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Academic / Research - Research news
For Women, Job Authority Adds To Depression Symptoms, University of Texas Study 11/21/2014
Training Can Lead To Synaesthetic Experiences, University Of Sussex Study Shows 11/21/2014
Many People Who Drink A Lot Aren't Alcoholics: CDC 11/21/2014
Pac-Man Instead of Patch: Using Video Games To Improve Lazy Eye, Depth Perception, Ohio State University Study 11/21/2014
Dominant People Can Be Surprisingly Social, Radboud University Study 11/21/2014
Ohio State University Scientists Study Effects Of Sunlight To Reduce Number Of Nearsighted Kids 11/21/2014
Hand Dryers Can Spread Bacteria In Public Toilets, University of Leeds Research Finds 11/21/2014
So What About That Acrylamide In Your French Fries? 11/21/2014
University of California, Riverside Release: Breakthrough In Managing Yellow Fever Disease 11/20/2014
A New Test Measures Analytical Thinking Linked To Depression, Fueling The Idea That Depression May Be A Form Of Adaptation, McMaster University Study 11/20/2014
High Heels May Enhance A Man’s Instinct To Be Helpful, Université de Bretagne-Sud Study 11/20/2014
Low Vitamin D Levels Increase Mortality, University of Copenhagen Study 11/20/2014
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Stem Cell Researcher Pioneers Gene Therapy Cure For Children With “Bubble Baby” Disease 11/20/2014
Complex Jobs "May Protect Memory," Heriot-Watt University Study 11/20/2014
Spice Up Your Memory, Monash University Study 11/20/2014
Does "Brain Training" Work? University of Sydney Study 11/20/2014
Alcoholism Damages Brain's White Matter, Scans Show, Harvard Medical School And VA Boston Healthcare System Study 11/20/2014
Case Western Reserve University Researchers Characterize A Protein Mutation That Alters Tissue Development In Males Before Birth 11/20/2014
The Dirty Side Of Soap, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 11/19/2014
Trans Fat Consumption Is Linked To Diminished Memory In Working-Aged Adults, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 11/19/2014
Could Wine, Chocolate Protect The Heart From Smog? Harvard School of Public Health Study 11/19/2014
Data Carries More Weight With Science Adherents, Cornell University Study Finds 11/19/2014
Women's Fertility Linked To Detox Element In Diet, University of Adelaide Study 11/19/2014
NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute Study Suggests Genetic Link For Male Homosexuality 11/19/2014
Tokyo Institute Of Technology Research: Protein-Engineered Cages Aid Studies 11/19/2014
Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy Increases Risk For Child Becoming Obese, Columbia University Study 11/19/2014
Most People Would Rather Harm Themselves Than Others For Profit, University College London Study 11/19/2014
Chemical In Coffee May Help Prevent Obesity-Related Disease, University of Georgia Study 11/18/2014
Walnuts Slow Prostate Cancer In Mice, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 11/18/2014
University of North Carolina Researchers Silence Leading Cancer-Causing Gene 11/18/2014
Case Western Reserve University Release: Laboratory Breakthrough Offers Promise For Spinal Cord Injury Patients To Breathe On Their Own Again 11/18/2014
Working The Night Shift Burns Less Energy And Increases Risk Of Weight Gain, University of Colorado Study 11/18/2014
Large Japanese Trial Casts Further Doubt On Aspirin To Prevent A First Heart Attack, JAMA Reveals 11/18/2014
Rice University Study: Disgust Leads People To Lie And Cheat; Cleanliness Promotes Ethical Behavior 11/18/2014
80 Million Bacteria Sealed With A Kiss, TNO Microbiology And Systems Biology Study 11/17/2014
How Cartilage Cells Sense Forceful Injury, Duke University Study 11/17/2014
Emotional Stress Affects Women's Heart More, Emory University Study 11/17/2014
Energy Drinks Can Be Deadly For Young Children, Children's Hospital Of Michigan Study 11/17/2014
Patients With Active Asthma At Higher Risk For Heart Attack, Mayo Clinic Research Shows 11/17/2014
Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI) Release: DAPT Study Results Show Benefit of Continuing Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Beyond One Year 11/17/2014
Chronic Pain A Hurdle For Many, Especially Women, Seniors, Obese, Washington State University Study 11/14/2014
Are Fad Diets Good For Long-Term Weight Loss And Heart Health? McGill University Study 11/14/2014
Why Mosquitoes Love The Human Scent, Rockefeller University Reveals 11/14/2014
Dementia Study Questions Advice On Taking Supplements, Wageningen University Reveals 11/14/2014
Sexual Fantasies: What’s Considered Unusual? Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Study 11/14/2014
"Smart" Drugs Won’t Make Smart People Smarter, University of Nottingham Study 11/14/2014
No Such Thing As A Longevity Gene? Stanford University Study 11/13/2014
Previously Unrecognized Flame Retardant Found In Americans For The First Time, Silent Spring Institute Reveals 11/13/2014
Turn Peanut Butter to Diamonds? This Geologist Did It, Bayerisches Geoinstitut Study 11/13/2014
Are Wireless Phones Linked With Brain Cancer Risk? International Agency for Research on Cancer Study 11/13/2014
No, Scientists Didn't Find A Stupidity Virus 11/13/2014
Controlling Genes With Your Thoughts, ETH Zurich Study 11/13/2014
Revealed: Why We Cry When We Are Happy, Yale University Study 11/13/2014
Single-Dose, Needle-Free Ebola Vaccine Provides Long-Term Protection In Macaques, Molecular Pharmaceutics Reveals 11/13/2014
Broad Institute And Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Defective NPC1L1 Gene Found To Protect Against Heart Disease 11/13/2014
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Release: Ontario Researchers Discover New Test To Better Personalize Treatment For Prostate Cancer 11/13/2014
How Mucus In Mouth Fight Cavities, Harvard University Study 11/12/2014
Popular Blood Pressure Drug May Reverse Type 1 Diabetes, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 11/12/2014
Bilingual Brains Better Equipped To Process Information, Northwestern University Study 11/12/2014
Sleep Conditioning Can Help Kick Smoking Habit, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 11/12/2014
TV Test May Detect Eye Diseases, University of London Study 11/12/2014
Marijuana’s Long-Term Effects On The Brain, University Of Texas At Dallas Study 11/12/2014
This Test Will Tell Whether You Can Sing Well Or Not, University at Buffalo Study 11/12/2014
Obese Kids Often Stay That Way, Boston Children's Hospital Study Shows 11/12/2014
Pre-Symptomatic Markers For Hemorrhagic Viruses Like Ebola Identified, Boston University School of Medicine Study 11/11/2014
Google Inc. Wants To Store Your Genome 11/11/2014
Anxiety Can Damage Brain, Accelerate Alzheimer’s, Baycrest Health Sciences Study 11/11/2014
Explosive Compound May Reduce Blood Pressure, Johannes Gutenberg University Study 11/11/2014
Can't Clap To The Beat? You Might Be Beat-Deaf, McGill University Study 11/11/2014
Mean Girls' Emotional Intelligence Levels Far Exceed Those Of Their Peers, Plymouth University Study 11/11/2014
Your Testicles Are Home To 999 Unique Proteins, Royal Institute Of Technology Study 11/11/2014
U.S. Approves Genetically Engineered Potato With Lower Cancer Risk, United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) 11/11/2014
Strong Purpose In Life Will Help You Live Longer, University College London Study 11/11/2014
Depression Comes With A Lack Of Intuition, Hindering Decision-Making Processes, University Of Hildesheim Study 11/10/2014
Omega-3 Reduces Smoking, University of Haifa Study Suggests 11/10/2014
"Longevity Gene" One Key To A Long Life, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 11/10/2014
Scientists Recreate Ghosts In The Lab, EPFL Reveals 11/10/2014
Japan Scientists Make See-Through Mice, RIKEN And University of Tokyo Reveal 11/10/2014
How Genes Determine The Fit Of Your Jeans, Cornell University Study 11/10/2014
Sugar Beets Could Become Blood Substitute, Lund University Study 11/10/2014
Four Things Science Just Discovered About Genitalia, University of Florida Study 11/7/2014
Happiness "Dips In Midlife In The Affluent West," University College London Study 11/7/2014
