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Academic / Research - Research news
Tooth Loss Linked To Slowing Mind And Body, University College London Study 12/19/2014
Ibuprofen May Be The Key To Anti-Aging, Buck Institute for Age Research Study 12/19/2014
OTC Painkillers Linked To Reduced Skin Cancer Risk, University of London Study 12/19/2014
Low-Dose Lithium Prevents Parkinson's Symptoms In Aged Mice With A Human Mutation For The Disease, Buck Institute for Age Research Study 12/19/2014
Most Commonly Prescribed Glaucoma Drug Reduces Risk Of Vision Loss By More Than 50% Over 2 Years: Lancet 12/19/2014
Scientists Slam The Caveman Diet, Georgia State University Study 12/19/2014
Not Again! First Ever Case Of Anxiety-Induced Deja Vu, Sheffield Hallam University Study 12/19/2014
Drug Developed Proves Effective Against Antibiotic-Resistant "Superbugs," University of Pittsburgh Study 12/19/2014
Bilberries May Counter Adverse Effects Of High-Fat Diets, University Of Eastern Finland Study 12/19/2014
Standing On One Leg For 20 Seconds May Predict Stroke Risk, Kyoto University Study 12/19/2014
Fifty Three Approved Drugs That May Block Ebola Infection, Mount Sinai Hospital Study 12/19/2014
Scientific Case For Starting The Workday At 10 AM, University of Pennsylvania Study 12/18/2014
How Exercise Changes Our DNA, Karolinska Institute Study 12/18/2014
Where Fat Actually Go When You Lose Weight, Say University of New South Wales Reveals 12/18/2014
Not Just For Kissing? Mistletoe Could Fight Liver Disease, Chonbuk National University Study 12/18/2014
Healthy Eaters: Ignore Glycemic Index, Johns Hopkins University Study 12/18/2014
Immune Cells In Brain Respond To Fat In Diet, Causing Mice To Eat, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 12/18/2014
Pollution Doubles Autism Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 12/18/2014
Do Caffeine’s Effects Differ With Or Without Sugar? Auckland University Of Technology Study 12/18/2014
How Music Classes Can Boost Language Skills, Northwestern University Study 12/18/2014
First Menstrual Cycle Age Linked To Heart Disease Risk, University of Oxford Study 12/17/2014
Men Who Eat Spicy Foods Are Likely Alpha Males, University of Grenoble Study 12/17/2014
Memory Loss Tied To Stroke Risk In The Highly Educated, Erasmus MC Study 12/17/2014
People Who Feel Younger May Live Longer, University College London Study 12/17/2014
Science Says Couples With One Habit Stay Together Longer, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 12/17/2014
Yoga May Guard Against Heart Disease, Erasmus MC Study Finds 12/17/2014
Scientific Proof That Men Really Are More Stupid Than Women, British Medical Journal Reveals 12/16/2014
Testosterone Linked To Colon Cancer Growth, University of Missouri Study 12/16/2014
Low Vitamin E Deficiency Linked To Miscarriages, Johns Hopkins University Study 12/16/2014
Low-Fat Diet May Help Women Survive Breast Cancer, UCLA Medical Center Study 12/16/2014
A Novel Tool To Study Life-Threatening Arrhythmias: A Genetically Engineered Pig, NYU Langone Medical Center Study 12/16/2014
Preeclampsia During Pregnancy Boosts Autism Risk, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 12/15/2014
Shift Workers "Sicker And Fatter," University of Surrey Study 12/15/2014
Research Raises Consciousness For Dehydration Concerns In Diabetic Patients, University at Buffalo Reveals 12/15/2014
Parkinson’s Disease Linked To Gut Bacteria, Helsinki University Central Hospital Study 12/15/2014
No Link Between Migraine, Breast Cancer Risk, Harvard University Study Says 12/15/2014
FEI Company And Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Install A Complete Correlative Microscopy Workflow In Newly Built Collaborative Science Facility 12/15/2014
Forsyth Scientists' Unique System Of Oral Vaccine Delivery To Address Global Health Threats 12/15/2014
Seattle Biomedical Research Institute Release: Seattle Researchers Are A Significant Step Closer To An HIV Vaccine 12/15/2014
Scientists Claim Sugar Is Worse Than Salt, Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute Study 12/12/2014
Scientists Create "Feel Full" Chemical To Help You Eat Less, Imperial College London Study 12/12/2014
