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Down-Regulation of EBV-LMP1 Radio-Sensitizes Nasal Pharyngeal Carcinoma Cells via NF-?B Regulated ATM Expression
Published: Wednesday, November 09, 2011
Author: Xiaoqian Ma et al.

by Xiaoqian Ma, Lifang Yang, Lanbo Xiao, Min Tang, Liyu Liu, Zijian Li, Mengyao Deng, Lunquan Sun, Ya Cao


The latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) encoded by EBV is expressed in the majority of EBV-associated human malignancies and has been suggested to be one of the major oncogenic factors in EBV-mediated carcinogenesis. In previous studies we experimentally demonstrated that down-regulation of LMP1 expression by DNAzymes could increase radiosensitivity both in cells and in a xenograft NPC model in mice.


In this study we explored the molecular mechanisms underlying the radiosensitization caused by the down-regulation of LMP1 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. It was confirmed that LMP1 could up-regulate ATM expression in NPCs. Bioinformatic analysis of the ATM ptomoter region revealed three tentative binding sites for NF-?B. By using a specific inhibitor of NF-?B signaling and the dominant negative mutant of IkappaB, it was shown that the ATM expression in CNE1-LMP1 cells could be efficiently suppressed. Inhibition of LMP1 expression by the DNAzyme led to attenuation of the NF-?B DNA binding activity. We further showed that the silence of ATM expression by ATM-targeted siRNA could enhance the radiosensitivity in LMP1 positive NPC cells.


Together, our results indicate that ATM expression can be regulated by LMP1 via the NF-?B pathways through direct promoter binding, which resulted in the change of radiosensitivity in NPCs.