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Evaluation of a Short-Form of the Berg Card Sorting Test
Published: Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Author: Christopher J. Fox et al.

by Christopher J. Fox, Shane T. Mueller, Hilary M. Gray, Jacob Raber, Brian J. Piper

The Psychology Experimental Building Language Berg Card Sorting Test is an open-source neurobehavioral test. Participants (N?=?207, ages 6 to 74) completed the Berg Card Sorting Test. Performance on the first 64 trials were isolated and compared to that on the full-length (128 trials) test. Strong correlations between the short and long forms (total errors: r?=?.87, perseverative response: r?=?.83, perseverative errors r?=?.77, categories completed r?=?.86) support the Berg Card Sorting Test-64 as an abbreviated alternative for the full-length executive function test.