Personality And Health May Have A Genetic Link, University of Nottingham Study 12/12/2014
Simple Potato Extract Can Control Obesity, McGill University Study 12/12/2014
Turmeric Compound Impairs Fear Memories And Ease PTSD Symptoms, Hunter College Study 12/12/2014
CFO Survey: Millennials Are More Creative But Too Entitled, Duke University Study 12/12/2014
Chemicals Released During Natural Gas Extraction May Harm Human Reproduction And Development, University of Missouri Study 12/12/2014
For Kids, Too Little Sleep Linked to Later Obesity, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 12/12/2014
Obese Kids' Brains Crave For Sugar, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 12/12/2014
40 Million-Year Battle Between Primate And Pathogen Discovered, University of Utah Study 12/12/2014
Alcohol Interferes With The Body's Ability To Regulate Sleep, University of Missouri Researchers Find 12/11/2014
Poor Semen Quality Linked To Overall Health, Stanford University Study Finds 12/11/2014
Now Researchers Can See How Unfolded Proteins Move In The Cell, University of Illinois Reveals 12/11/2014
New Treatment Cured Lab Animals Of Diabetes And Obesity, Indiana University Reveals 12/11/2014
Popular Painkiller Linked To Low Blood Sugar, McGill University Study 12/11/2014
How Your Brain Respond Differently To Two Kinds Of Sugar, University of Southern California Study 12/11/2014
Broad Institute Release: Rare Gene Mutations Raise Risk Of Early Heart Attack 12/11/2014
Low Weight Gain In Pregnant Women Reduces Male Fetal Survival, University of Georgia Study 12/11/2014
University of Maryland Release: Run Deep: Pulsing Magnetic Fields Focus Nano-Particles To Deep Targets 12/11/2014
Patients Given Less Blood During Transfusions Do Well, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Study 12/11/2014
Laughing Gas May Treat Depression, Washington University in St. Louis Study 12/10/2014
Bio-Hybrid Dental Implant That Restores The Physiological Tooth Functions, Okayama University Study 12/10/2014
Fat-Burning Pill Inches Closer To Reality, Harvard Stem Cell Institute Study 12/10/2014
Nearly Half Of Americans Think The Flu Shot Can Make You Sick 12/10/2014
Is Serotonin The Obesity Hormone? Better Brown-Fat Burning Linked To Hormone Blockage, McMaster University Study 12/9/2014
Scientists Discover Brain Mechanism That Drives Us To Eat Sugar, Imperial College London Reveals 12/9/2014
Wealth, Power Or Lack Thereof At Heart Of Many Mental Disorders, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 12/9/2014
Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Cell Damage Discovered, Medical College of Wisconsin Study 12/9/2014
BPA In Canned Goods May Raise Your Blood Pressure, Seoul National University Study 12/9/2014
World-First "Bionic Bra" Inches Closer To Reality, University of Wollongong Study 12/9/2014
Antioxidant Capacity Of Orange Juice Is Multiplied Tenfold, University of Granada Study 12/9/2014
Obesity May Shorten Life Expectancy Up To 8 Years, McGill University Study 12/9/2014
Alcohol Abuse Linked To Newly Identified Gene Network, University of Texas Study 12/9/2014
Enzyme Identified Which Could Lead To Targeted Treatment For PMS, University of Bristol Study 12/9/2014
Hemispherx Biopharma (HEB) Announces Data Showing Inhibition Of Ebola By Ampligen® Enlarged By Howard University Research 12/9/2014
New Compound Eliminates Malaria In 48 Hours, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Study 12/8/2014
Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Just Go To Bed Earlier, Binghamton University Study 12/8/2014
Menthol Increases Nicotine Addiction By Tweaking Brain, California Institute of Technology Study 12/8/2014
No Link Found Between Bladder Cancer And Popular Diabetes Meds, University of Dundee Study 12/8/2014
Some Newborns Lose Weight Much Faster Than Previously Recognized, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study Shows 12/8/2014
Mood-Altering Chemical Increases Risk Of Drug Addiction, Victoria University Of Wellington Study 12/8/2014
Natural Substance In Red Wine Has An Anti-Inflammatory Effect In Cardiovascular Diseases, Johannes Gutenberg University Study 12/5/2014
