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Stratos Biosystems Enters Field of Protein Biomarker Discovery Solutions With a Breakthrough in Surface Chemistry

5/22/2007 11:48:11 AM

SEATTLE, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Stratos Biosystems LLC, has operated in stealth mode since its inception in 2004, and has been working to unlock a solution for the major problem of lack of capacity and functionality in biochips currently used for the capture, identification and validation of proteins released into the blood by diseased cells or cancer.

Stratos Biosystems' EC-Affinity(TM) Biochips for MALDI mass spectrometry are based on the company's patent-pending, self-assembling surface chemistry, and represent a new generation of capacity and functionality for researchers who are in the race to find disease-indicating proteins or to learn the impact drugs, chemicals or pollutants have on cellular protein production. EC-Affinity biochips overcome the limitations of past-generation biochips by providing researchers a tool for high throughput affinity chromatography combined with sample focusing to generate the kind of exceptional signal to noise ratio necessary for the detection of extremely rare proteins.

"The partners and investors of Stratos Biosystems set out on a very challenging path several years ago. We hoped to create a technology that could have a major impact on early disease detection, drug discovery and environmental awareness. We are now prepared to have that kind of impact", said Allan Stephan, Managing Partner/CEO-Stratos Biosystems.

With the recent completion of Stratos Biosystems' pilot production capability in San Jose, the company is expanding support for existing collaboration partners working on early cancer detection, identifying new beta partners and supporting due diligence by potential development/distribution partners.

"Stratos Biosystems' preliminary results look impressive. It appears they've made a major step forward in mass spectrometry biochips, and my team and I look forward to collaborating with Stratos", said Sam Hanash, Program Head of Molecular Diagnostics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Stratos Biosystems has been financially supported by Don Listwin and the co-founders, Allan Stephan, Managing Partner/Chief Scientist Mark Stolowitz Ph D. and the Stratos Group LLC.

The mission of Seattle-based Stratos Biosystems LLC is to develop tools for biomarker discovery and the early detection of diseases. For more information, please visit

Seattle-based Stratos Group LLC was founded in 1987. It is dedicated to the conversion of science and technology into commercial products for the advancement of mankind and the protection of the environment,

Media Contact: Allan Stephan Phone: (206) 448-1388 Email:

Stratos Biosystems LLC

CONTACT: Allan Stephan of Stratos Biosystems LLC, +1-206-448-1388,

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