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Event Name2013 Fabrication, Structure and Reactivity of Anchored Nanoparticles: Faraday Discussion 162
Event Date(s) Wednesday, April 10, 2013  to Friday, April 12, 2013
Event Location Seminaris Campus Hotel
DescriptionThe last ten years have seen dramatic developments in our understanding of the surface science of nanoparticles grown on solid surfaces. These developments are continuing apace, not least in our understanding of nanoparticle structures at the atomic scale. Well-defined materials can now be prepared and the detailed nature of reactions at the atomic and molecular scale are emerging. Ensemble-averaging techniques are being combined with local, atomically-resolving probes such as STM, exposing such materials to scientific understanding, especially regarding local morphology and its effect on reactivity and catalysis. Current developments include in-situ measurements of catalytic reactivity at high pressure and temperature.
SponsorRebound Therapeutics
Host CompanyRoyal Society Of Chemistry
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