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Sub-Second Dopamine Detection in Human Striatum
Published: Thursday, August 04, 2011
Author: Kenneth T. Kishida et al.

by Kenneth T. Kishida, Stefan G. Sandberg, Terry Lohrenz, Youssef G. Comair, Ignacio Sáez, Paul E. M. Phillips, P. Read Montague

Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry at carbon fiber microelectrodes allows rapid (sub-second) measurements of dopamine release in behaving animals. Herein, we report the modification of existing technology and demonstrate the feasibility of making sub-second measurements of dopamine release in the caudate nucleus of a human subject during brain surgery. First, we describe the modification of our electrodes that allow for measurements to be made in a human brain. Next, we demonstrate in vitro and in vivo, that our modified electrodes can measure stimulated dopamine release in a rat brain equivalently to previously determined rodent electrodes. Finally, we demonstrate acute measurements of dopamine release in the caudate of a human patient during DBS electrode implantation surgery. The data generated are highly amenable for future work investigating the relationship between dopamine levels and important decision variables in human decision-making tasks.