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Event NameGRC 2017 Cognitive Dysfunction in Brain Diseases Conference
Event Date(s) Sunday, June 11, 2017  to Friday, June 16, 2017
Event Location The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong,
DescriptionAlmost all brain disorders are associated with cognitive impairment. For many clinicians and neuroscientists, cognitive dysfunction is specific for dementia. It is not until recently that the research community has come to appreciate that the degree of cognitive impairment in different brain diseases defines functional outcomes. Cognitive dysfunction has devastating effects on the patient and his/her family. Understanding the mechanisms underlying cognitive dysfunction in various brain diseases, their similarities and differences, will informs new strategies for prevention and treatment. In the past years, much progress has been obtained in the possibilities to assess the neurobiology of cognition with sophisticated assessment and advanced brain imaging techniques, which have greatly enhanced our understanding of the basis of cognitive deficits. More importantly, advanced imaging and genetic evaluations have started to elucidate the impact of lifestyle factors such as physical exercise, nutrition, sleep and biorhythm on cognitive functioning. Consolidation of knowledge in these areas is the key for the development of new treatment regimens, as across disorders there is little evidence for effective treatments to improve cognition at present. The specific aims of this GRC are to bring together experts to share their recent research on the assessment of cognitive dysfunction in different brain disorders using advanced imaging, genetic and cognitive assessment techniques, and on the exploration of innovative lifestyle modulators of brain reserve, neuroplasticity and cognition. The experience of evaluating and intervening cognitive dysfunction through multimodal assessment schema across different brain disorders will hopefully converge to define a new paradigm for transdiagnostic approach towards intervention for optimization of cognition.
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