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Robust and Fast Whole Brain Mapping of the RF Transmit Field B1 at 7T
Published: Monday, March 12, 2012
Author: Antoine Lutti et al.

by Antoine Lutti, Joerg Stadler, Oliver Josephs, Christian Windischberger, Oliver Speck, Johannes Bernarding, Chloe Hutton, Nikolaus Weiskopf

In-vivo whole brain mapping of the radio frequency transmit field B1+ is a key aspect of recent method developments in ultra high field MRI. We present an optimized method for fast and robust in-vivo whole-brain B1+ mapping at 7T. The method is based on the acquisition of stimulated and spin echo 3D EPI images and was originally developed at 3T. We further optimized the method for use at 7T. Our optimization significantly improved the robustness of the method against large B1+ deviations and off-resonance effects present at 7T. The mean accuracy and precision of the optimized method across the brain was high with a bias less than 2.6 percent unit (p.u.) and random error less than 0.7 p.u. respectively.