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SAW Instruments GmbH to Showcase Sam®X Biosensor and Present Joint Poster at MipTec 2012

9/18/2012 9:26:21 AM

Bonn, Germany – 17 September 2012 – SAW Instruments, developer of the innovative sam® family of biosensors for real-time, label-free protein binding kinetics, will showcase its proven sam®X biosensor on Booth A49 at MipTec 2012, Basel, Switzerland (24-27 September). Along with the opportunity to present this pioneering technology, SAW Instruments will also present a joint applications poster in collaboration with a major pharma customer.

Sabine Bois, Managing Director of SAW Instruments, commented: “We are very pleased at the rate of adoption of sam®X by Pharma and Biotech since it was launched at MipTec last year. The system has already generated a lot of interest with customers around the world, providing an alternative and orthogonal approach to other techniques such as SPR, QCM-D and calorimetry.”

The benefits offered by sam® systems include the ability to measure real-time binding kinetics (on-rates and off-rates), and affinity (KD), with rapid measurement times, increased multiplexing capabilities and lower implementation/running costs. In addition, the Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) approach does not require molecular labeling and utilizes sound waves rather than light. This means that users can potentially work with samples in difficult matrices such as serum, high percentage DMSO and glycerol, which normally interfere with the readouts of optical-based biosensors. The system is also ideal for multi-user laboratories as it does not require a dedicated expert operator.

SAW Instruments will also be co-presenting a poster at the Conference with a major pharma company using the sam®X entitled “Novel approaches in label-free kinetic detection of small molecule ligand binding to receptor proteins using SAW technology”.

For those not able to attend the show, SAW is able to host hands-on demonstrations with trained field applications scientists at their laboratories in Bonn, Germany and Boston, USA.

For more information please visit the SAW Instruments website at

Notes on the technology

Surface Acoustic Wave technology is based on the ability of a wave of energy to travel across the surface of a material. Each surface has a typical inherent elasticity affecting the way the energy of the wave dissipates as it travels across the surface of the material being analyzed. Thus, the nature of the surface in question, and therefore any changes to it, can be assessed by sensors monitoring the behavior of the wave as it propagates across the surface. In particular, changes in mass result in alterations to the phase of the wave, whilst viscoelastic and conformational characteristics influence wave amplitude. The technology developed and employed by SAW instruments is capable of accurately interpreting this information in order to provide real time readouts measuring binding and conformational changes in the samples through which the wave passes.

About SAW Instruments GmbH

SAW Instruments GmbH, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, designs, develops and sells biosensor-based laboratory instruments for life sciences research. The proprietary technology of SAW Instruments employs a Surface Acoustic Waves approach to biological measurement, rather than using traditional optical methods such as SPR. The technology is used to measure protein binding kinetics and affinity constants.

SAW instruments has more than ten years experience in the field of label-free biosensor technology and a number of our customers have successfully published work employing the platform. It is our goal is to continue to build on this experience, as well as to develop a family of workflow-driven products to further meet our customers’ needs.

About SAW Instruments USA, LLC

SAW Instruments USA, LLC is a wholly owned US subsidiary of SAW Instruments GmbH

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