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Effect of AGM and Fetal Liver-Derived Stromal Cell Lines on Globin Expression in Adult Baboon (P. anubis) Bone Marrow-Derived Erythroid Progenitors
Published: Thursday, May 31, 2012
Author: Donald Lavelle et al.

by Donald Lavelle, Kestutis Vaitkus, Maria Armila Ruiz, Vinzon Ibanez, Tatiana Kouznetsova, Yogen Saunthararajah, Nadim Mahmud, Joseph DeSimone

This study was performed to investigate the hypothesis that the erythroid micro-environment plays a role in regulation of globin gene expression during adult erythroid differentiation. Adult baboon bone marrow and human cord blood CD34+ progenitors were grown in methylcellulose, liquid media, and in co-culture with stromal cell lines derived from different developmental stages in identical media supporting erythroid differentiation to examine the effect of the micro-environment on globin gene expression. Adult progenitors express high levels of ?-globin in liquid and methylcellulose media but low, physiological levels in stromal cell co-cultures. In contrast, ?-globin expression remained high in cord blood progenitors in stromal cell line co-cultures. Differences in ?-globin gene expression between adult progenitors in stromal cell line co-cultures and liquid media required cell-cell contact and were associated with differences in rate of differentiation and ?-globin promoter DNA methylation. We conclude that ?-globin expression in adult-derived erythroid cells can be influenced by the micro-environment, suggesting new potential targets for HbF induction.