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Event NameDesign and Development of Antibodies to Complex Protein Targets for Critical Assay Applications
Event Date(s) Wednesday, October 03, 2012  to Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Event Location Online webinar
Any City, Any State
DescriptionExamination of functional and therapeutic antibody-antigen x-ray crystal structures provides critical insight into B-cell epitope architecture. The size of an antibody 'footprint’ determines the number of antigen amino acid residues contacted by the antibody. Antigen contact residues are organized into long linear sequence spans similar in size to protein domains. The assay format that an antibody reagent is intended to be used in influences antigen structure. Knowledge of antigen and antibody structure as well as the intended assay format and application dictate the strategy of antigen design, immunization and, antibody screening protocols. SDIX Genomic Antibody Technology™ is designed for development of antibodies that recognize conformational epitopes in critical assay formats such as sandwich immunoassays and flow cytometry and, enables targeting of antibodies to specific sites of native proteins. Antigen and antibody design strategies useful for different assay formats and classes of protein targets, including secreted and multipass membrane proteins are discussed.
Host CompanySDIX
Contact Information Phone: 800-544-8881
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