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University of Arizona Licenses In-line Photoacoustic Imaging Technology to ZONARE

2/23/2012 2:48:25 PM

(Tucson, AZ) The University of Arizona’s Office of Technology Transfer has recently licensed Dr. Russell Witte’s invention entitled, “Method and Apparatus for In-line Photoacoustic Imaging” to ZONARE Medical Systems, based in Mountain View, CA. In-line Photoacoustic Imaging has potential application in future medical diagnostic equipment ranging from cancer detection to aiding in the early diagnosis of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The device exploits the photoacoustic effect, a process that converts light to acoustic waves due to absorption, transient heating and thermal expansion. The invention couples laser light into tissue while detecting the generated ultrasonic waves. The simplicity in the design potentially enables the development of low cost photoacoustic probes built upon existing ultrasound probes.

Dr. Glen McLaughlin, Founder/CTO for ZONARE Medical Systems believes, “This invention would greatly simplify the setup of photoacoustic imaging coupled with traditional ultrasound probes for medical imaging and biomedical research.” Dr. Eugene Cochran, Sr. Licensing Associate, UA OTT believes that ZONARE is well situated for working collaboratively with the University inventor’s to realize a new medical imaging modality – the method and apparatus extends existing capabilities of an ultrasound transducer with the ability to acquire photoacoustic data.

ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc., based in Mountain View, CA, is committed to ultrasound excellence through its innovative, software-based, next generation technology, and putting customers and employees first. We are an established high-growth company dedicated to improving patient care and lowering healthcare costs by overcoming the historical tradeoffs of ultrasound performance. This is achieved via our patented design and architecture of the Ultrasound™ system that delivers high-end image quality and clinical versatility at unparalleled value. For further information contact Glen Mclaughlin (

University of Arizona’s office of Technology Transfer OTT's mission is to protect, manage, and transfer University of Arizona-owned intellectual property to benefit society, to expand public-private relationships, and to further the University's mission. Core activities of the office include: identifying, protecting, and managing University IP assets; licensing IP to outside parties; and supporting other university units in gaining access to University of Arizona technology. For further information contact Dr. Eugene Cochran, Sr. Licensing Associate (mailto:

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