How Red Wine Prevents Cancer, University of Colorado Study 12/5/2014
Smoking And Higher Mortality In Men, Uppsala Universitet Study 12/5/2014
"Satiety Hormone" Leptin Links Obesity To High Blood Pressure, Monash University Study 12/5/2014
High-Sugar Diet In Fathers Can Lead To Obese Offspring, Max Planck Institute Of Immunobiology And Epigenetics Study 12/5/2014
Your Morning Breath, Explained: What Causes It And How You Can Treat It 12/5/2014
Gotta Get That Rhythm: Virginia Tech Researchers Find A Relationship Between Sleep Cycle, Cancer Incidence 12/4/2014
People In Unhappy Places Are Depressed More Than A Week A Month, Penn State University Study 12/4/2014
Carnegie Mellon University Researchers Discover Brain Representations Of Social Thoughts Accurately Predict Autism Diagnosis 12/4/2014
Men's Violent Reactions To Women's Rejection, University of Queensland Study 12/4/2014
Vitamin D Deficiency, Depression Linked In University of Georgia-Led International Study 12/4/2014
Diabetes In Midlife Linked To Significant Cognitive Decline 20 Years Later, Johns Hopkins University Study 12/3/2014
Mediterranean Diet Linked To Improved CV Function In Erectile Dysfunction Patients, Hippokration Hospital Study 12/3/2014
The Smart Mouse With The Half-Human Brain, University of Rochester Medical Center Study 12/3/2014
Link Exists Between White Matter And Concussion-Related Depression, Anxiety, University of Pittsburgh Researchers Find 12/3/2014
New University of Otago Study Confirms That Sperm Quality Decreases With Age 12/3/2014
Case Western Reserve University Release: Peptide Shows Great Promise For Treating Spinal Cord Injury 12/3/2014
Weill Cornell Medical College Release: Vitamin Supplement Successfully Prevents Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 12/2/2014
World’s First Artificial Enzymes Created Using Synthetic Biology, Medical Research Council Study 12/2/2014
University of Oxford Research Suggests Ability Of HIV To Cause AIDS Is Slowing 12/2/2014
Reading Harry Potter: Carnegie Mellon University Researchers Identify Brain Regions That Encode Words, Grammar, Character Development 12/2/2014
"Brain Changes" Seen In Young American Footballers, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Study 12/2/2014
A*STAR Scientists Uncover Gene Associated With An Aggressive Breast Cancer 12/2/2014
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Researchers Recreate Stem Cells From Deceased Patients To Study Present-Day Illnesses 12/2/2014
University of Mississippi Medical Center Release: Cancer-Drug Delivery Patent Could Lead To Shorter Chemotherapy Treatments 12/1/2014
Elderly Brains Learn, But Maybe Too Much, Brown University Study 12/1/2014
Vegetable Oil Ingredient Key To Destroying Gastric Disease Bacteria, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 12/1/2014
Regular Coffee Consumption Could Keep Alzheimer's At Bay, Institute For Scientific Information On Coffee Study 12/1/2014
Selenium Compounds Boost Immune System To Fight Against Cancer, University of Copenhagen Study 12/1/2014
Another Reason To Be Thankful: Turkeys May Be Lifesavers, Brigham Young University Study 12/1/2014
Calorie-Burning Fat Boosted By Medicinal Chinese Plant, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine Study 12/1/2014
Broad Institute Release: Two Studies Identify A Detectable, Pre-Cancerous State In The Blood 12/1/2014
Missing Gene Linked To Autism, University of Leeds Study 12/1/2014
Penn Medicine Team Develops Cognitive Test Battery To Assess The Impact Of Long Duration Spaceflights On Astronauts' Brain Function 12/1/2014
Wireless Electronic Implants Stop Staph, Then Harmlessly Dissolve, Tufts University Study 11/26/2014
Suffering From Constipation? Self-Acupressure Can Help, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 11/26/2014
Boston University School of Medicine Researchers Shed New Light On The Genetics Of Memory Performance 11/26/2014
University of Arizona Researchers Connect Insomnia, Higher Death Risk 11/26/2014
New Research Discovers Gene That Reduces Risk Of Stroke, Royal Holloway, University Of London Study 11/26/2014
