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Mapping Molecular Agents Distributions in Whole Mice Hearts Using Born-Normalized Optical Projection Tomography
Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Author: Claudio Vinegoni et al.

by Claudio Vinegoni, Paolo Fumene Feruglio, Daniel Razansky, Rostic Gorbatov, Vasilis Ntziachristos, Andrea Sbarbati, Matthias Nahrendorf, Ralph Weissleder

To date there is a lack of tools to map the spatio-temporal dynamics of diverse cells in experimental heart models. Conventional histology is labor intensive with limited coverage, whereas many imaging techniques do not have sufficiently high enough spatial resolution to map cell distributions. We have designed and built a high resolution, dual channel Born-normalized near-infrared fluorescence optical projection tomography system to quantitatively and spatially resolve molecular agents distribution within whole murine heart. We validated the use of the system in a mouse model of monocytes/macrophages recruitment during myocardial infarction. While acquired, data were processed and reconstructed in real time. Tomographic analysis and visualization of the key inflammatory components were obtained via a mathematical formalism based on left ventricular modeling. We observed extensive monocyte recruitment within and around the infarcted areas and discovered that monocytes were also extensively recruited into non-ischemic myocardium, beyond that of injured tissue, such as the septum.