High-Fat Diet May Postpone Aging, University of Copenhagen Study 11/7/2014
Can Love Make Us Mean? University at Buffalo Study 11/7/2014
Mclean Hospital Explores The Use Of Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Epilepsy 11/7/2014
Stem Cell Transplants For Parkinson’s Disease Edging Closer, Lund University Study 11/7/2014
First-In-Class Nasal Spray Demonstrates Promise For Migraine Pain Relief, Roseman University Of Health Science Study 11/7/2014
Chemicals Found In Everyday Fruits Could Minimize Organ Damage, University of Cambridge Study 11/6/2014
Direct Brain Interface Between Humans, University of Washington Study Shows 11/6/2014
Lactose Intolerants Linked To Lower Cancer Risk, Lund University Study 11/6/2014
Asthma More Harmful Than Previously Thought, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 11/6/2014
Genetic Markers For Alcoholism Recovery Discovered, Mayo Clinic Reveals 11/6/2014
High-Fat Diets During Pregnancy Could Influence Brain Functioning, Behavior Of Kiids, Johns Hopkins University Reveals 11/6/2014
U.S. Ebola Scientists Plead For Access To Virus Samples, Tulane University Reveals 11/5/2014
Long Term Shift Work Linked To Impaired Brain Function, Occupational & Environmental Medicine Reveals 11/5/2014
Popular Red Wine Supplement May Reverse Benefits Of Exercise, Queen’s University Study 11/5/2014
Nasal Spray Vaccine Has Potential For Long-Lasting Protection From Ebola Virus, University of Texas Study 11/5/2014
Secondhand Cigarette Smoke Causes Weight Gain, Brigham Young University Study 11/5/2014
Recreational Drug Use Linked To Birth Defects, University College London Study 11/5/2014
Smokers Are Three Times More Likely To Develop Back Pain, Northwestern University Study 11/5/2014
10 Things You May Not Know About Laughter 11/4/2014
Sleep Apnea May Steal Memory Of Everyday Events, NYU Langone Medical Center Reveals 11/4/2014
Improving With Age: Regions Of The Brain Strengthen Over Time, Brandeis University Study 11/4/2014
Pumpkins Can Ward Off More Than Evil Spirits, University of Nottingham Study 11/4/2014
Link Seen Between Seizures And Migraines In The Brain, Penn State University Study 11/4/2014
Brew For Your Heart: Tea Helps Lower Blood Pressure, Chinese Academy Of Medical Sciences And Peking Union Medical College Study 11/4/2014
University at Albany Release: Expectant Mothers Take Note: Pregnancy Food Cravings May Be Psychological 11/4/2014
University of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio To Teach "Stem Cells 101" At Free Education Day With World Stem Cell Summit 11/4/2014
Eczema Patients More Accident Proned, Northwestern University Study 11/3/2014
Arachnophobia Chopped Out Of A Man's Brain, Brighton And Sussex Medical School Study 11/3/2014
Emotions Are Not Created Equal: Sadness Lasts Longest, While Surprise, Fear, And Boredom End Quickly, University Of Leuven Study 11/3/2014
Ebola Resistance In Mice: Why Some People Survive Disease, University of Washington Reveals 11/3/2014
Could Copper Prevent Spread Of Ebola? University of Southampton Study 11/3/2014
Can Parents Make Their Kids Smarter? Florida State University Study 11/3/2014
Sleeping With More Women Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk, University Of Montreal Study 10/31/2014
Novel Treatment To Decrease Craving In Alcoholics Identified, Université Catholique de Louvain Study 10/31/2014
IQs On The Up: Aberdeen Scientists Show We Are Getting Smarter 10/31/2014
Saliva May Reveal Deadly Diseases Early Enough To Treat Them, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Scientists Report 10/31/2014
Certain Skull Shapes And Other Science Behind Carrying A Tune 10/31/2014
Health Monitor And Diagnostic Device Is The Future Of Wearable Technology, University of Cincinnati Study 10/31/2014
Dozens Of Genes Associated With Autism In New Research, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Reveals 10/30/2014
Does Having Children Make Us Any Happier? London School Of Economics And Political Science Study 10/30/2014
Contamination Likely Explains "Food Genes In Blood" Claim, University of Michigan Study 10/30/2014
