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Is Asthma Related to Choroidal Neovascularization?
Published: Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Author: Yaoyao Sun et al.

by Yaoyao Sun, Wenzhen Yu, Lvzhen Huang, Jing Hou, Peihua Gong, Yi Zheng, Mingwei Zhao, Peng Zhou, Xiaoxin Li


Age-related degeneration(AMD) and asthma are both diseases that are related to the activation of the complement system. The association between AMD and asthma has been debated in previous studies. The authors investigated the relationship between AMD and asthma systemically.

Principal Findings

The epidemiological study showed that asthma was related to choroidal neovascularization(CNV) subtype(OR?=?1.721, P?=?0.023). However, the meta-analysis showed there was no association between AMD and asthma. In an animal model, we found more fluoresce in leakage of CNV lesions by FA analysis and more angiogenesis by histological analysis in rats with asthma. Western blot demonstrated an elevated level of C3a-chain, C3a’-chain and VEGF. After compstatin was intravitreally injected, CNV leakage decreased according to FA analysis, with the level of C3 and VEGF protein decreasing at the same time.


This study first investigated the relationship between AMD and asthma systematically, and it was found that asthma could be a risk factor for the development of AMD. The study may provide a better understanding of the disease, which may advance the potential for screening asthma patients in clinical practice.