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MK4MDD: A Multi-Level Knowledge Base and Analysis Platform for Major Depressive Disorder
Published: Friday, October 05, 2012
Author: Liyuan Guo et al.

by Liyuan Guo, Weina Zhang, Suhua Chang, Liuyan Zhang, Jurg Ott, Jing Wang


Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a complex neuropsychiatric syndrome with high heterogeneity. There are different levels of biological components that underlie MDD and interact with each other. To uncover the disease mechanism, large numbers of studies at different levels have been conducted. There is a growing need to integrate data from multiple levels of research into a database to provide a systematic review of current research results. The cross level integration will also help bridge gaps of different research levels for further understanding on MDD. So far, there has been no such effort for MDD.


We offer researchers a Multi-level Knowledge base for MDD (MK4MDD) to study the interesting interplay of components in the pathophysiological cascade of MDD from genetic variations to diagnostic syndrome. MK4MDD contains 2,341 components and 5,206 relationships between components based on reported experimental results obtained by diligent literature reading with manual curation. All components were well classified with careful curation and supplementary annotation. The powerful search and visualization tools make all data in MK4MDD form a cross-linked network to be applied to a broad range of both basic and applied research.


MK4MDD aims to provide researchers with a central knowledge base and analysis platform for MDD etiological and pathophysiological mechanisms research. MK4MDD is freely available at