3 Daily Servings Of Milk Linked To Higher Mortality In Women, Uppsala Universitet Study 10/30/2014
Breathe Easier: Get Your Vitamin D, Tel Aviv University Study 10/30/2014
Is Violent Crime In Some People's Genes? Karolinska Institute Study 10/30/2014
Mushroom Extract, AHCC, Helpful In Treating HPV, University of Texas Health Science Center Research Shows 10/30/2014
MIGAL Galilee Research Institute Announces The Establishment Of The First Agro-Biomedical Center 10/29/2014
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation-Funded Islet Encapsulation Program Reaches Historic Milestone 10/29/2014
Don’t Bet On Stinginess To Keep Stress Low, Queensland University of Technology Study 10/29/2014
Tea And Citrus Products Could Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk, New University of East Anglia Research Finds 10/29/2014
Manly Men Are Not Always the Best Choice For Partners, Brunel University Study 10/29/2014
Gut Bacteria Byproduct Impacts Heart Failure, Cleveland Clinic Research Shows 10/29/2014
Diet Soda Vs. Regular Soda: Is One Worse For You Than The Other? 10/29/2014
Slowing The Biological Clock, Tel Aviv University Study 10/28/2014
First Atlas Of Body Clock Shows How Timing Affects Medication, University of Pennsylvania Study 10/28/2014
Cocoa May Reverse Age-Related Memory Decline, Columbia University Medical Center Study 10/28/2014
Whites Of Their Eyes: Infants Respond To Social Cues From Sclera, University of Virginia Study 10/28/2014
Ebola’s Evolutionary Roots More Ancient Than Previously Thought, University at Buffalo Study 10/28/2014
Mental Health Disorders Double Heart Disease, Stroke Risk, Centre For Addiction And Mental Health Study 10/28/2014
Cepheid (CPHD), FIND & Rutgers Announce Collaboration For Next-Generation Innovations To Game-Changing Xpert MTB/RIF Test 10/28/2014
Chemical In Drinking Water Linked To Stillbirth, Boston University Study 10/27/2014
Heart Drug May Help Treat ALS, Washington University School of Medicine Study 10/27/2014
Gene Link To Seizures In Children After MMR Vaccine, Statens Serum Institut (SSI) Study 10/27/2014
Dark Days Are Here For Folks With Seasonal Depression, Loyola University Chicago Stitch School Of Medicine Study 10/27/2014
Gene That Once Aided Survival In The Arctic Found To Have Negative Impact On Health Today, University of Cambridge Study 10/27/2014
Herbal Medicines Could Contain Dangerous Levels Of Toxic Mold, University Of Peshawar 10/27/2014
Science Confirms Occasional Weed Use Doesn't Lower Your IQ, University College London Study 10/27/2014
Sunshine May Slow Weight Gain And Diabetes Onset, University of Edinburgh Study 10/27/2014
Case Western Reserve University To Study Pluristem Therapeutics (PSTI)'s PLX-RAD Cells In Umbilical Cord Blood Transplants For The Treatment Of Blood Cancers And Genetic Diseases 10/27/2014
If You’re Over 60, Drink Up: Alcohol Associated With Better Memory, University of Texas Study 10/24/2014
Omega 3 Can Help Children With ADD, University of Gothenburg Study 10/24/2014
Cash Receipts Account For High BPA Levels In Humans, University of Missouri Study 10/24/2014
Finally: A Missing Link Between Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer, University of Colorado Study 10/24/2014
High-Fat Meals Could Be More Harmful To Males Than Females, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Reveals 10/24/2014
Inocucor Technologies And McGill University To Collaborate On Bio-Stimulants For Large-Scale Agriculture 10/23/2014
Frozen Embryos Produce More Confident Babies, Zhejiang University Study 10/23/2014
Scientific Evidence Does Not Support The Brain Game Claims, Stanford University Scholars Say 10/23/2014
Flu Vaccine May Hold Key To Preventing Heart Disease, Institute Vinca Study 10/23/2014
Walnuts May Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease, New York State Institute For Basic Research In Developmental Disabilities Reveals 10/23/2014
Y Chromosome Linked To Cancer And Death Risk In Men, Uppsala Universitet Study 10/23/2014
Shift Workers Might Want To Skip High-Iron Foods At Night, University of Utah Study 10/22/2014
