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Tibotec Virco Virology BVBA Acquires LAB TRACKER(TM) HIV Electronic Medical Record Software System from Ground Zero Software

12/15/2009 9:12:06 AM

BRIDGEWATER, N.J, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Tibotec Virco Virology BVBA today announced the acquisition of LAB TRACKER(TM) HIV, a customized electronic medical record (EMR) system, from the company Ground Zero Software. LAB TRACKER(TM) HIV is a full-service, scalable software platform designed to meet the complex disease-management needs of health care providers who are treating people living with HIV/AIDS. It facilitates secure data integration and exchange among clinics, laboratories, radiologists, and pharmacies; automates certain U.S. government reporting; and serves as a powerful data-mining engine for clinical trials, outcomes research, and grants proposals.

LAB TRACKER(TM) HIV collects, manages and analyzes critical patient data from physicians, pharmacies, labs and clinics. The software has the ability to graph viral load and CD4 trends against antiretroviral therapy, integrate longitudinal resistance profiles, and quickly collect and submit information for U.S. government reporting, such as that required by the Ryan White CARE Act. The software can be installed on existing PCs, networks, or laptops running on the Windows(R) operating system, and is compatible with previously installed applications.

"The acquisition of LAB TRACKER(TM) HIV is a major step forward in expanding our company's health information technology offering, and a logical move following our long-standing credentials in HIV bioinformatics and drug resistance interpretation including our lead product, virco(R)TYPE HIV-1," said Werner Verbiest, General Manager Worldwide, Virco. "We will continue to explore new technology opportunities that are consistent with our commitment to enhancing the care of people living with HIV and other infectious diseases by optimizing clinical decision-making."

For customer support or service related inquiries, please contact Michael Tobin, Executive Director, Policy and Payment, at 1-888-224-4230.

Virco is a pioneer and leader in HIV resistance interpretation. In addition to providing resistance interpretation with the use of its virco(R)TYPE HIV-1, education and facilitating access to resistance interpretation worldwide, it actively collaborates with hospitals and academic institutions in researching topics of virological and clinical relevance in HIV, HCV and other infectious diseases. The company is also actively engaged in the use of new diagnostic technologies and in developing bioinformatic tools and interpretation for these new technologies to develop potential new products for managing chronic infectious diseases. Virco's goal is to facilitate personalized clinical decision-making via advanced diagnostic and bioinformatic tools to improve patient outcomes. Tibotec Virco Virology BVBA is a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Tibotec Virco Virology BVBA

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