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Event Name2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
Event Date(s) Sunday, November 12, 2017  to Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Event Location San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

Program Themes

Theme A: Advanced Formulation Characterization Approaches

Advanced tools and technologies are being developed to characterize formulation and guide process development by providing fundamental qualitative and quantitative understanding of the formulated product and its performance. Examples range from characterization of solid state properties to cell-based assays and biologics.

This theme will include strategies to apply the characterization data to speed development, assess risks, and contribute to robust CMC strategies and submissions.

Supporting Sections: APQ, BIOTEC, MSE

Theme B: Patient-Centered Innovations in Healthcare Technology

The combination of drug therapy with a device, instrument, or information technology advances the treatment of disease in directions not envisioned by older development strategies and regulations. In these new combinations, patients often have access to data and decision-making ability to enable a critical role in their health outcome. Additionally, the combination of technology and drugs creates precision medicine when techniques such as imaging are used to diagnose disease and direct pharmacotherapy. This topic explores the potential and practice of combining drugs, technology, patients, and health care providers for the improvement of individual and community health.

Potential programming topics include:

    •wearable or implantable devices with delivery, sensing, programming, and reporting capabilities;
    •imaging technologies coupled with diagnostic or therapeutic agents;
    •measurement of patient physiology, biomarkers, or genome for the selection and tailoring of pharmacotherapy;
    •use of information tools by the patient or health care provider to inform pharmacotherapy;
    •unique regulatory aspects of drug/device combinations; and
    •engagement between patients and health care providers as result of technology-enabled pharmacotherapy.

Supporting Sections: CPTR, PPDM, RS

Theme C: Products for Pediatrics: It’s Not Child’s Play

Challenges, opportunities, and regulatory aspects drive pediatric product development. This unique patient population differs in terms of physiology, PK/PD, metabolism and transport, dose, formulation, and route of administration. This theme focuses on all aspects of the pediatric population to ensure patient acceptance, compliance, safety, and efficacy.

Supporting Sections: CPTR, DDDI, FDD, PPDM

Theme D: Improving Inter-organization Collaboration

This theme will discuss the challenges and best practices for inter-organizational collaboration that leverage partnerships, including pharma, nonprofits, contract companies, academia, regulatory agencies, international organizations, and consortiums. Specifically, the theme will:

    •examine the challenges of developing pharmaceutical products among partners, such as managing collaborative R&D, CRO, CMO, supply chains, and data sharing, etc.;
    •explorer present and emerging collaborative models from discovery to development to commercialization; and
    •advance the best practices for balancing scientific endeavor, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, patient rights, business operation, and risk sharing to accelerate drug development and meet patient needs.

Supporting Sections: APQ, PPB, RS

Theme E: Cancer Moonshot: Emerging Modalities for Oncology

This theme focuses on emerging modalities in oncology to ensure life-saving therapies become more broadly available for more patients. Important scientific advances that bring great hope to patients will be discussed, such as the new field of “immuno-oncology.” Pharmaceutical scientists have and will continue to play a pivotal role in the fight against cancer to ultimately achieve the “cancer moonshot.”

Potential session submission categories include:

    •oncology targets and pharmacology;
    •molecular modality diversity and drug design;
    •pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics;
    •drug delivery and formulation;
    •innovative clinical study design; and
    •novel regulatory requirements for CMC and safety.

Supporting Sections: DDDI, PPB

For programming questions, please contact Trish Smith at +1.703.248.4782 or

SponsorRebound Therapeutics
Host CompanyAmerican Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
Contact Information Phone: 1-703-248-4782
Fax:   N/A 
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