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Principal Component Analysis of Dynamic Relative Displacement Fields Estimated from MR Images
Published: Thursday, July 14, 2011
Author: Teresa M. Abney et al.

by Teresa M. Abney, Yuan Feng, Robert Pless, Ruth J. Okamoto, Guy M. Genin, Philip V. Bayly

Non-destructive measurement of acceleration-induced displacement fields within a closed object is a fundamental challenge. Inferences of how the brain deforms following skull impact have thus relied largely on indirect estimates and course-resolution cadaver studies. We developed a magnetic resonance technique to quantitatively identify the modes of displacement of an accelerating soft object relative to an object enclosing it, and applied it to study acceleration-induced brain deformation in human volunteers. We show that, contrary to the prevailing hypotheses of the field, the dominant mode of interaction between the brain and skull in mild head acceleration is one of sliding arrested by meninges.