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The Retrograde Frequency Response of Passive Dendritic Trees Constrains the Nonlinear Firing Behaviour of a Reduced Neuron Model
Published: Monday, August 20, 2012
Author: Hojeong Kim et al.

by Hojeong Kim, Kelvin E. Jones

Our goal was to investigate how the propagation of alternating signals (i.e. AC), like action potentials, into the dendrites influenced nonlinear firing behaviour of motor neurons using a systematically reduced neuron model. A recently developed reduced modeling approach using only steady-current (i.e. DC) signaling was analytically expanded to retain features of the frequency-response analysis carried out in multicompartment anatomically reconstructed models. Bifurcation analysis of the extended model showed that the typically overlooked parameter of AC amplitude attenuation was positively correlated with the current threshold for the activation of a plateau potential in the dendrite. Within the multiparameter space map of the reduced model the region demonstrating “fully-bistable” firing was bounded by directional DC attenuation values that were negatively correlated to AC attenuation. Based on these results we conclude that analytically derived reduced models of dendritic trees should be fit on DC and AC signaling, as both are important biophysical parameters governing the nonlinear firing behaviour of motor neurons.