GVA Whitney Cressman
505 Sansome Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, California 94111

1501 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, California
For Lease or Sale

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James Bennett

Improved Life Science Property with State-of-the-Art Vivarium
32,000 Square Feet

The Property
1501 Harbor Bay Parkway is a highly improved life science building containing approximately 32,000 square feet over two floors. Originally constructed in 1985, the property underwent significant life science related, interior and base-building improvements from the late-1980s into the mid-1990s. There is surface parking for 110 automobiles (3.4/1,000).

The property is located within Alameda's Harbor Bay Business Park, one of the East Bay's premier master planned business parks. The park covers 125 acres along San Francisco Bay and currently has approximately 1.5 million square feet of office and R&D space with available land to support an additional 1.5 million square feet. The park is home to a number of life science companies:

  • Avigen
  • Berkeley Heart Lab
  • Calypte Biomedical
  • Celera Diagnostics
  • Genteric
  • Mirai Bio
  • National Medical
  • Pepex Biomedical
  • Pepgen
  • Peninsula
  • Pharmaceutical
  • TheraSense
  • Purchase Price
    Cash at closing
    Initial Unleveraged Return 10.5%

    Leasing Rate

    The property is improved with both biology and chemistry wet labs, lab support space and a vivarium on the first floor with additional labs and executive offices on the second floor. The estimated replacement cost of the interior improve-ments is in the range of $6 million. Specialized improvements include:

  • 8,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art vivarium built by Pfizer in late-'90s
  • Extensive wet and dry laboratory areas with casework
  • 14 fume hoods
  • Three cold rooms
  • Tissue culture facilities
  • Centrifuge room
  • High pressure steam boiler for autoclave and cage washers
  • Reverse osmosis de-ionized water system
  • Industrial hot water heater
  • Exterior hazardous materials storage area (H occupancy)
  • Two 25-ton chiller units located in an exterior enclosure
  • Seven air handling units and 50 exhaust fans on the roof
  • Two UPS backup generators

    First Floor Plan

    Second Floor Plan


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