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Variants of OTOF and PJVK Genes in Chinese Patients with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder
Published: Thursday, September 15, 2011
Author: Wang Jian et al.

by Wang Jian, Fan Ying-ying, Wang Shu-juan, Liang Peng-Fei, Wang Jin-ling, Qiu Jian-hua


Mutations in OTOF and PJVK genes cause DFNB9 and DFNB59 types of hearing loss, respectively. The patients carrying pathogenic mutations in either of these genes may show the typical phenotype of auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD). The aim of the present study was to identify OTOF and PJVK mutations in sporadic ANSD patients.

Methods and Findings

A total of 76 unrelated Chinese non-syndromic ANSD patients were sequenced on the gene OTOF and PJVK exon by exon. Variants were valued in 105 controls with normal hearing to verify the carrying rate. We identified one pathogenic mutation (c.1194T>A) and three novel, possibly pathogenic, variants (c.3570+2T>C, c.4023+1 G>A, and c.1102G>A) in the OTOF gene, and one novel, possibly pathogenic, variant (c.548G>A) in PJVK. Moreover, we found three novel missense mutations within the exons of OTOF.


As we identified 4 and 1 possible pathogenic variants of the OTOF gene and the PJVK gene, respectively, we believe that screening in these genes are important in sporadic ANSD patients. The pathogenicity of these novel mutations needs further study because of their single heterozygous nature. Knowledge on the mutation spectra of these genes in Chinese would be beneficial in understanding the genetic character of this worldwide disease.