Essential Nutrient Found In Eggs Reduces Risk Of Breast Cancer By 24 Percent 4/3/2008
FDA Warns of "Natural" ED Supplements; Don't Buy or Use "Blue Steel" or "Hero" Dietary Supplements Touted for Erectile Dysfunction 3/28/2008
Finnish Researchers Found Flavonoids Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk Among Male Smokers 3/21/2008
Genetic Abnormalities In Sperm Linked To Dietary Folate Intake, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study 3/20/2008
Horphag Study Supports Pycnogenol For Better Memory In Elderly 3/19/2008
An Anti-Inflammatory Response To The Vegan Diet, Karolinska University Hospital Research 3/18/2008
Romanian Community Provides Insight Into Genetic Factors Associated With Vitiligo, University of Colorado Study 3/18/2008
Northwestern University Study Suggests Soy Stops Prostate Cancer Spread 3/17/2008
Toxin Found In 'Natural,' 'Organic' Items 3/17/2008
Chinese Medicine 'Eases Eczema', University of Hong Kong Study 3/14/2008
Soy Compound May Halt Spread Of Prostate Cancer, American Association for Cancer Research Study 3/14/2008
Is A Cup Of Tea Really The Answer To Everything -- Even Anthrax? University of Maryland and Cardiff University Study 3/13/2008
Herb Anise Contains Unique Healthful Phenylpropanoids, Agricultural Research Service Study Suggests 3/12/2008
Bought Airborne? Still Got Sick? Get Your Refund; Herbal Supplement Settles $23M Lawsuit 3/5/2008
Ginkgo Biloba Helps Memory, But May Raise Stroke Risk, Oregon State University Study 3/4/2008
Vitamin Pills Don't Cut Lung Cancer Risk, University of Washington Study 2/29/2008
Curry Ingredient May Cut Cardiovascular Risks 2/28/2008
Broccoli Sprouts Linked To Bladder Cancer Protection 2/28/2008
Clinical Trial Boosts Epicor's Efficacy For Immune Health 2/27/2008
Vegetables, But Not Fruit, May Slash Diabetes Risk 2/26/2008
Magnesium Linked To Fewer Gallstones 2/26/2008
Curcumin May Cut Heart Failure Risk Says Research Duo 2/25/2008
University of Sydney Researchers Find New Evidence Linking Kava To Liver Damage 2/25/2008
Yogurt May Take The Bite Out Of Gum Disease 2/22/2008
Swimming Eases Pain Of Mystery Ailment 2/22/2008
Weight Training Aids Chronic Neck Pain 2/22/2008
Black Tea May Slash Parkinson's Disease Risk 2/22/2008
Fat-Free Milk May Lower Blood Pressure, Harvard University Study 2/21/2008
Folate May Cut Male Smokers' Stroke Risk 2/20/2008
Novel Highly Potent Anticancer Drug From The Sea Identified 2/20/2008
Pepper May Help Disfiguring Skin Condition 2/14/2008
A Compound Extracted From Olives Inhibits Cancer Cells Growth And Prevents Their Appearance 2/14/2008
Pomegranates Beat Apples For Antioxidant Boost 2/13/2008
Acupuncture Increases In Vitro Fertilization Chances, Study Says 2/8/2008
Lack Of Folic Acid Dementia Link 2/5/2008
Sugar Water Eases Pain of Infant Vaccinations 2/4/2008
Compound Cuts Cerebral Palsy In Preemies 1/31/2008
Medical Marijuana Vending Machines Open in L.A. 1/30/2008
Pomegranate Juice Boosts Sperm Quality 1/30/2008
Synthesis Of Natural Molecule Could Lead To Better Anti-cancer Drugs 1/30/2008
Cannabis Bigger Cancer Risk Than Cigarettes 1/29/2008
Berry Extracts Better Than Whole Fruit For Obesity 1/29/2008
Cranberry Extracts Show Promise Against Gullet Cancer 1/29/2008