Brain Scans Show Cause Of Seasonal Affective Disorder, University of Copenhagen Study 10/22/2014
Cold Sore Virus Increases The Risk Of Dementia, Umea University Study 10/22/2014
For Infertility Treatment, Should He Drink Less Coffee, More Booze? Harvard School of Public Health Study 10/22/2014
Number Of Eggs A Woman Has Predicts Heart Attack Risk, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 10/22/2014
Birth Season Affects Your Mood In Later Life, Semmelweis University Study 10/22/2014
University of Pittsburgh Study: Air Pollution Linked To Autism In Southwestern Pennsylvania 10/22/2014
Metabolon's Platform For Clinical Triaging Of Inborn Errors Of Metabolism Verified By Baylor College of Medicine 10/22/2014
Drinking Two Sodas A Day Can Age You 4 Years, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 10/21/2014
Parkinson’s Drugs Linked To Impulse Control Disorders, Institute For Safe Medication Practices Study 10/21/2014
Panic Attacks Associated With Fear Of Bright Daylight, University of Siena Study 10/21/2014
Oh, Brother! Having A Sibling Makes Boys Selfless, Brigham Young University Study 10/21/2014
Why Depression And Aging Boost Disease Risk, Max Planck Institute Of Psychiatry Reveals 10/21/2014
New Ohio State University Study Seeks To Treat Children With ADHD By Retraining Their Brains 10/21/2014
Aspirin Shown To Benefit Schizophrenia Treatment, University Medical Center Utrecht Study 10/21/2014
Honeysuckle Tea Can Treat Influenza A Viruses, And Possibly Ebola, Nanjing University Study 10/20/2014
How Omega-6 Fatty Acids Lower Bad Cholesterol, Innsbruck Medical University Study 10/20/2014
Are Male Brains Wired To Ignore Food For Sex? University of Rochester Medical Center Study 10/20/2014
Drinking Red Wine May Help Treat Osteoporosis, Aarhus University Study 10/20/2014
Is Pursuing A Ph.D. Worth It? 7,200 UC Ph.D. Alumni Respond 10/17/2014
Exercise May Be The Best Anti-Aging Pill, Columbia University Study 10/17/2014
Tumors Might Grow Faster At Night, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 10/17/2014
Another Diet Myth Debunked: Gradual Weight Loss No Better Than Rapid Weight Loss, University of Melbourne Study 10/17/2014
Fish Oil Supplements Have Little Effect On Irregular Heartbeat, Montreal Heart Institute Study 10/17/2014
New Evidence Linking Autism To Air Pollutants Discovered, University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Researcher Reveals 10/17/2014
BioSpecifics Technologies Corporation (BSTC) Announces Presentation Of Encouraging Preclinical Data For CCH From Collaborative Uterine Fibroid Study With Duke Medicine 10/16/2014
Peptide Mimics As A Drug Target For Ebola: University of Utah Researchers Create A Tool To Develop Treatments For Ebola Using Protein Technologies's Peptide Synthesizer 10/16/2014
Binge Drinking May Alter Your Genes, University of Missouri Study 10/16/2014
Scientists Inch Closer To Alzheimer's Origins, Massachusetts General Hospital Study 10/16/2014
Could Vitamin D Make Childbirth Less Painful? Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Study 10/15/2014
Treating Cancer: University of Iowa Biologists Find Gene That Could Stop Tumors In Their Tracks 10/15/2014
Light-Activated Drug Could Reduce Side Effects Of Diabetes Medication, Imperial College London Study 10/15/2014
Chemical Derived From Broccoli Sprouts Shows Promise In Treating Autism, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 10/15/2014
Found: Closest Link To Eve, Our Universal Ancestor, Garvan Institute Study 10/15/2014
John Theurer Cancer Center Breakthrough Clinical Trial Demonstrates Prolonged Survival For Advanced Multiple Myeloma Patients 10/15/2014
ZEISS Release: Bessel Beam Plane Illumination Microscopy Enables Fast 3D Volume Imaging 10/14/2014
Astellas Pharma Inc. (ALPMY) Announces Research Collaboration With Harvard Medical School Investigator For Treatment Of Retinal Degeneration 10/14/2014
Thyroid Carcinoma: Biomarker Reveals Cancer Cause, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 10/14/2014
Rats Of New York And The Diseases They Carry, Columbia University Study 10/14/2014