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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., Ceres Nanosciences and Nonlinear Dynamics Introduce Nanotrap(TM) Biomarker Discovery Platform

3/15/2010 1:34:53 PM

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has partnered with Ceres Nanosciences and Nonlinear Dynamics to bring the future of biomarker discovery to laboratory researchers. The Nanotrap™ Biomarker Discovery Platform gives researchers the ability to enrich, preserve and screen low-level biomarkers directly from complex biological samples.

Nanotraps are core shell hydrogel particles with porous interiors and size exclusion shells. By delivering affinity selection and size exclusion in one step, Shimadzu’s Nanotrap Biomarker Discovery Platform easily amplifies low-level biomarkers directly from complex biological fluids. This enables the harvesting of low-abundance biomarkers directly from complex samples, making early disease detection possible.

Biomarkers in current clinical use have low sensitivity and specificity, and limited use for early disease detection. Nanotraps meet this challenge by providing fractionation, concentration and protection of low-level biomarkers directly from complex biological fluids.

Integrating Nanotraps with AXIMA MALDI mass spectrometry for screening and identification provides researchers these benefits:

* Enriched and concentrated low-abundance proteins from complex bio-fluid samples

* Prevents protein degradation during sample processing

* Decrease amount of high-abundance proteins present in samples

* Does not require antibodies for immunodepletion or immunoprecipitation

* Simple format and quick sample processing technique

* Fully-integrated informatics capabilities (Progenesis MALDI, Nonlinear Dynamics)

* Simplified screening and identification for biomarker discovery and validation

When used with the AXIMA MALDI mass spectrometers, Nanotrap-enriched samples are analyzed rapidly and reproducibly in a fully automated format. Additionally, disposable Fleximass-DS targets are available for contamination-free analysis and sample archiving.

Progenesis MALDI, the software component of the Nanotrap Biomarker Discovery Platform, generates high-quality proteomics data to define biomarkers. It uses the unique Progenesis approach and technology to improve the reliability and reproducibility of results, and it adds speed, objectivity and statistics to biomarker discovery.

About Ceres Nanosciences LLLP

Ceres Nanosciences, LLLP is a privately held company focused on the development of diagnostic products using its unique and proprietary Nanotrap™ capture particle technology. Ceres’ business goals are to develop a number of commercial applications of the Nanotrap™ for high-demand diagnostics and other needs in the life science industry.

About Nonlinear Dynamics

Nonlinear Dynamics develops proteomics analysis software that is different, ground-breaking and above all designed to help you generate reliable conclusions that are reproducible across-labs. Our new way of thinking has been applied to LC-MS, MALDI and 2D data analysis so you can make a real difference using a combination of the right techniques, your expertise and our Progenesis software. Our TotalLab laboratory products for 1D gel analysis provide quick and simple quantitation through to in-depth lane relationship studies, as well as offering features for research that requires 21CFR part 11 compliance.

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