Yogurt May Help Lower Diabetes Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 11/26/2014
Brain Network May Be Vulnerable To Alzheimer’s And Schizophrenia, Oxford University Study 11/26/2014
Muscle Relaxant May Be Viable Treatment For Rare Form Of Diabetes, Washington University in St. Louis Study 11/26/2014
First-Of-Its-Kind Study Compares How Bat And Human Cells Respond To Viruses, University of Bristol Study 11/26/2014
Smoking, War Or Obesity: Which Takes the Biggest Economic Toll On The World? 11/25/2014
Running Really Can Keep You Young, Says University of Colorado, And Humboldt State University Study 11/25/2014
Moderate Consumption of Sugary Drinks Has Little Impact on Adolescents’ Metabolic Health, University of Missouri Study Finds 11/25/2014
HIV/AIDS Drugs Could Be Repurposed To Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration, University of Kentucky Study 11/25/2014
Medical University of Vienna Release: Possible Cause Discovered For Failure Of Targeted Liver Cancer Therapies 11/24/2014
Diet Advice: More Persuasive When It's Based On Your DNA, University of Toronto Research Says 11/24/2014
Brain-Dwelling Worm In UK Man's Head Sequenced, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Study 11/24/2014
Stanford University Biologists Explore Link Between Memory Deficit And Misfiring Circadian Clock 11/24/2014
Nail Stem Cells Prove More Versatile Than Press Ons, University of Southern California Study 11/24/2014
Pain From Rejection And Physical Pain May Not Be So Similar After All, University of Colorado Study 11/24/2014
Many People Who Drink A Lot Aren't Alcoholics: CDC 11/24/2014
So What About That Acrylamide In Your French Fries? 11/24/2014
Hand Dryers Can Spread Bacteria In Public Toilets, University of Leeds Research Finds 11/24/2014
Testosterone May Play Modest Role In Menopausal Women’s Sex Drive, University of Michigan Health System Study 11/24/2014
For Women, Job Authority Adds To Depression Symptoms, University of Texas Study 11/21/2014
Dominant People Can Be Surprisingly Social, Radboud University Study 11/21/2014
A New Test Measures Analytical Thinking Linked To Depression, Fueling The Idea That Depression May Be A Form Of Adaptation, McMaster University Study 11/21/2014
High Heels May Enhance A Man’s Instinct To Be Helpful, Université de Bretagne-Sud Study 11/21/2014
Ohio State University Scientists Study Effects Of Sunlight To Reduce Number Of Nearsighted Kids 11/21/2014
Training Can Lead To Synaesthetic Experiences, University Of Sussex Study Shows 11/21/2014
Pac-Man Instead of Patch: Using Video Games To Improve Lazy Eye, Depth Perception, Ohio State University Study 11/21/2014
Low Vitamin D Levels Increase Mortality, University of Copenhagen Study 11/21/2014
University of California, Riverside Release: Breakthrough In Managing Yellow Fever Disease 11/20/2014
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Stem Cell Researcher Pioneers Gene Therapy Cure For Children With “Bubble Baby” Disease 11/20/2014
Complex Jobs "May Protect Memory," Heriot-Watt University Study 11/20/2014
Spice Up Your Memory, Monash University Study 11/20/2014
Does "Brain Training" Work? University of Sydney Study 11/20/2014
Alcoholism Damages Brain's White Matter, Scans Show, Harvard Medical School And VA Boston Healthcare System Study 11/20/2014
Case Western Reserve University Researchers Characterize A Protein Mutation That Alters Tissue Development In Males Before Birth 11/20/2014
The Dirty Side Of Soap, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 11/19/2014
Trans Fat Consumption Is Linked To Diminished Memory In Working-Aged Adults, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 11/19/2014
Could Wine, Chocolate Protect The Heart From Smog? Harvard School of Public Health Study 11/19/2014
Data Carries More Weight With Science Adherents, Cornell University Study Finds 11/19/2014
Women's Fertility Linked To Detox Element In Diet, University of Adelaide Study 11/19/2014
NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute Study Suggests Genetic Link For Male Homosexuality 11/19/2014
Tokyo Institute Of Technology Research: Protein-Engineered Cages Aid Studies 11/19/2014
Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy Increases Risk For Child Becoming Obese, Columbia University Study 11/19/2014
Most People Would Rather Harm Themselves Than Others For Profit, University College London Study 11/19/2014
Chemical In Coffee May Help Prevent Obesity-Related Disease, University of Georgia Study 11/18/2014
Walnuts Slow Prostate Cancer In Mice, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 11/18/2014
University of North Carolina Researchers Silence Leading Cancer-Causing Gene 11/18/2014
Working The Night Shift Burns Less Energy And Increases Risk Of Weight Gain, University of Colorado Study 11/18/2014
Large Japanese Trial Casts Further Doubt On Aspirin To Prevent A First Heart Attack, JAMA Reveals 11/18/2014
Case Western Reserve University Release: Laboratory Breakthrough Offers Promise For Spinal Cord Injury Patients To Breathe On Their Own Again 11/18/2014
Rice University Study: Disgust Leads People To Lie And Cheat; Cleanliness Promotes Ethical Behavior 11/18/2014
80 Million Bacteria Sealed With A Kiss, TNO Microbiology And Systems Biology Study 11/17/2014
How Cartilage Cells Sense Forceful Injury, Duke University Study 11/17/2014
Emotional Stress Affects Women's Heart More, Emory University Study 11/17/2014
Energy Drinks Can Be Deadly For Young Children, Children's Hospital Of Michigan Study 11/17/2014
Patients With Active Asthma At Higher Risk For Heart Attack, Mayo Clinic Research Shows 11/17/2014
Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI) Release: DAPT Study Results Show Benefit of Continuing Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Beyond One Year 11/17/2014
Chronic Pain A Hurdle For Many, Especially Women, Seniors, Obese, Washington State University Study 11/14/2014
Are Fad Diets Good For Long-Term Weight Loss And Heart Health? McGill University Study 11/14/2014
Why Mosquitoes Love The Human Scent, Rockefeller University Reveals 11/14/2014
Dementia Study Questions Advice On Taking Supplements, Wageningen University Reveals 11/14/2014
Sexual Fantasies: What’s Considered Unusual? Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Study 11/14/2014
"Smart" Drugs Won’t Make Smart People Smarter, University of Nottingham Study 11/14/2014
No Such Thing As A Longevity Gene? Stanford University Study 11/13/2014
Previously Unrecognized Flame Retardant Found In Americans For The First Time, Silent Spring Institute Reveals 11/13/2014
Turn Peanut Butter to Diamonds? This Geologist Did It, Bayerisches Geoinstitut Study 11/13/2014
Are Wireless Phones Linked With Brain Cancer Risk? International Agency for Research on Cancer Study 11/13/2014
No, Scientists Didn't Find A Stupidity Virus 11/13/2014
Controlling Genes With Your Thoughts, ETH Zurich Study 11/13/2014
Revealed: Why We Cry When We Are Happy, Yale University Study 11/13/2014
Single-Dose, Needle-Free Ebola Vaccine Provides Long-Term Protection In Macaques, Molecular Pharmaceutics Reveals 11/13/2014
Broad Institute And Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Defective NPC1L1 Gene Found To Protect Against Heart Disease 11/13/2014
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Release: Ontario Researchers Discover New Test To Better Personalize Treatment For Prostate Cancer 11/13/2014
How Mucus In Mouth Fight Cavities, Harvard University Study 11/12/2014
Popular Blood Pressure Drug May Reverse Type 1 Diabetes, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 11/12/2014
Bilingual Brains Better Equipped To Process Information, Northwestern University Study 11/12/2014
Sleep Conditioning Can Help Kick Smoking Habit, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 11/12/2014
TV Test May Detect Eye Diseases, University of London Study 11/12/2014
Marijuana’s Long-Term Effects On The Brain, University Of Texas At Dallas Study 11/12/2014
This Test Will Tell Whether You Can Sing Well Or Not, University at Buffalo Study 11/12/2014
Obese Kids Often Stay That Way, Boston Children's Hospital Study Shows 11/12/2014
Pre-Symptomatic Markers For Hemorrhagic Viruses Like Ebola Identified, Boston University School of Medicine Study 11/11/2014
Google Inc. Wants To Store Your Genome 11/11/2014