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Event NameGenetic Code Expansion 2017 Workshop
Event Date(s) Monday, July 31, 2017  to Saturday, August 05, 2017
Event Location Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon
Cost$1150 - $1250
DescriptionAdvances in Genetic Code Expansion have changed the landscape of studies and uses of proteins in vitro and in vivo by enabling incorporation of hundreds of non-canonical amino acids site-specifically into proteins. Genetic Code Expansion is inherently a fusion of synthetic biology and chemical biology. Success in genetic code expansion requires 1) the addition of all the necessary translational components to an organism that allow it to efficiently produce a protein with new chemical functionality site-specifically encoded and 2) optimization of scientific studies of the chemically modified protein in vivo or in vitro. Overall, success with Genetic Code Expansion relies on proficiency in both synthetic biology and chemical biology.

This intensive laboratory and lecture course will provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge to utilize existing and emerging genetic code expansion technology. The laboratory component will focus on troubleshooting GCE tools with attendees and their genes in E. coli expression systems. The workshop will have a demonstration section on expression unnatural protein in mammalian systems with standard controls.

The laboratory component will focus on two common needs in the genetic code expansion field: 1) incorporation of an existing non-canonical amino acid into protein of interest 2) screening a new non-canonical amino acid against a panel of synthetases to determine if the desired non-canonical amino acid can be incorporated with current genetic code expansion tools. As part of the laboratory component of the course, participants will be given the opportunity to bring their research gene of interest and/or their non-canonical amino acid to the workshop to test their expression and incorporation along with optimized controls.

The lecture component will focus on how new genetic code expansion components are generated and attributes of orthogonality, efficiency, fidelity and permissivity are defined, measured and are conditionally dependent. The major applications now afforded by the new non-canonical amino acids will be discussed with a focus on the future of each field and its limitations.

Workshop Lectures:

1. GCE intro and workshop goals
2. GCE: When things don’t work, “the good, the bad, the ugly”
3. Generation, selection and characterization of GCE components.
4. Categories of ncAA and their applications
5. Bioorthogonal ligations -overview.
6. GCE for post-translational modifications
7. tRNA synthetase catalytic function and mechanisms
8. Characterizing ncAA tRNA/synthetases
9. Orthogonality and Eukaryotes expanded codes
10. Viral delivery methods for GCE and GCE with Oocytes
SponsorOregon State University
Host CompanyRebound Therapeutics
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