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VivoMetrics, Inc. Launches the VivoChampionTrainer(TM) System, the World's Most Advanced, Real-Time, Athletic Performance Monitoring System

6/1/2007 11:00:36 AM

VENTURA, Calif., May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- VivoMetrics Inc. today announced the launch of VivoChampionTrainer(TM) with LifeShirt(R) technology, a revolutionary lightweight, compact, and non-invasive physiologic monitoring system. Specifically designed to monitor athletic performance during training and competition, the VivoChampionTrainer(TM) provides trainers and athletes with a competitive edge to increase training effectiveness, avoid overtraining and obtain an optimal state of physical competitiveness. The product is debuting this week at the annual meeting for American College of Sports Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana from May 30 - June 2.

Never before has such a sophisticated athletic performance monitoring system been available. "An ideal athletic training program stresses an athlete to maximum exertion without causing overtraining," said Paul Kennedy, President and Chief Executive Officer of VivoMetrics. "The VivoChampionTrainer(TM) takes the guesswork out of determining when the athlete has reached his or her physical limitation and provides real-time feedback on the athlete's conditioning."

Built upon VivoMetrics' original LifeShirt System, the VivoChampionTrainer(TM) has been modified for athletic training and provides real-time measurement of respiration, heart rate, activity, posture and skin temperature during and after activity -- whether a practice session or an actual competitive event. Trainers, coaches and managers are able to view laboratory-quality data as the athletes perform in "real-world" environments. This allows factors such as stress of competition or environmental factors such as heat on a playing field to be duplicated and evaluated for their effect on player performance.

"We have been amazed by what we are learning when we use the VivoChampionTrainer with our players," said Jim McCrossin, trainer for the Phildelphia Flyers. "During a practice game we can see when fatigue sets in, determine when a player is likely to be dehydrating and also see how the physical demands of plays affect the players. We are just beginning to see how much more customized our training can get and how we can modify training for each individual player's physical response."

The original LifeShirt System, a full shirt garment with embedded sensors, was developed initially for use in pharmaceutical research. VivoMetrics modified the system by developing a lightweight chest strap for athletes, providing a greater range of motion and increased comfort. The VivoChampionTrainer(TM) sends physiologic data to a nearby computer and intuitive, easy-to-understand displays allow coaches, trainers and team physicians to quickly assess the health status of up to 25 athletes at the same time.

The monitoring of "consequential" respiration during real-world athletic activity is one of the key measurements that sets the VivoChampionTrainer TM apart from other technologies used to monitor athletic training today. Some technologies can measure respiratory rate, but this provides only a very narrow look at pulmonary function and status. When "consequential" respiration is correlated with other measured physiologic parameters, a more detailed and accurate picture of physiologic health, status and athletic potential is created.

"The combination of heart rate and respiration monitoring, along with the other available parameters of the VivoChampionTrainer(TM), offers the most complete picture of athletic performance available today. Heart rate is the most commonly used measure but as an isolated value, it really only gives you one dimension of how well-prepared the athletes are for competition," said Alex Derchak, Principal Scientist at VivoMetrics.

Athletic trainers and coaches can use the VivoChampionTrainer(TM) with their athletes to establish the upward limits of an athlete's capacity, determine when to push an athlete and when to reduce intensity, decide whether or not to change the training plan in the short term, maximize an athlete's ability and performance over the course of a season, and prevent injuries and over-training syndrome by maintaining the athlete in an appropriate training range. Professional and elite athletes and their coaches and trainers across many sports are already incorporating the VivoChampionTrainer(TM) into their training programs to evaluate, monitor, improve and maintain performance levels. Current users include: The National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers; Professional beach volleyball players Ben Koski and Hanson Brooke Niles; and the Santa Barbara City College soccer team.

About VivoMetrics

VivoMetrics, founded in 1999 and based in Ventura, Calif., provides wearable, non-invasive products and services, using its proprietary LifeShirt(R) technology, which continuously monitor vital, life-sign functions, such as heart rate, respiration rate, posture, activity and skin temperature. When monitored and reviewed in relation to one another, these parameters provide the most complete, real-time picture of physiologic fitness available today. The company's offerings, based on patented, field-tested technologies, were initially focused on improving the speed, outcomes and economics of pharmaceutical research. Since its inception, the company has further expanded its offerings for use by military, first responder and biohazard personnel, as well as athletes and for clinical, academic and corporate research.

For media inquiries or photos, contact Aimee Corso of WeissComm Partners, 310.780.2661, .

VivoMetrics Inc.

CONTACT: Aimee Corso of WeissComm Partners, +1-310-780-2661,, for VivoMetrics Inc.

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