California Employers Can Fire Medical Marijuana Users 1/25/2008
Review Rejects Antioxidants' Pre-Eclampsia Benefits 1/23/2008
Herbal Remedy Useful For Heart Failure, Review Finds 1/23/2008
Frog Skin Agent May Battle Multi-drug Resistant Bacteria 1/23/2008
Seawater Spray Cures Kids Colds 1/22/2008
Coffee Linked To Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk 1/22/2008
Soy's Cholesterol-Lowering Mechanism Identified 1/17/2008
Calcium Pills "Raise Heart Risk" 1/16/2008
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: Compound Found In Soybeans Effective In Reducing Hot Flashes In Menopausal Women 1/16/2008
Indian Medicinal Plant Acanthus Ilicifolius May Combat Liver Cancer 1/16/2008
Scientists Unveil "Supercarrot" 1/15/2008
"Natural" Supplements Caused Cancer In 2 Men 1/15/2008
Treating Venous Leg Ulcers With Honey Dressings Unlikely To Help Healing 1/10/2008
Coffee, Tea Linked to Lower Risk of Kidney Cancer 12/26/2007
How an Atkins-Like Diet Can Treat Epilepsy: Leptin Attenuates Rodent Seizure Severity 12/21/2007
Green Tea May Cut Prostate Cancer Risk: Japan Study 12/19/2007
Green Tea May Protect Brain Cells Against Parkinson's Disease 12/14/2007
Active Compounds Found in Ganoderma Lucidum Fungus with Potential to Treat Prostate Cancer 12/13/2007
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Research Links Diet, Gardening and Lung Cancer Risk 12/10/2007
Chemoprevention, Naturally: Findings on Plant-derived Cancer Medicines 12/7/2007
Study of African Traditional Medicine Will Begin World-First Clinical Trial 12/7/2007
Study Shows Pink Bark Naturally Reduces Osteoarthritis Knee Pain 12/6/2007
Natural Compound in Broccoli Could Treat Devastating Genetic Skin Disorder 12/3/2007
'Cannabis' May Halt Breast Cancer 11/19/2007
Start-Up Company MDs Research Library Releases First Complete Vitamin D Handbook 11/16/2007
University of California, Irvine Research: Grape Powder Blocks Genes Linked to Colon Cancer 11/15/2007
University of California, Irvine Scientific Evidence Of The Significant Anti-cancer Effect Of Milk Thistle 11/15/2007
Onions 'Cut Heart Disease Risk' 11/5/2007
At The Moment, Vitamin D May Fight Cancer 11/2/2007
Vitamin D Does Not Prevent Death From Cancer 10/31/2007
Burnham Institute for Medical Research Study: Rosemary Chicken Protects Your Brain From Free Radicals 10/31/2007
Doctors Test Hot Sauce for Pain Relief 10/30/2007
A Rosetta Stone For Traditional Chinese Medicine 10/30/2007
Broccoli Sprout Extract Protects Skin from UV Rays 10/23/2007
Herbs "More Helpful" Than Drugs for Period Pain 10/17/2007
Fruit Compound Fights Head and Neck Cancer 10/16/2007
Apples Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk 10/5/2007
Bilberry Extract - Can It Help Prevent Certain Cancers? 10/4/2007
Chilli Compound Fires Painkiller 10/4/2007
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Against Diabetes: Study 9/26/2007
Acupuncture Does Not Reduce Radiotherapy-Induced Nausea, but Patients Believe It Does 9/26/2007
Bat Saliva May Help Stroke Disability 9/14/2007
Tangerine Peel Could Help Fight Cancer 9/12/2007
Study Shows Vitamin C's Cancer-Fighting Properties 9/11/2007
Study Finds Spinach, Eggs Ward off Cause of Blindness 9/11/2007
Mediterranean Diet May Benefit Arthritis Sufferers 9/10/2007
