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Event NameBIOPRODUCTION 2016 BioProduction Conference & Exhibition
Event Date(s) Wednesday, October 19, 2016  to Thursday, October 20, 2016
Event Location Citywest Hotel
Cost£0 - £1,299
DescriptionMaximise downstream yield and purity whilst reducing purification steps

• How are companies implementing and validating continuous downstream processing?
• Quality control and real-time monitoring – what are the latest online analysis tools for continuous manufacturing?
• What are the best practices for establishing integrated continuous biomanufacturing?
• What are the latest and smartest purification techniques to meet upstream demand?
• Which new techniques are being developed for the purification of more complex molecules?
• Integrating single use systems downstream processing – How to transfer to a disposable DSP system

Enhancing cell culture critical quality attributes to shorten timeframes

• Cell culture media development and feed optimisation – How to improve productivity without impacting product quality?
• Raw material variability – What tools and control strategies are industry implementing?
• What are the critical steps for translating HTPD scale down models to scale up success?
• Translation from fed-batch to integrated perfusion systems – What are the best practices?
• PAT and real-time monitoring methods – How to integrate to characterise cell culture processes

Facilities of the future for process improvements

• Multiproduct flexible facilities – what are company strategies for revamping traditional facilities for fast product turnovers?
• Hybrid facilities – How to reduce carbon footprint through the integration of SU and stainless steel facilities?
• Single use systems – What are the realities and challenges of implementing disposable facilities?
• What are the cost effective manufacturing strategies for novel therapies?
• Highly active biopharmaceuticals – How are companies developing biosafety measures for ADCs and bispecifics?
• Process and technology transfer- what are the best practices for a seamless transfer?
• Process improvements in commercial manufacturing- what are the key considerations for change control?
• View Manufacturing Strategy & Technology Agenda
SponsorThermo Fisher Scientific
Host CompanyRebound Therapeutics
Contact Information Phone: 020-7017-7481
Fax:   N/A 
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