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Event NameOSA 2014 Imaging Systems and Applications (IS)
Event Date(s) Sunday, July 13, 2014  to Thursday, July 17, 2014
Event Location Sheraton Seattle Hotel
Seattle, Washington
DescriptionThe Imaging Systems and Applications (IS) meeting captures all the leading edge research, engineering and systems design of the ever growing integration of optics, sensors and digital processing into commercial, military, entertainment, research and communication products that affect our lives and populate our laboratories and homes. Unique light gathering optics, new image sensor architectures and technology, advanced on and off chip digital image processing, and advanced compression and transmission of large images is covered by IS. Leading edge uses of imaging systems in microscopy, evasive and non-evasive surgery, remote sensing, astronomical observations, imaging from the far flung universe as well as nearby planets, digital cinematography capture and projection, computational photography and consumer imaging are all topics of interest at IS. A complete list of suggested topics for papers is given below, but other emerging use of optics and sensors are welcomed.
Host CompanyN/A
Contact Information Phone: 202-223-8130
Fax:   202-223-1096 
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