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Time-Gated Optical Projection Tomography Allows Visualization of Adult Zebrafish Internal Structures
Published: Monday, November 19, 2012
Author: Luca Fieramonti et al.

by Luca Fieramonti, Andrea Bassi, Efrem Alessandro Foglia, Anna Pistocchi, Cosimo D'Andrea, Gianluca Valentini, Rinaldo Cubeddu, Sandro De Silvestri, Giulio Cerullo, Franco Cotelli

Optical imaging through biological samples is compromised by tissue scattering and currently various approaches aim to overcome this limitation. In this paper we demonstrate that an all optical technique, based on non-linear upconversion of infrared ultrashort laser pulses and on multiple view acquisition, allows the reduction of scattering effects in tomographic imaging. This technique, namely Time-Gated Optical Projection Tomography (TGOPT), is used to reconstruct three dimensionally the internal structure of adult zebrafish without staining or clearing agents. This method extends the use of Optical Projection Tomography to optically diffusive samples yielding reconstructions with reduced artifacts, increased contrast and improved resolution with respect to those obtained with non-gated techniques. The paper shows that TGOPT is particularly suited for imaging the skeletal system and nervous structures of adult zebrafish.