Avocados May Help Prevent Oral Cancer, Ohio State University Study Shows 9/6/2007
Unique Grape Skin Extract Inhibits Prostate Cancer Cell Growth in the Laboratory 8/31/2007
Grapevine Genome Sequenced 8/29/2007
New Study: Pine Bark Reduces Perimenopausal Symptoms 8/29/2007
Medical University of South Carolina Researchers Discover Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells 8/28/2007
Natural Chemical Found in Broccoli Helps Combat Skin Blistering Disease, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 8/27/2007
Biotech Finds Pine Needle Ulcer Remedy 8/27/2007
South African Study Backs Drugs over Food Against HIV 8/22/2007
Study Shines More Light on Benefit of Vitamin D in Fighting Cancer, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 8/22/2007
Virgin Olive Oil May Help Keep Blood Clot-Free 8/21/2007
Darker Fruits Could Fight Cancer 8/21/2007
Edible African Fish Could Help Beat Malaria, Study Says 8/9/2007
Coffee May Slow Memory Declines in Women: Study 8/7/2007
Coffee Drinking Related to Reduced Risk of Liver Cancer, Colon Cancer 8/1/2007
Caffeine, Exercise May Help Ward Off Skin Cancer, Rutgers University Study 7/31/2007
African Plant Halts Bleeding, Speeds Healing 7/27/2007
Vitamin C Useless for Preventing or Treating Colds 7/19/2007
Right Foods 'May Help Drugs Work' 7/18/2007
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Scientists Isolate Chemical in Curry That May Help Immune System Clear Plaques Found in Alzheimer's 7/17/2007
Study Casts Doubt on Duct Tape Wart Cure 3/20/2007
Mistletoe Extract Injections Linked To Cancer 12/26/2006
Non-Drug Treatments For Dementia Show Promise 12/20/2006
Coffee Could Slow Mental Decline In Old Men 8/17/2006
Ginseng Linked To Improved Breast Cancer Outcomes 8/17/2006
War Paint Plant "Tackles Cancer" 8/14/2006
Goat Milk Engineered To Mimic Mother's 8/4/2006
Breast-Feeding Reduces Anxiety Into Childhood 8/3/2006
Compound In Dairy Products Targets Diabetes 8/3/2006
More Vitamin B6 Linked To Lower Parkinson's Risk 8/2/2006
University of Massachusetts Lowell Research Shows Benefits Of Apple Juice On Neurotransmitter Affecting Memory 8/2/2006
Chemicals In Curry And Onions May Help Prevent Colon Cancer 8/1/2006
Fish Oil Helps Weight Loss 7/31/2006
Venom Protein May Lead To Brain Cancer Cure 7/31/2006
Warm Watermelon More Nutritious 7/31/2006
Traditional Chinese Medicine For Diabetes Has Scientific Backing 7/31/2006
Kiwis Could Protect DNA From Damage, Says Pilot Study 7/26/2006
Alternative Menopause Therapies Lack Proof 7/25/2006
Chilli Could Boost Insulin Control, Says Study 7/24/2006
Chinese Herbal Medicine Linked To Bladder Cancer, Nephropathy 7/21/2006
Could Lizard Love Vitamin Make Humans Attractive Too? 7/21/2006
Calgary Biotech Produces Insulin From Modified Safflower Plant 7/20/2006
Worm "Could Screen New Medicines" 7/20/2006
Diarrhea Treatment Grown In Transgenic Rice Raises Uproar In Peru 7/14/2006
Pycnogenol Outperforms Drug In CVI Trial 7/14/2006
FDA Says Avoid "Natural" Impotence Pills 7/13/2006
Caffeine Could Protect Against Memory Loss 7/12/2006
Study Shows Pine Bark Naturally Decreases Severe Chronic Venous Insufficiency 7/12/2006
"Magic Mushroom" Drug Creates Mystical Experience 7/11/2006
Calcium Supplements Could Help Women Control Weight 7/7/2006