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Cell Pattern in Adult Human Corneal Endothelium
Published: Friday, May 13, 2011
Author: Carlos H. Wörner et al.

by Carlos H. Wörner, Alicia Olguín, José L. Ruíz-García, Nuria Garzón-Jiménez

A review of the current data on the cell density of normal adult human endothelial cells was carried out in order to establish some common parameters appearing in the different considered populations. From the analysis of cell growth patterns, it is inferred that the cell aging rate is similar for each of the different considered populations. Also, the morphology, the cell distribution and the tendency to hexagonallity are studied. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that this phenomenon is analogous with cell behavior in other structures such as dry foams and grains in polycrystalline materials. Therefore, its driving force may be controlled by the surface tension and the mobility of the boundaries.