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Inhibition of IGF-1 Signalling Enhances the Apoptotic Effect of AS602868, an IKK2 Inhibitor, in Multiple Myeloma Cell Lines
Published: Monday, July 25, 2011
Author: Ines Tagoug et al.

by Ines Tagoug, Amélie Sauty De Chalon, Charles Dumontet

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a B cell neoplasm characterized by bone marrow infiltration with malignant plasma cells. IGF-1 signalling has been explored as a therapeutic target in this disease. We analyzed the effect of the IKK2 inhibitor AS602868, in combination with a monoclonal antibody targeting IGF-1 receptor (anti-IGF-1R) in human MM cell lines. We found that anti-IGF-1R potentiated the apoptotic effect of AS602868 in LP1 and RPMI8226 MM cell lines which express high levels of IGF-1R. Anti-IGF-1R enhanced the inhibitory effect of AS602868 on NF-?B pathway signalling and potentiated the disruption of mitochondrial membrane potential caused by AS602868. These results support the role of IGF-1 signalling in MM and suggest that inhibition of this pathway could sensitize MM cells to NF-?B inhibitors.